Global Maritime Reporting Services

Traditional risk reports rely heavily on slow-paced information and government organisations providing formal documents. Whilst the information may be historically accurate it is frequently out of date.

ARX takes a new approach to risk, we use big data and predictive analytics to create global risk assessments. Combined with our partner’s qualitative expertise, we can provide timely security updates and comprehensive risk analysis.

We provide you with tailored updates on any risks affecting your specific operations. Customised to your needs, our reports include the latest updates on the world's political and economic climate. Our reports give you the lastest information on social unrest, terror attacks and armed conflicts to help you keep your crew, vessel and cargo safe.

Taking this one step further, ARX are able to use data collected to forecast risks for your journeys. Modelled around your route, these reports enable you to constantly monitor your risk exposure, from the safety of your crew and vessel, the operational and financial risks of a route.

Comprehensive and easily accessible information is crucial to saving time and money.  time saving and cost-efficient risk management strategy. Our tools enable you to receive regular updates on high-risk areas, reducing your resource requirements in monitoring and identifying developments relevant to your operations.

ARX takes a new approach to risk, we use AI & big data and predictive analytics to create global maritime risk assessments to better understand your security, operations, and safety.

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