union maritime


Union Maritime have confirmed that after 6 days under pirate control MT Barratt has been released.

ARX reported yesterday that the tanker had been hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea. All communication with the vessel was lost while it was at anchor off Benin, West Africa on Wednesday 10th January.

Union Maritime alerted regional maritime authorities and other vessels.

The exact details of the incident only became clear late on 12th January when those holding the vessel made contact with the company.

A procedure was then followed to release the vessel and the crew.

In a statement Union Maritime said:

“Union Maritime can confirm that the MT Barrett has been released after a Gulf of Guinea piracy incident lasting six days. All crew are safe. We are extremely grateful to the many parties that assisted in achieving the successful resolution of this incident. We are focused now on supporting the crew and their families. The crew are safely back in Lagos, Nigeria and were met by senior representatives from Union Maritime and the technical managers.”

They continued:

“We sincerely appreciate the support and efforts of all involved, including the authorities in Benin, Togo, Nigeria and India.
Union Maritime regularly operates from ports in this region. The safety and security of all our crews is our highest priority. We operate to a rigorous safety and security protocol, with crews repeatedly drilled in all emergency procedures.”

Find a full report from ARX’s COO on how to prevent your ship being hijacked here.