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Disastrous 24 Hours for Russian Navy as Submarine Sinks in the Vostok Bay

The Russian Missile Submarine, CHITA sank during the evening hours of December the 11th while transiting through the Vostok Bay.

Dec 13 2019

Fire Blazes Through Russian Aircraft Carrier - 10 People Hospitalised, 1 Missing

A fire erupted onboard Russia’s only Aircraft Carrier, ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV during the morning of December the 12th, while the vessel was undergoing repair work in the Port of Murmansk.

Dec 12 2019

3 Divers Missing after being Trapped in Collapsed Container

Several divers got injured when they got trapped in a collapsed container, while working at the wreck site of the containership VIETSUN INTEGRITY.

Dec 12 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks in Indonesian Port Following Collision

The Indonesian-flagged Cargo Ship, SHIMPO 16 capsized during the evening hours of December the 10th after being involved in a collision in the port of Lewoleba, Indonesia.

Dec 11 2019

5 Seafarers Injured after Stray Wave Hits Irish Cargo Vessel

Five crewmembers onboard the Irish-flagged General Cargo Vessel, ARKLOW DAY had to be evacuated after the vessel was caught in adverse weather conditions.

Dec 11 2019

Tanker Sinks in the Gulf of Siam - Massive Oil Spill Raises Environmental Concerns

The Thai-flagged Tanker, GOLDEN BRIDGE 2 sank during the morning hours of December the 3rd while transiting through the Gulf of Siam, Thailand.

Dec 06 2019

14 Ukrainian Seafarers Rescued from Heavily Listing Ship in the Aegean Sea

The Liberian-flagged General Cargo Ship, NEW LEO was disabled during the morning of December the 4th, while transiting through Greek waters.

Dec 05 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Iranian Cargo Ship Berthed at Russian Port

A fire erupted aboard the Iranian-flagged General Cargo Ship, VAFA 2, during the morning hours of December the 2nd while the ship was berthed at Russia’s Astrakhan Port.

Dec 03 2019

Vessels Collide in Russia's Kochetovskiy Lock

A general cargo ship collided with an anchored product tanker during the morning hours of December the 2nd, while transiting through the river Don, in Russia’s Rostov region.

Dec 03 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Car Carrier Transiting off the Coast of France

A fire erupted onboard the Bahamas-flagged Car Carrier, RCC PASSION during the evening hours of December the 1st while the vessel was transiting off the coast of France.

Dec 02 2019

Vessel Grounded off the Coast of Philippines - Crew Abandons Ship

The Belize-flagged Cargo Ship, POSEIDON 34 ran aground during the early morning hours of November the 29th while the vessel was transiting off the coast of the Philippines.

Dec 02 2019

Cargo Ship Master Dies While Attempting to Abandon Sinking Vessel

The Vietnamese-flagged General Cargo Ship, TOAN PHAT 68 sank during the morning hours of November the 30th while transiting through the South China Sea.

Dec 02 2019

Vessel Goes Missing in the North Sea - Two Seafarers Feared Dead

Two seafarers aboard the Dutch-flagged fishing vessel, Lummetje – UK-165 have gone missing, prompting a large Search & Rescue operation to be launched.

Nov 29 2019

General Cargo Vessel Starts Sinking off the Coast of Vietnam - 18 Seafarers Rescued

The Thailand-flagged General Cargo Vessel, NORDANA SOPHIE started experiencing water ingress and began to sink during the early morning hours of November the 28th, while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Vietnam

Nov 28 2019

Second Officer aboard Containership goes Missing, S&R Cancelled after Two Days

The Second Officer on board the Singapore-flagged Containership, THALASSA PATRIS went missing during the evening hours of November the 22nd while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Nov 28 2019

Two Seafarers Medevaced after Accident onboard RoRo

Two crew members onboard the Tunisian-flagged RoRo, SALAMMBO had to be medevaced after sustaining injuries while onboard the ship.

Nov 27 2019

Malaysia Launches S&R Mission for Missing Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer aboard the Panama-flagged General Cargo Ship, MARIWIT was reported as missing during the afternoon of November 24th while the vessel was transiting off Penang, Malaysia.

Nov 27 2019

Containership Sinks off the Coast of Indonesia - All Seafarers Sucessfully Rescued

The Indonesian-flagged Containership, MITRA SEJAHTERA IX sank during the morning hours of November the 23rd while transiting off the coast of Indonesia.

Nov 26 2019

Master Dies During Bulker Fire

The Greek-flagged Bulk Carrier, ORE SUDBURY caught on fire in the late evening hours of November the 21st while anchored at the port Itaguai.

Nov 25 2019

Tankship Grounded in Ukraine, Proceeds to Capsize - Seafarers Refuse to Abandon Vessel

The Moldovan-flagged Tankship, DELFI was grounded in the evening of November the 21st, when it was caught in a storm while anchored outside Yuzhniy Port, Ukraine.

Nov 25 2019

Tragedy as Vessel Carrying over 14,000 Sheep Capsizes off the Coast of Romania

The Palau-flagged Livestock Carrier, QUEEN HIND capsized during the morning hours of Sunday the 24th of November as the vessel was transiting off the coast of Romania.

Nov 25 2019

Chinese Vessel Sinks Following Collision - 7 Rescued, 2 Missing

The Taiwanese-flagged Fishing Vessel, CHANG XIN sank during the evening hours of November the 20th after a collision with another vessel in the Strait of Taiwan, East China Sea.

