Libya-Bound Ship Seized with Explosives

Greek authorities have seized a cargo ship suspected of attempting to deliver explosive materials to Libya.

The ship was stopped by the Greek coast guard near Crete and was found to be to be carrying the suspicious cargo.

Andromeda, the Tanzanian-flagged ship, had 8 crew onboard, including two Ukrainians, five Indian nationals and one Albanian male.

It was ordered to reroute from Libya to the port of Heraklion where its 29 containers and 11 LPG tanks were inspected.

According to the ship’s bills of lading, the containers on board were loaded in Mersin, Turkey, while the LPG tanks were loaded in Turkish Iskenderum port, the destination being Djibouti, Oman.

The Libya containers were loaded with ammonium nitrate, detonators and other explosive materials.

A number of safety breaches were found to be endangering the crew and the vessel’s cargo.

The master of the ship claims he was instructed by the owner of the vessel to sail to Misrata, Libya, to deliver the entire cargo.

No maps were found on the ship’s log showing Oman or Djibouti.

The ship and cargo have been seized and the crew are expected to appear before the public prosecutor of Piraeus.