Rough Tides for Shipowners as Stowaway Numbers Soar

News stories concerning the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean have diverted attention away from the stowaway problem which brings about serious risks for ship owners. Though the central migrant routes are based in and around Libya and the Arabian Peninsula, South African ports have seen a rise in stowaways boarding vessels.

Based on IMO’s convention, P&I Clubs spend an average $46,300 per day on stowaways with an average of 64 incidents per month. Additionally, Port and Facility Security Officers have inadequate access to beneficial impact or cost data to support effective risk mitigation. The South African authorities have reiterated their stance regarding these incidents meaning shipowners are forced to deal with the illegal boarding of their ships. Shipowners are reluctant to use private security due to their rigid economic conditions, ensuring trust in their internal crew as a deterrent. However, this carries greater risk as shipowners are liable for the full costs of repatriating a stowaway.



ARX Stowaways White Paper


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