Nov 21 2019

Fire Erupts Onboard Grimaldi Cargo Ship

A fire erupted in the engine room of the Maltese-flagged, Grimaldi-owned RoRo Cargo Ship, EUROCARGO TRIESTE during the early morning hours of November the 21st, while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Tuscany.

Nov 21 2019

Capsized Tug Spills Diesel after Colliding with Bridge

The United States-flagged Tug, MISS BONNIE capsized during the morning hours of Sunday the 17th of November after colliding with a bridge in Oregon, US.

Nov 20 2019

Fire Ravages Yachts in Fort Lauderdale - Damage Estimated at $20 Million

A fire ravaged through Fort Lauderdale during the early morning hours of Saturday the 16th of November, causing nearly $20 million in damages.

Nov 19 2019

Fire Rages on South Korean Vessel - 1 Dead, 11 Missing

At least one seafarer is dead, and 11 others are still missing after a South Korean vessel caught on fire off the coast of a South Korean resort island.

Nov 19 2019

10 Tons of Diesel Fuel Spill into Port Arthur as Vessels Collide

Two United States-flagged vessels collided during the morning hours of November the 14th near the entrance to Port Arthur, Texas.

Nov 18 2019

General Cargo Vessel Catches on Fire in the Sea of Japan

The Sierra Leone-flagged General Cargo Ship, SILVER WAY, reportedly caught on fire during the afternoon of November the 17th while transiting through the Sea of Japan.

Nov 18 2019

Disabled Vessel Crashes Against Pontoon while Transiting through the Danube

The Belize-flagged Cargo Ship, LADY SIRIA suffered engine failure and collided with a pontoon during the morning hours of October the 30th, while transiting up the Danube River.

Oct 31 2019

Indian Vessel Beached to Avoid Sinking, Following Cyclone Kyarr

The Indian-flagged Hopper Dredger, BHAGVATI PREM ran aground due to adverse weather conditions, in the wake of the Cyclone Kyarr.

Oct 30 2019

Fishing Vessel Sinks While Transiting through the Atlantic - Seafarers Successfully Rescued

The French-flagged Fishing Vessel, AVEL VOR, started sinking during the evening hours of October the 27th while transiting through the Atlantic.

Oct 30 2019

Indian Navy Frigate Saves Fishermen from Sinking Vessel Caught in Cyclone Kyarr

Over 20 Fishing Vessels operating in the Arabian Sea on October the 27th & 28th were caught in the middle of the Cyclone Kyarr and have sent out distress signals en masse, calling out for assistance from local authorities. In particular, the Indian-flagged Fishing Vessel, VAISHNO DEVI MATA which had been operating in the vicinity of 18 40N 071 00E was caught in rough seas and promptly capsized off the west coast of Mumbai.

Oct 29 2019

Gas Explosion Rocks Bulk Carrier - 1 Seafarer Dead

A gas explosion occurred on board the Singapore-flagged Capesize bulk carrier, CAPE INDIA during the afternoon hours of October the 28th as the vessel was transiting through the Makassar Strait.

Oct 29 2019

Cargo Ship Collides with Pier - Hull Breached, Oil Spills into Harbour

The Portuguese-flagged Cargo Ship, LYRA collided with a pier during the early morning hours of October the 26th while the vessel was engaged in docking manoeuvres at Latvia’s Liepaja port.

Oct 28 2019

Environmental Disaster as Vessels Collide in Chittagong Port - Over 10 Tons of Diesel Spill into the Karnaphuli River

The Bangladeshi Product Tanker, DESH-I collided with the lighter vessel, CITY-38 during the early morning hours of October the 23rth while at Bangladesh’s Chittagong port.

Oct 28 2019

Unmanned Tanker Grounded off the Coast of Mormugao, India

The Indian-flagged Chemical Tanker, NU SHI NALINI was grounded off Mormugao, India on October the 24th, as the stormy weather caused her anchor to drag her ashore.

Oct 25 2019

Polish RoRo Crashes Against Pier at Ystad, Sweden

The Polish flagged Passenger RoRo, JAN SNIADECKI was involved in a collision at the port of Ystad, Sweden during the morning hours of October the 24th.

Oct 25 2019

Two RoRos Collide in the Port of Cagliari, Sardinia

The Italian-flagged Cargo RoRo, MASSIMO MURA collided with the Greek-flagged Passenger RoRo, ARIADNE in the afternoon of October the 23rd while attempting to berth at the port of Cagliari, Sardinia.

Oct 24 2019

USCG Successfully Medevacs Tanker Crew Member off Midway

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) successfully medevaced a seafarer from the Norwegian Oil Tanker, LEIKANGER after the crewman fell inexplicably ill.

Oct 23 2019

COSCO Vessel Collides with Containership at Karachi Port

The Cosco owned, Chinese-flagged General Cargo Vessel, DA XIN collided with the Tuvalu-flagged Container Ship, DIYALA during the afternoon hours of October the 21st, while attempting to berth at Pakistan’s Karachi Harbour.

Oct 22 2019

Vietnamese Containership Carrying 285 Containers Sinks off Ho Chi Minh City

The Vietnamese-flagged Containership, VIETSUN INTEGRITY capsized and sank during the evening hours of October the 18th while sailing downstream on the Long Tau River, Vietnam.

Oct 21 2019

COSCO Bulk Carrier Collides with Trawler - Heavy Damages, 1 Seafarer Injured

The Chinese-flagged, COSCO Panamax Bulk Carrier, HUA SHENG HAI collided with the French-flagged Fishing Trawler, KIRRIXKI during the early morning hours of October the 12, while transiting off the coast of Southern Ireland.

