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Houthis Release Captured Vessels

According to a Houthi military source, the Yemeni rebels have released the three vessels, and 16 seafarers they had seized earlier in the week.

Nov 21 2019

Houthis Seize 2-3 Vessels Transiting through the Red Sea

The Yemeni Rebels have hijacked the Saudi Arabian-flagged Tug, Rabigh-3 during the evening hours of Sunday the 17th of November, while the vessel was transiting through the Red Sea.

Nov 19 2019

Saudi Coalition Intercepts Explosive-Laden Boat

A military spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition backing the Yemeni government has revealed that they’ve destroyed a Houthi bomb boat off the coast of Yemen.

Sep 20 2019

US Warns of Potential Maritime Threat off the Coast of Yemen

The US Maritime Administration (MARAD) has issued an alert, warning that a “maritime threat” has been reported in the Red Sea off of Yemen.

Sep 17 2019

Saudi-led Coalition Thwarts Alleged Attack on Commercial Vessel

Naval forces belonging to the Saudi coalition in Yemen destroyed a boat full of explosives, that was allegedly set to attack an unidentified commercial vessel in the Red Sea.

Jul 10 2019

Yemeni Factions Agree on a Ceasefire

Diplomats representing the Houthi Rebels and a Saudi-led delegation representing the Yemeni government coalition have agreed on a ceasefire in the port city of Hodeidah.

Dec 14 2018

ADVISORY - Another Suspicious Approach Off the Coast of Yemen

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution when sailing through Bab El Mandeb; a 2nd vessel has been approached by suspicious skiffs. Vessel and crew safe.

Nov 04 2018

Yemeni Navy Seizes Houthi Vessel Full of Explosives

The UAE-backed Yemeni Navy claims to have intercepted a vessel booby-trapped with explosives. They believe the vessel was launched by Houthis rebels.

Sep 12 2018

Hundreds of Weapons Seized Off Vessel in Gulf of Aden

Hundreds of weapons were found on a sailboat in the Gulf of Aden during a routine check by the US Navy.

Aug 30 2018

Saudi-UAE Coalition Negotiated with al-Qaeda in Yemen

A military coalition fighting against the Houthi rebels in Yemen reportedly cut deals with al-Qaeda, recruiting hundreds of their fighters according to a report by The Associated Press.

Aug 07 2018

British Special Forces Deployed to Protect Red Sea Oil Shipments

A team of British Special Forces have been deployed to the Red Sea to protect UK oil shipments after Houthi rebels attack another tanker.

Jul 31 2018

Saudi and UAE Announce Plans to Protect Yemen’s Hodeidah Port

Following recent escalations in assaults in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have announced a plan to keep the port of Hodeidah and the surrounding areas open and safe.

Jun 14 2018

Yemeni Navy Counter Attack Saudi-led Coalition

The Yemeni Navy, loyal to the Houthis, have launched a counter attack against the Saudi-led coalition after the biggest assault of the war in Yemen brought chaos to the region's biggest port there yesterday.

Jun 14 2018

Major Port attacked in Biggest Assault of Yemen War

A Saudi-led alliance of Arab states launched the largest assault of Yemen’s war on Wednesday with an attack on the country’s main port.

Jun 13 2018

Armed Pirates Attack Fishermen in UAE

Reports have come in that an Emirati fishing vessel was fired upon by pirates last week as he was travelling through the Gulf of Oman.

May 01 2018

Houthis Holding 19 Oil Vessels in Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed al-Jaber has confirmed that Houthi militias are detaining 19 oil vessels, preventing them from entering Hodeidah port.

Apr 23 2018


Security 2.0 - Countering Pirates in the Age of Automation

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Intelligence Analyst

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