Shipping insurers report an average cost of $46,300 each time stowaways are detected on a ship.
That's approximately £34,168 per incident.
And there are on average 64 of these incidents per month.

It's a cost that most ship operators could do without, but even the most vigilant of deck searches and lookouts can leave stowaways undetected.

Time delays in port are just one of the impacts. The cost and resource involved in the repatriation of stowaways is a much more complex problem. On top of that, the risk to life- stowaways risk suffocation as they spend days hidden in a confined space with no water or provisions.

The ARX MLarm is the first maritime movement alert and detection system on the market. If an intruder boards the ship, the MLarm will sense movement and alert the crew. Quickly and easily attached to mooring ropes, doorways, anchor chains and rudders, it provides an omnidirectional layer of vigilance in areas where your crew cannot always keep an effective watch.

The MLarm significantly reduces the risk of a stowaway boarding your vessel, disrupting your operations, and costing your company money.

An innovative movement and detection alarm system designed to alert vessels in case of intruders, boardings or stowaways.


ARX TempTrack