Oct 18 2019

Iran Suggests Attack was Act of One or More Foreign Governments, Promises to Respond

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zariff has alluded during a statement to the press on the 15th of October, that the attack on the Tanker Sabiti was the act of a foreign government.

Oct 16 2019

Brazilian Bulk Carrier Runs Aground on Amazon Sandbank

The Brazilian-flagged Bulk Carrier, HB TUCUNARE ran aground during the afternoon hours of October the 13th while transiting through the Amazon estuary.

Oct 16 2019

Greenpeace Boards Two Oil Rigs, Protesting Shell Decommissioning Plans

A number of Greenpeace activists boarded two oil platforms in the North Sea belonging to Shell, in order to protest against the company’s decommissioning plans.

Oct 15 2019

Fire Blazes on Norwegian Ferry, Followed by an Explosion a Day Later

A fire occurred onboard the battery-powered Norwegian Ferry, YTTEROYNINGEN during the evening hours of October the 10th while the vessel was serving the Sydnes-Halsnoy route.

Oct 15 2019

Cargo Ship runs Aground at Full Speed in Corsican Nature Reserve

The Antigua and Barbuda-flagged General Cargo Ship, RHODANUS, ran aground on the southern coast of Corsica during the early morning hours of October the 13th.

Oct 14 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks after being Caught in Typhoon Hagibis - 4 Rescued, Five Dead, 3 Missing

The Panama-flagged General Cargo Ship, JIA DE sank during the evening hours of October the 12th, after it was caught in the middle of the typhoon HAGIBIS.

Oct 14 2019

North Korean Fishing Vessel Crashes Against Japanese Patrol Ship, and Sinks - 60 Seafarers Rescued

Japanese authorities managed to rescue over 60 North Korean fishermen after their fishing vessel collided with a Japanese patrol ship.

Oct 10 2019

Cargo Ship Collides with Two Bridges - Extensive Damages, Master Injured

The Lithuanian-flagged Cargo Ship, ARAMIS collided with two bridges on September the 28th while transiting through the river Rhone, France.

Oct 09 2019

Chief Officer Dies in Mooring Line Accident

One seafarer was injured and another one died during a mooring operation, as the Saint Vincent and Grenadines-flagged General Cargo Ship, YALIKOY attempted to berth at a Spanish port.

Oct 09 2019

A Flag Under Siege: Security or Loyalty?

Ever since their inception back in the 1920s, Flags of Convenience (FoC) have been a subject of no small amount of controversy. The practice originally began during prohibition, when American cruise ships would fly under the Panamanian flag in order to be able to serve alcohol to passengers and thus escape the stringent US regulations at the time.

Oct 08 2019

Two Vessels Sink in the Taiwan Strait - 13 Seafarers Rescued, 12 Missing

Thirteen seafarers were rescued and twelve are considered missing after two vessels capsized while transiting through the Taiwan Strait on October the 6th.

Oct 08 2019

Horrific Accident onboard Grimaldi RoRo - 1 Dead, 3 Injured

One seafarer was killed, and three others were injured during an incident on board the Grimaldi-owned, Maltese-flagged RoRo, Euroferry Malta.

Oct 08 2019

General Cargo Ship Collides with Passenger Vessel in the Danube - Extensive Damages, 2 People Injured

The Maltese-flagged Cruise Ship, PRINZESSIN ISABELLA, collided with the Panama-flagged General Cargo vessel, BLUE STAR I during the early morning hours of October the 5th while transiting through the Danube.

Oct 07 2019

Explosion Rocks Offshore Supply Vessel - 2 Seafarers Seriously Injured

An explosion occurred on board the Mexican-flagged Offshore Supply Ship, ISLA CIARI during the early morning hours of October the 6th while the vessel was transiting through the Gulf of Mexico.

Oct 07 2019

Seafarer Dies During Mooring Accident

A seafarer died during the morning hours of October the 2nd while working onboard the Dutch Cargo Ship, DAMSTERDIJK.

Oct 04 2019

Indonesian Government Discovers the Sinking Site of the Nur Allya - 25 Seafarers Feared Dead

The Indonesian government has finally managed to locate the sinking site of the MV Nur Allya, which disappeared some six weeks ago while transiting through the Indonesian Archipelago.

Oct 03 2019

Bulk Carrier Crashes into Pier at the Port of Imbituba, Brazil

The Panama-flagged Bulk Carrier, BUNUN ACE collided with a pier during the afternoon of October the 1st while attempting to moor at the port of Imbituba, Brazil.

Oct 02 2019

Fire Ravages Vessel in Manzanillo, Mexico - Over 1200 People Evacuated Due to Toxic Cloud

A fire erupted onboard the Mexican-flagged Fishing Vessel, MARIA VERONICA during the afternoon of October the 1st while the vessel was about to depart the port of Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.

Oct 02 2019

Bulk Carriers Collide in Brazil's Itaqui Port

Two vessels collided during the afternoon of September the 29th while engaged in maneuvres at the port of Itaqui, located in Northeastern Brazil near the city of Sao Luis.

Oct 01 2019

Vessel Involved in Hit & Run - S&R Operation Launched, 11 Seafarers Missing

The Panama-flagged Reefer, MONTELAURA collided with the Moroccan fishing vessel AL AKHAWAYAN during the evening hours of September the 26th while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Morocco.

