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Tanker Seized Following Singapore Court Decision

The Belize-flagged, Chinese-owned Tankship, ECHO STAR, was seized at the request of the Blue Fleet Group following a court decision by the High Court of Singapore.

Nov 20 2019

North Korea Vessel Fires on Russian Patrol Boat - 3 Russians Injured - Russia Detains North Korean Vessels & Seafarers

A North Korean vessel attacked a Russian Border Patrol ship operating in the Sea of Japan, wounding three Russian crewmembers in the process.

Sep 18 2019

Iran Seizes another Vessel over Alleged Fuel Smuggling

Iran seized a vessel transiting through the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday the 7th of September, over its alleged involvement in oil-trafficking.

Sep 10 2019

Chinese Bulk Carrier Detained in Australia over Unpaid Wages - Crew Owed $64,000

The Chinese-owned, Panama-flagged Bulk Carrier, Fortune Genius has been detained by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) in the port of Gladstone, after its crew members reported that they have been underpaid over the last six months.

Sep 06 2019

Iran Plans to Release 7 Crew Members from Seized Tanker

According to the owners of the Iranian-seized, British-flagged Oil Tanker, Stena Impero, Iran is planning to release seven of the 23 crew members onboard the tanker.

Sep 05 2019

Gibraltar Releases Grace1 into Iranian Custody

Gibraltar has freed the Iranian Crude Oil Tanker, Grace 1, which had been detained for over a month on suspicion of smuggling Iranian Oil to Syria.

Aug 16 2019

The Growing Threat of State-Piracy

On May the 12th four shipping vessels were attacked in Fujairah anchorage. The hard-earned, relative peace and stability that had temporarily settled into the region over the last few years was being threatened. This could have been a one-time incident, but the threat was far from over.

Jul 29 2019

Ukraine Seizes Russian Oil Tanker

The Russian-flagged Oil Tanker, NIKA SPIRIT was detained by Ukrainian Forces on July the 25th, in what Russian authorities call “an act of state-sponsored piracy”.

Jul 26 2019

Stena Bulk Denies Iranian Version of Events Leading to Seizure

The owners of the Stena Impero, the UK-flagged Oil Tanker that was seized by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz on June the 19th, have denied allegations of a collision involving their vessel.

Jul 24 2019

North Korea Seizes Russian Vessel Transiting through the Sea of Japan

North Korea has seized the Russian-flagged fishing vessel, XIANG HAI LIN 8 during the early morning hours of July the 17th, as the vessel was transiting through the Sea of Japan.

Jul 24 2019

Iran Seizes Two Oil Tankers in the Strait of Hormuz

In what constitutes a dramatic escalation of tensions between Iran & the West, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard seized two British Oil Tankers during the evening hours of Friday the 19th of July.

Jul 20 2019

Cameroon Militia Releases Eastern Pacific Crude Oil Tanker

Eastern Pacific Shipping issued a statement on the 6th of February, announcing the release of their Aframax-class crude oil tanker, Barents Sea.

Feb 07 2019

Japanese Fishing Boat Seized By Russia

Russian authorities have seized a Japanese crab fishing boat for allegedly fishing illegally in Russia’s exclusive economic zone.

Feb 06 2019


Security 2.0 - Countering Pirates in the Age of Automation

Vlad I. Sutea
Intelligence Analyst

In order to remain competitive and efficient, the maritime sector is spearheading innovation in virtually all aspects related to seafaring. Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization will all come to play a major role in the Industry’s future. Regardless of where you stand on the human versus automation debate, the course is set for greater automation in shipping, and while traditional pirates are unlikely to trade their AK- 47s for keyboards,  existing crime syndicates operating in cyberspace are likely to spill over into the seven seas.

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