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Fishing Vessel Sinks off the Coast of Alaska - Search for Five Missing Seafarers Suspended

A number of seafarers have gone missing after the fishing vessel they were on, sank while transiting off the coast of Alaska.

Jan 03 2020

Norway Suspends Search for Missing Bulgarian Seafarers

Two crewmembers belonging to the Maltese-flagged Cargo Ship, STARA PLANINA fell overboard during the morning hours of January the 2nd while the ship was transiting through the Norwegian Sea.

Jan 03 2020

Vessel Sinks in the Barents Sea, 12 Crew Members Successfully Rescued

The Norwegian-flagged Fishing Vessel, FAY sank during the morning hours of December the 28th while transiting through the Barents Sea.

Dec 30 2019

Crew Members Rescued after Abandoning Sinking Vessel off the Coast of Italy

A search and rescue operation was launched to rescue the crew members of the Panama-flagged Cargo Ship, LIRA after the vessel started to experience water ingress.

Dec 18 2019

Chinese Cargo Vessel Sinks in the East China Sea - 11 Seafarers Rescued

The Chinese Cargo Ship, HUA XIA 68 sank during the afternoon hours of December the 16th while transiting through the East China Sea.

Dec 18 2019

14 Ukrainian Seafarers Rescued from Heavily Listing Ship in the Aegean Sea

The Liberian-flagged General Cargo Ship, NEW LEO was disabled during the morning of December the 4th, while transiting through Greek waters.

Dec 05 2019

Cargo Ship Master Dies While Attempting to Abandon Sinking Vessel

The Vietnamese-flagged General Cargo Ship, TOAN PHAT 68 sank during the morning hours of November the 30th while transiting through the South China Sea.

Dec 02 2019

Vessel Goes Missing in the North Sea - Two Seafarers Feared Dead

Two seafarers aboard the Dutch-flagged fishing vessel, Lummetje – UK-165 have gone missing, prompting a large Search & Rescue operation to be launched.

Nov 29 2019

General Cargo Vessel Starts Sinking off the Coast of Vietnam - 18 Seafarers Rescued

The Thailand-flagged General Cargo Vessel, NORDANA SOPHIE started experiencing water ingress and began to sink during the early morning hours of November the 28th, while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Vietnam

Nov 28 2019

Second Officer aboard Containership goes Missing, S&R Cancelled after Two Days

The Second Officer on board the Singapore-flagged Containership, THALASSA PATRIS went missing during the evening hours of November the 22nd while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Nov 28 2019

Malaysia Launches S&R Mission for Missing Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer aboard the Panama-flagged General Cargo Ship, MARIWIT was reported as missing during the afternoon of November 24th while the vessel was transiting off Penang, Malaysia.

Nov 27 2019

Containership Sinks off the Coast of Indonesia - All Seafarers Sucessfully Rescued

The Indonesian-flagged Containership, MITRA SEJAHTERA IX sank during the morning hours of November the 23rd while transiting off the coast of Indonesia.

Nov 26 2019

Tankship Grounded in Ukraine, Proceeds to Capsize - Seafarers Refuse to Abandon Vessel

The Moldovan-flagged Tankship, DELFI was grounded in the evening of November the 21st, when it was caught in a storm while anchored outside Yuzhniy Port, Ukraine.

Nov 25 2019

Tragedy as Vessel Carrying over 14,000 Sheep Capsizes off the Coast of Romania

The Palau-flagged Livestock Carrier, QUEEN HIND capsized during the morning hours of Sunday the 24th of November as the vessel was transiting off the coast of Romania.

Nov 25 2019

Chinese Vessel Sinks Following Collision - 7 Rescued, 2 Missing

The Taiwanese-flagged Fishing Vessel, CHANG XIN sank during the evening hours of November the 20th after a collision with another vessel in the Strait of Taiwan, East China Sea.

Nov 21 2019

Fire Rages on South Korean Vessel - 1 Dead, 11 Missing

At least one seafarer is dead, and 11 others are still missing after a South Korean vessel caught on fire off the coast of a South Korean resort island.

Nov 19 2019

Indian Navy Frigate Saves Fishermen from Sinking Vessel Caught in Cyclone Kyarr

Over 20 Fishing Vessels operating in the Arabian Sea on October the 27th & 28th were caught in the middle of the Cyclone Kyarr and have sent out distress signals en masse, calling out for assistance from local authorities. In particular, the Indian-flagged Fishing Vessel, VAISHNO DEVI MATA which had been operating in the vicinity of 18 40N 071 00E was caught in rough seas and promptly capsized off the west coast of Mumbai.

Oct 29 2019

Libyan Forces Fire at NGO Vessel Attempting to Rescue Migrants

A German NGO reported that one of its vessels, the German-flagged Cargo Ship, ALAN KURDI was shot at by Libyan-affiliated militants, who fired at the ship while it was attempting to rescue 90 migrants lost in the Mediterranean.