Sep 30 2019

Vessel Sinks in the Atlantic after being Caught in Hurricane Lorenzo - 3 Seafarers Rescued, 11 Missing

The Luxemburg-flagged Tug, BOURBON RHODE sank after being caught in the middle of the category 4 hurricane, Lorenzo

Sep 30 2019

Massive Explosion Rocks Stolt Tanker

A massive explosion rocked the Cayman Islands-flagged Oil Products Tanker, STOLT GROENLAND during the morning hours of September the 28th while the vessel was docked at Ulsan Port, South Korea.

Sep 30 2019

Mega Containership Collides with Chemical Tanker in the Port of Piraeus - Tanker in Danger of Capsizing, Suffered Major Damages

The Japanese-flagged Mega Container Ship, ONE BLUE JAY collided with the Turkish-flagged Tanker, GUNECE during the morning of September the 26th while attempting to berth at the port of Perama, Piraeus, Greece.

Sep 27 2019

Massive Blaze Onboard Russian Fishing Trawler Docked at Norwegian Port - 100 People Evacuated due to Fear of Explosion

The Russian-flagged Fishing Trawler, BUKHTA NAEZDNIK caught on fire and capsized on September the 25th while docked at the Norwegian port of Breivika, located in the Tromso region.

Sep 26 2019

General Cargo Ship Grounded in Sweden - Russian Master Found Sleeping, Arrested

The Gibraltar-flagged General Cargo Ship, BALTIC CARRIER, ran aground during the evening hours of September the 24th while transiting off the coast of Sweden.

Sep 25 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Russian Factory Ship in the Sea of Okhotsk

A fire erupted onboard the Russian-flagged Factory Ship, PYOTR ZHITNIKOV during the early morning hours of September the 24th while the vessel was operating in the Sea of Okhotsk.

Sep 24 2019

Vessel Develops List, Begins Taking on Water - Crew Abandons Ship - 13 Rescued, Ghost Ship Successfully Brought to Port

The Sierra Leone-flagged Cargo Vessel, JI SHUN developed a list and began to capsize during the early morning hours of September the 19th while off the coast of Taiwan.

Sep 23 2019

Captain Fined for Providing False Evidence Following Confined Space Accident

The Captain and the Chief Officer of the UK-flagged Cargo Ship, EMILIE BULKER were fined for having provided false information to Maritime NZ during an investigation on an accident that occurred on the vessel on September the 6th.

Sep 23 2019

General Cargo Ship Gets Caught in Typhoon - Crashes on Rocks, Develops List - Crew Members Abandon Vessel

The crew of the Mongolian-flagged General Cargo Ship, VANWAH had to abandon their vessel after being caught in Typhoon Tapah.

Sep 23 2019

Cargo Ship Catches on Fire in Amsterdam

A fire broke out in the engine room of the Dutch-flagged Cargo Ship, Friso during the afternoon hours of September the 16h while the vessel was transiting through IJmeer, Amsterdam.

Sep 19 2019

Vessel Catches on Fire and Sinks off the Coast of Honolulu, 7 Seafarers Rescued

A Hawaiian Commercial Fishing Vessel caught on fire and sank, during the afternoon hours of September the 17th while operating off the coast of Honolulu.

Sep 19 2019

Bulk Carrier Collides with Terminal, Causing Massive Collapse

The Chinese-flagged Bulk Carrier, HUA JIANG 17 collided with a grain terminal at China’s Taizhou Port shortly after it entered the facility.

Sep 17 2019

Tanker Catches on Fire During Refueling Operation at Norway's Sture Oil Terminal

A fire erupted in the engine room of the Liberian-flagged, Aframax Class Crude Oil Tanker, DUBAI HARMONY during the morning hours of Friday the 13th of September.

Sep 16 2019

Bangladeshi Cargo Vessel Sinks in the Bay of Bengal - 152 Containers Lost at Sea

The Bangladesh-flagged Cargo ship, Gulf Argo capsized during the evening hours of September the 12th while transiting through the Bay of Bengal.

Sep 16 2019

Vessel Sinks in the Bay of Bengal - 3 Rescued, 9 Missing

The Bangladesh lighter vessel, Hera Parbat-8 sank into the Chattogram Bay during the early morning hours of September the 12th.

Sep 13 2019

Bulk Carrier Master Dies in Mooring Line Accident

The Master of the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier, UNISON MEDAL, was killed during an accident that occurred in the morning hours of September the 10th while the vessel was docked at the port of Ilo, Peru.

Sep 12 2019

Vessel Sinks Following Collision - 3 Seafarers Rescued, Captain Dead

The mooring ship, PMB VI sank as a result of a collision that occurred off the coast of Indonesia during the evening hours of the September the 10th.

Sep 12 2019

Containership Loses 72 Containers in Typhoon off the Coast of China

The Chinese-flagged Container Ship, XIN OU 21 lost over 72 containers during the evening hours of September the 5th, while transiting off Zhoushan, China.

Sep 10 2019

Car Carrier Catches on Fire before Capsizing - 20 Rescued, 4 Missing

The Marshall Islands-flagged Car Carrier, Golden Ray, caught on fire, developed a heavy list and capsized during the early morning hours of September the 8th while leaving Brunswick, USA.

Sep 09 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Cargo Ship Transiting through the Elbe - 1 Dead, 2 Injured

A fire erupted in the engine room of the Maltese-flagged General Cargo Ship, KELLY during the afternoon hours of September the 6th while the vessel was transiting through the Elbe River.

Sep 09 2019

Royal Navy Vessel Discovers Abandoned Cargo Ship, Drifting through the Mid-Atlantic

The British Royal Navy Patrol Ship, HMS Protector came upon an abandoned vessel on August the 30 while transiting through the mid-Atlantic.

