A Submarine appears to have set ablaze overnight at Russian submarine base, Vladivostok.

Videos began to emerge overnight of a major fire on one of Russia’s docked Kilo class diesel-electric attack submarines.

A variety of angles show black smoke rising from the blaze on board.


Russian media have reported that the Russian Navy have since claimed the fire was part of a “damage control exercise”.

Russia’s semi-official news outlet TASS quoted the Russian Navy:

“Exercises to extinguish a fire on the pier using imitation were conducted on the territory of the connection of the Pacific Fleet submarines among the personnel… The personnel coped with the [fire] excellent.”

But industry experts have argued that it would be unusual for any trained professional to set a fire next to submarines that were tied to a pier, even if it is a training exercise.

Speculation suggests the thick black smoke and the fire on the surface of the water indicate this is a diesel fire.



  • Vladivostok sits on the southern reaches of Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula.
  • It is the largest Russian port on the Pacific and home to the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet.
  • Its strategic location borders China and North Korea, with Japan directly to the east.
  • There are roughly half a dozen Kilo class submarines in Russia’s Pacific Fleet inventory- all predominantly based at port Vladivostok.
  • There are also other facilities in the region that are built to accommodate Russia’s nuclear submarines.