Piracy, hijacking, robbery. Life-threatening factors that impact the shipping industry every day.

But how can you ensure the safety of your ship and your crew when they're under attack?

ARX Maritime have developed a product to significantly increase the chance of your crew and vessel surviving a boarding attempt. ARX anti-piracy barriers are a reliable, cost-effective way to protect your vessel at all times of the day, anywhere in the world.

Millions of pounds are wasted every year on ineffective measures, most commonly barbed wire. The ARX barrier eliminates all risk of painful lacerations from rusty wire, and there are no concerns about the environmental implications of the barrier rusting and falling into the sea.

The barrier's 'fend-plate' deflects ladders, grappling hooks and climbing poles to stop intruders boarding the vessel.

And the installation is simple too. Each unit takes less than 1 minute to fit, and can be done simply and safely by the onboard crew.

Nothing is ever 100% safe, but with the ARX anti-piracy barriers the chance of surviving an attack is considerably higher. And our 5-year guarantee leaves you secure in the knowledge that you've invested in a long-term, maintenance free future.

"Simple in its design, but effective against any aggressor attempting to illegally board a vessel using ladders or grappling hooks; the ARX Anti Boarding and Climbing (ABaC) system is a lightweight, durable, easy to install and superior alternative to razor wire, offering merchant shipping a high level of protection."

-Lieutenant Commander Billy Adams MBE MSc (European Union 'Operation Atalanta" Counter Piracy Liaison Officer 2013/14)

"ARX’s anti-boarding and climbing system is simple, robust and visible – a welcome addition to shipboard security that saves time in deployment."

- IHS Markit Judging Panel - Safety at Sea Winners 2017"

A robust, lightweight and permanent defensive solution that protects vessels from pirates.


ARX TempTrack