Sep 06 2019

Vessel Collides with Bridge Causing Millions in Damages - Police Arrest Crew

The Panama-flagged Tug, Marina Oceanic collided with a bridge in Georgetown, Guyana during the early morning hours of September the 2nd.

Sep 04 2019

Vessel Capsizes at New Mandalore Port - Crew Charged for Abandoning the Vessel

The Indian-flagged Dredger, TRIDEVI PREM, suffered water ingress and capsized during the evening of September the 3rd, two miles from the Port of New Mangalore, India.

Sep 04 2019

Two Killed, 5 Injured in Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard Accident

Two workers were killed, and several others were injured while working at a Ship Breaking yard in Bangladesh.

Sep 03 2019

25 Dead, 9 Missing in California Boat Fire

A fire erupted onboard the dive boat, Conception during the early hours of September the 2nd while the vessel was anchored off the coast of California.

Sep 03 2019

Turkish Dredger Grounds itself to Avoid Sinking

The Turkish-flagged Dredger, KANUNI D.S started experiencing water ingress during the afternoon hours of September the 1st while transiting south of the Dardanelles, Turkey.

Sep 02 2019

RoRo Capsizes in the Philippines - 149 Passengers Evacuated

The Philippine-flagged RoRo, MIKA MARI VIII capsized during the afternoon hours of August the 31st while offloading cargo at Camotes Island, Philippines.

Sep 02 2019

Spanish Navy Vessel Runs Aground During Salvaging Operation - Crew Evacuates Following Water Ingress

The Spanish Navy Minesweeping vessel, Turia, went aground during the morning hours of August the 27th while transiting off the coast of Cartagena, Spain.

Aug 29 2019

Filipino Seafarer Falls overboard from Tanker off the Coast of Taiwan

A Filipino seafarer fell overboard while working onboard the Hong Kong-flagged Bulk Carrier, KSL Singapore.

Aug 28 2019

Flames Envelop Philippine Ferry - 4 Dead, 24 Missing

The Philippine-flagged Ferry, LITE FERRY 16 caught on fire during the evening hours of August the 27th while approaching Dapitan City, Philippines.

Aug 28 2019

Cracks on FPSO off the Coast of Brazil Prompt Crew Evacuation - Oil Spill Detected

Cracks have begun to appear on the hull of the Bahama-flagged FPSO, CICADE DO RIO DE JAINEIRO according to vessel operator, MODEC.

Aug 27 2019

RoRo Sinks in the Gulf of Guinea - 3 Dead, over 80 People Missing

The Norwegian-flagged RoRo AUSTRHEIM capsized and sank during the evening hours of August the 25th while transiting through the Gulf of Guinea.

Aug 27 2019

Bulk Carrier Issues Distress Call - Authorities Fear Capsizing Due to Ore Liquefaction - 25 Crew Members Missing

The Indonesian-flagged Bulk Carrier, Nur Allya is feared to have capsized after her crew sent out a distress call on August the 25th.

Aug 26 2019

Massive Fire on Indonesian RoRo - Passengers Abandon Vessel, 309 Rescued, 4 Dead

A massive fire erupted on the Indonesian-flagged RoRo, KM SANTIKA NUSANTARA during the early morning hours of August the 23rd while the vessel was transiting through the Java Sea.

Aug 26 2019

Drilling Ship Develops Heavy Listing & Water Ingress - Crew Abandons Vessel

The Indonesian-flagged Drilling Ship, PATRA OFSSHORE started experiencing water ingress during the afternoon hours of August the 22nd.

Aug 23 2019

French Passenger Ship Collision - 10 Injured

The French-flagged Passenger Ship, BURDIGALA II collided with a security pole during the afternoon hours of August the 18th.

Aug 21 2019

Two Seafarers Die of Methyl Poisoning in the Kerch Strait

Two seafarers died onboard the Panama-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, MAGUS during the evening hours of August the 19th.

Aug 21 2019

Fire Erupts on Nigerian Tanker - Crew Evacuated

The Nigerian-flagged Oil Products Tanker, SEA VOYAGER caught on fire during the morning hours of August the 15th while anchored off Lagos, Nigeria.

Aug 16 2019

Russian Cargo Ship runs Aground, Experiences Water Ingress

The Russian-flagged General Cargo Ship, OMSKIY 137 ran aground during the early morning hours of August the 14th while transiting through the river Svir.

Aug 15 2019

Bulk Carrier Implicated in Hit and Run – 6 Seafarers Missing

The Cyprus-flagged Bulk Carrier, SASEBO GLORY, has been implicated in a collision that sank the Taiwanese fishing vessel, Yilan Quanyi Cai No. 1 during the early morning hours of August the 3rd.

Aug 14 2019

Massive Fire Erupts on Indian Vessel - 1 Seafarer Dead, 28 Rescued

A fire broke out on the Indian-flagged, Offshore Supply Vessel, Coastal Jaguar on the morning of August the 13th while the vessel was engaged in works in the Indian port of Visakhapatnam.

Aug 13 2019

Ecuadorian Vessel Sinks in the Gulf of California, 37 Seafarers Rescued

The Ecuadorian-flagged Fishing Vessel, MARUJITA capsized while transiting south of the Gulf of California on Wednesday the 7th of August.

Aug 13 2019

Fire Erupts onboard APL Container Ship off the Coast of India

A fire erupted on board the Singapore-flagged, New Panamax-class Container Ship, APL LE HAVRE during the evening hours of August 9th while the vessel was transiting off Gujarat Coast, India.

