US Bound LNG Tanker Diverted

A Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanker suspected to be carrying Russian supplies to the US has been diverted.

According to ship-tracking data Engie Gasely’s tanker was re-tracked on Friday from the Everett terminal in Boston, Massachusetts, where gas prices have tapered off since spiking during a cold snap.

The vessel had picked up cargo from Britain’s Isle of Grain import terminal earlier this month.

The journey to the US has been deemed unusual as the LNG tanks also contained some supply from Russia’s new Yamal export plant.


Yamal’s main shareholder Novatek is one of many companies targeted by US sanctions following Russia’s part in the Ukraine crisis.

Novatek is linked to long-standing friend of President Putin, Gennady Timchenko who is one of the main targets for US sanctions. Estimated to be worth $14.4bn he is also the founder of Gunvor, one of the world’s largest independent comodity trading companies involved in oil and gas.

Novatek is Russia’s second biggest gas producer, in which Timchenko owns a 23.5% stake.

Other companies associated with the billionaire are Volga Group, an investment strategy company, and Stroytransgaz Group, a construction holding company.

Other companies that also found themselves subject to the US Sanctions were Rosneft, Russia’s leading oil and gas company, and two other major Russian state-owned oil companies – Transneft and Gazprom Neft.


In December, Yamal’s first shipment aboard the Christoph de Margerie tanker deposited a cargo at Isle of Grain. This lead some of that supply to be mixed into the cargo picked up by the Gaselys.

After journeying halfway across the Atlantic, the Gaselys reversed course on Friday.

The new destination was Gibraltar, a popular bunkering and anchorage point.