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Risk & Loss Prevention Services

Risk, what does that mean to you? Risk is unavoidable, but it is manageable.  Knowing how to identify, manage and mitigate risk is the fundamental core business principle of ARX.  Our approach leads us to create new innovative products, other times it is about delivering high-value information in a way that is useful and meaningful.

ARX adopts a new approach to doing this, as we use big data and predictive analytics to drive our global risk assessments. The data we collect also fuels predictive models giving you a perfect mix of human intelligence and artificial intelligence offering you bespoke customisable reports.

We produce white papers on topics such as the refugee crisis and stowaways and in doing so, we have consulted some of the world’s largest banks and maritime insurers.To find out more around of Risk & Loss services please get in touch with an ARX Specialist.

Risk is unavoidable, but we make it manageable.

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  • Identify your Global Risk
  • Pre-empt your Loss
  • Understand and Manage your Risk
  • Mitigate your Global Loss