Aug 12 2019

Four Seafarers Badly Injured after Breaking Wave hits Bulk Carrier

Four crewmembers onboard a bulk carrier got critically injured after a breaking wave hit the side of the vessel. The incident occurred on August 6th as the ship was entering Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Aug 12 2019

Russian Vessel Detained in Scottish Port Pleads for Food

The Cook Islands-flagged General Cargo Vessel, Alexander Tvardovskiy has been detained in a Scottish port for over a month and are having to rely on charitable food donations for sustenance.

Jul 26 2019

Worker Dies while Working on Evergreen Marine Vessel in Chittagong Shipbreaking Yard

A steel cutter died on July the 23rd while working at a ship breaking yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Jul 25 2019

Vessel on Fire off the Coast of Mauritania - 1 Seafarer Dead

A fire erupted onboard the Georgian-flagged fishing trawler, IVAN GOLUBETS on July the 19th while the vessel was sailing off the Mauritanian coast.

Jul 22 2019

Fatal Accident onboard Bulk Carrier – 2 Dead, 3 Injured

The Marshall Islands-flagged Bulk Carrier, AP DUBRAVA had to interrupt her transit through the South Atlantic after a fatal accident on board the vessel saw two seafarers lose their lives.

Jul 19 2019

Port Analysis: Lagos Port Complex

Based in the Nigerian capital’s Apapa district, the Lagos Port Complex is Africa’s third-biggest container port, second only to Tangier and Abidjan.

Jul 18 2019

Japanese Vessel Catches on Fire, 24 Crew Members Forced to Abandon Ship

The Japanese Fishing Vessel, Myojin Maru No. 8 caught on fire during the early morning hours of July the 16th while transiting off the coast of Perth, Australia.

Jul 16 2019

Ferries Collide in the Port of Alcudia, Mallorca

The Spanish-flagged Passenger Ferry, JAUME III, collided with the Spanish-flagged RoRo, ALCANTARA DOS during the morning hours of July the 12th while attempting to berth at Mallorca’s Port d’Alcudia.

Jul 15 2019

Gantry Crane Collapses after Collision with Container Ship

The Panama-flagged Container Ship, SOUL OF LUCK, crashed into a pier at Indonesia’s Semarang Port, before hitting the berthed Indonesian-flagged Cargo Ship, KM CERIA 8.

Jul 15 2019

Two Officers Die in Unknown Circumstances onboard LPG Tanker

The Liberian-flagged LPG Tanker, GAS AEGEAN had to interrupt her journey on July 8th after two of its crew were found dead on board.

Jul 12 2019

Oil Production in the Gulf of Mexico Drops by a Third due to Storm

Oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has come to a halt as many companies are forced to evacuate their workers due to the possibility of a Category 1 Hurricane forming in the region.

Jul 11 2019

Saudi-led Coalition Thwarts Alleged Attack on Commercial Vessel

Naval forces belonging to the Saudi coalition in Yemen destroyed a boat full of explosives, that was allegedly set to attack an unidentified commercial vessel in the Red Sea.

Jul 10 2019

Bulk Carriers Collide in Singapore Anchorage – Hull Breached, Cargo Hold Flooded

The Maltese-flagged Bulk Carrier KLIMA collided with the Marshall-Islands flagged Bulk Carrier, SPRING SNOW in the evening July 4th while the two vessels were undergoing bunkering operations in Singapore anchorage.

Jul 10 2019

Barge Capsizes during Cargo Operations - Further Contaminates Solomon Islands Reef

On June the 1st an accident during cargo operations saw over 5,000 tons of bauxite released into the waters of Kangava Bay, Solomon Islands.

Jul 09 2019

Container Ship Collides with Bulk Carrier in the Yangtze River

Chinese Container Ship, YU HANG 18 collided with the Marshall-Islands flagged Bulk Carrier, ODIGITRIA, in the evening of July the 6th, while transiting through Yangtze, River, China.

Jul 08 2019

Chinese Vessel Sinks Following Explosion - 3 Dead, 3 Missing

The Chinese fishing vessel, YUAN YU 15, suffered an explosion and sank during the evening hours of July 5th, while operating off the coast of Guinea-Bissau.

Jul 08 2019

Chinese Cargo Ship Grounded on Rocks, Prompting Evacuation

The Chinese General Cargo Ship, RONG HAI 79 was grounded on the afternoon of July the 4th while transiting through the East China Sea.

Jul 05 2019

Chinese Container Ship Sinks after being Caught in a Storm

The Chinese-flagged Container Ship, MEI CHENG 866 sank in the early morning hours of July the 4th after encountering bad weather while transiting off the Gulf of Tonkin.

Jul 05 2019

RoRo Master Commits Suicide – Vessel Grounded and Hull Breached, Prompting Evacuation

The Chile-flagged RoRo Cargo Ship, COYHAIQUE had to evacuate its passengers after running aground during the early morning hours of July the 3rd.

Jul 04 2019

Two Killed Aboard Shell Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Two workers died, and one was injured in the early morning hours of June the 30th while working onboard Royal Dutch Shell’s Auger Tension Leg Platform in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Jul 03 2019

Fire Erupts Aboard Russian Spy Sub - 14 Dead

Fourteen submariners died during the evening hours of July 1st when a fire erupted onboard the top-secret Russian submarine, Losharik.

Jul 03 2019

Explosion Rocks Italian LPG Tanker – 15 Injured, 1 Dead

An explosion occurred onboard the Italian-flagged LPG Tanker, SYN ZANIA during the evening hours of July 1st, while the vessel was undergoing mooring operations at Aliaga, Turkey.

