The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has brought in a new law to prevent oil tankers entering their ports if the vessel is over 25 years old.

Any foreign flagged tankers carrying crude oil and products in the ports and waters of the UAE will be checked for age.

The ships are also required to be double-hulled and classed by a classification society in the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) or emirates classification society (TASNEEF).

The tankers will need to be constructed or adapted primarily to carry crude oil and products in bulk.

The UAE’s Federal Transport Authority (FTA) have worked hard during the past year to bring structure to its maritime sector. They want to meet international standards in fields such as protection of seafarers.

The announcement comes on the back of FTA’s implementation of mandatory insurance for seafarers working on all ships flying the UAE flag trading internationally, and all ships operating in UAE waters above 200 gross tons.

The insurance relates to cases of abandonment, death or injury of seafarers and covers up to four months’ owed contractual wages and entitlements.

The measure is being introduced as the country readies to ratify the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

It is set to come into force on the 20th February this year.