Oct 28 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks after being Caught in Typhoon Hagibis - 4 Rescued, Five Dead, 3 Missing

The Panama-flagged General Cargo Ship, JIA DE sank during the evening hours of October the 12th, after it was caught in the middle of the typhoon HAGIBIS.

Oct 14 2019

Two Vessels Sink in the Taiwan Strait - 13 Seafarers Rescued, 12 Missing

Thirteen seafarers were rescued and twelve are considered missing after two vessels capsized while transiting through the Taiwan Strait on October the 6th.

Oct 08 2019

Vessel Involved in Hit & Run - S&R Operation Launched, 11 Seafarers Missing

The Panama-flagged Reefer, MONTELAURA collided with the Moroccan fishing vessel AL AKHAWAYAN during the evening hours of September the 26th while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Morocco.

Sep 30 2019

Vessel Sinks in the Atlantic after being Caught in Hurricane Lorenzo - 3 Seafarers Rescued, 11 Missing

The Luxemburg-flagged Tug, BOURBON RHODE sank after being caught in the middle of the category 4 hurricane, Lorenzo

Sep 30 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Russian Factory Ship in the Sea of Okhotsk

A fire erupted onboard the Russian-flagged Factory Ship, PYOTR ZHITNIKOV during the early morning hours of September the 24th while the vessel was operating in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Sep 24 2019

Vessel Develops List, Begins Taking on Water - Crew Abandons Ship - 13 Rescued, Ghost Ship Successfully Brought to Port

The Sierra Leone-flagged Cargo Vessel, JI SHUN developed a list and began to capsize during the early morning hours of September the 19th while off the coast of Taiwan.

Sep 23 2019

General Cargo Ship Gets Caught in Typhoon - Crashes on Rocks, Develops List - Crew Members Abandon Vessel

The crew of the Mongolian-flagged General Cargo Ship, VANWAH had to abandon their vessel after being caught in Typhoon Tapah.

Sep 23 2019

Bangladeshi Cargo Vessel Sinks in the Bay of Bengal - 152 Containers Lost at Sea

The Bangladesh-flagged Cargo ship, Gulf Argo capsized during the evening hours of September the 12th while transiting through the Bay of Bengal.

Sep 16 2019

Vessel Sinks in the Bay of Bengal - 3 Rescued, 9 Missing

The Bangladesh lighter vessel, Hera Parbat-8 sank into the Chattogram Bay during the early morning hours of September the 12th.

Sep 13 2019

Filipino Seafarer Falls overboard from Tanker off the Coast of Taiwan

A Filipino seafarer fell overboard while working onboard the Hong Kong-flagged Bulk Carrier, KSL Singapore.

Aug 28 2019

Flames Envelop Philippine Ferry - 4 Dead, 24 Missing

The Philippine-flagged Ferry, LITE FERRY 16 caught on fire during the evening hours of August the 27th while approaching Dapitan City, Philippines.

Aug 28 2019

RoRo Sinks in the Gulf of Guinea - 3 Dead, over 80 People Missing

The Norwegian-flagged RoRo AUSTRHEIM capsized and sank during the evening hours of August the 25th while transiting through the Gulf of Guinea.

Aug 27 2019

Bulk Carrier Issues Distress Call - Authorities Fear Capsizing Due to Ore Liquefaction - 25 Crew Members Missing

The Indonesian-flagged Bulk Carrier, Nur Allya is feared to have capsized after her crew sent out a distress call on August the 25th.

Aug 26 2019

Massive Fire on Indonesian RoRo - Passengers Abandon Vessel, 309 Rescued, 4 Dead

A massive fire erupted on the Indonesian-flagged RoRo, KM SANTIKA NUSANTARA during the early morning hours of August the 23rd while the vessel was transiting through the Java Sea.

Aug 26 2019

Drilling Ship Develops Heavy Listing & Water Ingress - Crew Abandons Vessel

The Indonesian-flagged Drilling Ship, PATRA OFSSHORE started experiencing water ingress during the afternoon hours of August the 22nd.

Aug 23 2019

Bulk Carrier Implicated in Hit and Run – 6 Seafarers Missing

The Cyprus-flagged Bulk Carrier, SASEBO GLORY, has been implicated in a collision that sank the Taiwanese fishing vessel, Yilan Quanyi Cai No. 1 during the early morning hours of August the 3rd.

Aug 14 2019

Chinese Vessel Sinks Following Explosion - 3 Dead, 3 Missing

The Chinese fishing vessel, YUAN YU 15, suffered an explosion and sank during the evening hours of July 5th, while operating off the coast of Guinea-Bissau.

Jul 08 2019

Chinese Cargo Ship Grounded on Rocks, Prompting Evacuation

The Chinese General Cargo Ship, RONG HAI 79 was grounded on the afternoon of July the 4th while transiting through the East China Sea.

Jul 05 2019

Fishing Vessel sinks Following Collision with Bulk Carrier – 1 Dead, 9 Missing

The Vietnam-flagged Bulk Carrier, Pacific 01 collided with the Vietnamese fishing vessel, NA 95899 TS during the afternoon of June the 28th while transiting through the Gulf of Tonkin.