Jul 02 2019

Fire Ravages Indonesian Container Ship

Indonesian-flagged Container Ship, PERSADA X caught on fire during the early morning hours of June the 29th while docked at Tanjung Perak Port, Indonesia.

Jul 01 2019

Fishing Vessel sinks Following Collision with Bulk Carrier – 1 Dead, 9 Missing

The Vietnam-flagged Bulk Carrier, Pacific 01 collided with the Vietnamese fishing vessel, NA 95899 TS during the afternoon of June the 28th while transiting through the Gulf of Tonkin.

Jul 01 2019

Two Shipyard Workers in Critical Condition Following Accident

Two shipyard workers were seriously injured in the morning of June the 27th while working at Malta’s Palumbo Shipyards.

Jun 28 2019

Car Carrier Involved in Collision off the Coast of France

The Liberian-flagged Car Carrier, LAKE SUPERIOR collided with the French trawler Talariante during the early morning hours of June the 27th, while transiting off the coast of Roscoff, France.

Jun 27 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks in the Philippines, 12 Crew Members Rescued

The Phillippine Cargo Ship, MV Eva Mary Grace capsized in the afternoon of June the 25th while undergoing mooring operations in San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines.

Jun 26 2019

Newly Built Cruise Ship Involved in Collision Shortly after Leaving Shipyard

The British Cruise Ship, SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY collided with a lane marker on June the 24th, shortly after leaving the Meyer Werft shipyard.

Jun 26 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks in the Java Sea

The Indonesian-flagged General Cargo Ship, TIRTA AMARTA sank in the early morning hours of June the 25th while transiting through the Java Sea.

Jun 26 2019

Aframax-Class Tanker Damaged Following Collision with Pier

The Marshall Islands-flagged Aframax Class Oil Products Tanker, FOS HAMILTON collided with a pier during the early morning hours of June the 22nd, while attempting to moor at Russia’s Novorossiysk Oil Terminal.

Jun 25 2019

Fishing Ship Sinks Following Collision with Aframax Vessel

The Vietnamese fishing vessel, CM 99596-TS sank in the afternoon of June the 22nd while transiting through the Gulf of Siam after an alleged hit and run with an Aframax-class vessel.

Jun 25 2019

US Navy Vessel Collides with Cargo Ship

The US Navy Military Ops Vessel, USS BILLINGS collided with the Canadian-flagged Cargo Ship, ROSAIRE A. DESGAGNES on June the 21st while in the Port of Montreal.

Jun 24 2019

Indonesian Ferry Sinks off Java, 17 Confirmed Deaths

The Indonesian ferry, Aram Jaya that was serving the Madura-Kalianget line capsized in the evening of June the 17th while transiting off Java, Indonesia. At least 17 people have been confirmed dead and at least four remain missing.

Jun 21 2019

Tanker Forced to Withdraw from NATO Exercise Following Accident – Four Seafarers Injured

German-flagged NATO Tanker, RHON had to abort its participation in NATO’s BALTOPS exercise after four seafarers got injured during an accident onboard the vessel.

Jun 20 2019

Adrift Vessel Shuts Down Detroit River for over 30 Hours

The Canadian-flagged Bulk Carrier, ALGOMA NIAGARA broke from its mooring lines during the early morning hours of June the 17th, shutting down traffic in the Detroit River for more than 30 hours.

Jun 20 2019

Hapag-Lloyd Container Ship Detained, Following Collision with Gentry Crane

The Hapag-Lloyd owned, German-flagged Container Ship, Nagoya Express collided with a gantry crane on June the 7th while attempting to unmoor from the Hai Phong International Container Terminal, Vietnam.

Jun 20 2019

Grande America Crew Arrested for Arson

Three officers that were working aboard the fire-stricken ConRo vessel, Grande Europa have been arrested in Spain and charged with arson.

Jun 18 2019

Car Carrier Fire Forces Crew to Abandon Vessel

The Panama-flagged K-line owned Car Carrier, Diamond Highway, was abandoned and left adrift after a fire broke out on the vessel in the evening of June the 15th.

Jun 18 2019

Sleeping Helmsman Grounds Cargo Vessel

The Latvian-flagged Cargo Ship, Bonita ran aground in the morning of June the 16th while transiting through Vanern Lake, Sweden.

Jun 17 2019

Tanker Collides with Bridge in the Mississippi River

The Marshall Islands-flagged Tanker ship, DANK SILVER collided with a bridge in the afternoon of June the 16th while transiting through the Mississippi River, USA.

Jun 17 2019

Vessels Collide in Bangladesh, Blocking Marine Traffic through the Chittagong Port

The Kuwait-flagged Tankship, BURGAN collided with the Singapore-flagged Cargo Ship, X PRESS MAHANANDA during the morning hours of June the 14th while the vessel was trying to exit Chittagong Port, Bangladesh.

Jun 14 2019

Filipino Seafarer Critically Injured During Ship Accident

A Filipino crew member aboard the Liberian-flagged Bulk Carrier, Bulk Japan had to be evacuated after suffering a critical injury during an accident.

Jun 13 2019

Two Oil Tankers Damaged in Suspected Torpedo Attacks in the Gulf of Oman

Two tankers have been involved in an attack in the Gulf of Oman during the morning hours of June the 13th and had to be evacuated.

Jun 13 2019

French Rescue Vessel Capsizes in a Storm – 3 Dead

The French rescue vessel, Patron Jacques Morisseau was caught in a storm during the morning hours of June the 7th while transiting off the western coast of France.  As a result of the adverse weather conditions, the vessel capsized, claiming the lives of three of its crew members.