Jul 01 2019

Vessel Master Charged over Deadly Danube Collision – No Further Survivors Found

The Hungarian Police has arrested the Master of the Cruise Ship, Viking Sigyn that crashed against the Hableany on May the 29th.

May 31 2019

Search & Rescue Operation Suspended for Missing MAERSK Patras Crewman

A crewman fell overboard from the Singapore-flagged Containership, MAERSK Patras during the morning of May the 19th while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Canada.

May 20 2019

Vietnamese General Cargo Ship Sinks in the Gulf of Tonkin

The Vietnamese-flagged General Cargo ship, PHUONG NAM 09 sank in the morning of May the 9th while transiting through the Gulf of Tonkin, off the coast of Northern Vietnam.

May 10 2019

Cruise Ship Crew Rescues 23 People

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) alongside the crew of the Cruise Ship, Carnival Fantasy, rescued 23 people stranded off the Yucatan Peninsula on April 14, 2019.

Apr 16 2019

Tanker Ship Collides with Fishing Trawler – 12 Seafarers Missing

Chinese Tanker Ship, Tian Yi 5, collided with a fishing trawler in the morning hours of March 12. As a result of the collision, the fishing vessel started to capsize forcing the ship’s crew to jump overboard.

Mar 13 2019

Cargo Vessel Sinking off the Coast of Vietnam

Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Duc Phat 66, issued a distress call in the morning of February the 7.

Feb 11 2019

Two Seafarers Rescued After Falling Overboard

Two engineers aboard the Cyprus-flagged tanker, SHARON SEA (Formerly known as Chemtrans Nova), had to be rescued by the United States Coast Guard when the lifeboat they were working on, detached itself from the tanker.

Feb 07 2019

Tanker Collides with Tug, 4 Rescued, 2 Considered Missing

Hong-Kong flagged oil tanker, Shun Sheng, collided with the tug KOI 3, at approximately 05:00 am local time, during the early morning hours of February the 7th.

Feb 07 2019

Merchant Vessel Capsizes in Malaysia

Malaysian-flagged merchant vessel, Bahagia Maju sank in the morning of January the 29th, some eight nautical miles off the Sungari Rajang estuary, Malaysia.

Jan 30 2019

Ferry Capsizes in South India, 8 Dead, 1 Missing

Eight people died and at least one is missing after a ferry boat capsized while transiting through the south Indian state of Karnataka, on January the 21st.

Jan 23 2019

Cargo Vessel Sinks in Taiwan Strait

Chinese flagged cargo ship, Zhong Xing 689, reportedly sank while sailing through the Taiwan Strait, in the early morning hours of January 21st.

Jan 22 2019

Kerch Strait Blaze - 14 Dead, 5 Missing

Fourteen people were killed and at least five are missing, following an explosion that occurred during a refuelling operation in the Black Sea.

Jan 22 2019

Sincerity ACE Being Towed to Japan as Panama Opens Investigation into Incident

Towing operations have begun for Sincerity Ace, the Panama-flagged car carrier that caught on fire on New Years’ Eve.

Jan 10 2019

Deadly Explosion Onboard Oil Tanker, 1 Dead, 2 Missing

Vietnamese oil tanker, Aulac Fortune, suffered a massive explosion off Lamma Island Anchorage, Hong Kong, at approximately 11:30 am local time in the morning of January the 8th.

Jan 08 2019

Chinese Fishing Carrier Runs Aground in Marshall Islands

Chinese-flagged commercial fishing carrier, Ou Ya Leng 6, ran aground on Taka Atoll in the Marshall Islands, approximately 180 nautical miles northeast of Kwajalein, in the afternoon of January the 2nd.

Jan 04 2019

Taiwanese Cargo Vessel Sinks - 1 Dead, 9 Missing

Taiwanese cargo vessel, London, sank in the East China Sea approximately 90 nautical miles east of Taizhou, City, Zhejiang, China, at 4:30am local time on January the 2nd.

Jan 03 2019

Cargoship Sinks – 2 Dead, 1 Missing

Palau-flagged Cargo Ship, AMANDA, capsized and sank at approximately 2pm local time on December the 25th, 3 nautical miles east of Tanjung Sepang, Malaysia.

Dec 26 2018

Seafarer Found after Being Lost at Sea for Over Six Days

A seafarer survived in the open sea for over six days after the ship he was on sank while sailing through the Bali strait.

Dec 19 2018

French Navy Vessel Saves Seafarers from Sinking Ship

French Navy Frigate, Cassard, successfully rescued twelve seafarers from a sinking asphalt-bitumen tanker in the Persian Gulf, in the late morning of November the 20th.

Nov 22 2018

Sinking of Offshore Support Vessel Prompts Rescue

15 people had to be rescued, when the offshore support vessel, RAM XVIII, began to take on water, early in the morning of November the 18th.

Nov 20 2018

Chinese Cargo Ship Sinks

Chinese Cargo Ship, Hongtai16, sank in the afternoon of November the 17th in the South China sea, near the eastern coast of the Guangdong province.

Nov 19 2018


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