Jun 12 2019

Chinese Tanker Collides with Patrol Vessel as it Tries to Avoid Inspection

The Chinese-flagged Oil Tanker, Hongpu 228 crashed into the Shanghai Maritime Patrol Vessel, Haixun 01 in the afternoon of June the 10th, while the vessel was transiting through the Yangtze River.

Jun 12 2019

Explosion Rocks Russian Tanker – 3 Seafarers Dead

An explosion rocked the Russian-flagged Oil Products Tanker, VF TANKER 16 during the early morning hours of June the 11th while the vessel was docked at the port of Makhachkala, Russia. As a result of the explosion, five people have been injured and two have died.

Jun 12 2019

Fire Erupts Onboard Indonesian General Cargo Ship

The Indonesian-flagged General cargo ship, MENTARI SELARAS caught on fire during the morning hours of June the 8th while leaving the port of Waingapu Port, Sumba Island, Indonesia.

Jun 11 2019

Italian Port Worker Dies in Tragic Accident

A port worker was killed during the early morning hours of June the 10th while working at the port of Ancona, Italy.

Jun 11 2019

Offshore Support Vessel Collides with Oil Platform in Norway - 276 People Evacuated

The Faroes-flagged offshore support vehicle, SJOBORG collided with the oil platform STATFJORD A during the early morning hours of June the 7th, while transiting through the North Sea.

Jun 10 2019

Historic Sailing Ship Sinks Following Collision with Containership, 43 Rescued, 8 Injured

The Cyprus-flagged Container ship, ASTROSPRINTER collided with a 19th-century sailboat, NO.5 ELBE, in the afternoon of June the 8th while transiting through the Elbe River.

Jun 10 2019

The Hidden Cost of Seafarer Abandonment

Since 2004, over 4866 seafarers aboard a total of 336 vessels have been recorded as abandoned onboard their vessel according to the International Maritime Organization’s records. It’s one of the maritime industry’s biggest problems, and yet, little is done about it.

Jun 05 2019

Hableany Death Toll Rises as Diving Teams Attempt to Explore the Wreck

According to Hungarian police, the confirmed death toll from the Danube River vessel collision has risen to 12.

Jun 05 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks off Sulawesi, Indonesia – 19 Seafarers Missing

The Indonesian-flagged Cargo ship, KM LINTAS TIMUR, sank in the afternoon of June the 4th while transiting through the Molucca Sea, Indonesia.

Jun 05 2019

AWILCO LNG Tanker Involved in Vessel Collision in Singapore

According to the AWILCO LNG, its Liquified Natural Gas Tanker, WILFORCE was involved in a collision with another vessel on May the 30th while transiting off Singapore.

Jun 04 2019

Cruise Ship Collides with Unknown Object, Forced to Cancel Voyage and Return to Netherlands

The Bahamas-flagged Cruise ship, Columbus collided with an unidentified submerged object on May the 30th while exiting the port of Amsterdam.

Jun 04 2019

Bulk Carrier Grounding in the Columbia River

The Maltese-flagged Panamax-class Cargo ship, GORGOYPIKOOS ran aground in the evening hours of June the 2nd while transiting through the Columbia River.

Jun 04 2019

Passenger Ship Runs Aground, Sinks in Galapagos Islands

The Ecuador-flagged Passenger ship, Galapagos Majestic ran aground and sank during the morning hours of May 31st while transiting through the Galapagos Archipelago.

Jun 03 2019

Devastating Cruise Ship Collision in Venice

The Panama-flagged Cruise ship MSC Opera collided with the Dutch Cruise ship, River Countess during the morning hours of June the 2nd while trying to berth in the port of Venice.

Jun 03 2019

Vessel Master Charged over Deadly Danube Collision – No Further Survivors Found

The Hungarian Police has arrested the Master of the Cruise Ship, Viking Sigyn that crashed against the Hableany on May the 29th.

May 31 2019

Fire Erupts on Livestock Carrier in the Port of Piraeus

A fire erupted on the Togo-flagged livestock carrier, BOI BRANCO during the morning hours of May the 30th while the vessel was berthed at Piraeus Port, Greece.

May 31 2019

Eight Dead and at least Twenty Missing Following Vessel Collision in the Danube

Several dead and dozens missing following a collision between two vessels in the Danube river in the evening of May the 29th.

May 30 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Containership berthed in Thailand – Port Authority to File for Damages in Excess of $3 Million

A fire erupted onboard the South Korean-flagged Containership, KMTC HONGKONG during the morning hours of May the 24th while it was berthed at Laem Chabang, Thailand.

May 29 2019

Danish Containership Collides with Pier at Reykjavik

Danish-flagged Container Ship, Naja Arctica collided with a wharf in the morning of May 26th upon arrival to Reykjavik port, Iceland.

May 28 2019

Freighter Loses Super Yacht Valued at €30-Million

The Panama-flagged General Cargo Ship, BRATTINGSBORG got caught in a storm in the evening of May the 25th while transiting through the Mediterranean.

May 28 2019

Car Carrier Fire Prompts Massive Fire Brigade Mobilisation

A fire broke out on the Bahamas-flagged Car Carrier, Platinum Ray in the morning of May the 22nd while the vessel was docked at Ulsan, South Korea.

May 28 2019

Two Japanese Vessels Collide – Freighter Sinks, Three Crew Members Missing, One Dead

Two Japanese Cargo Ships collided during the early morning hours of May the 26th while transiting east of Tokyo.

May 27 2019

CO2 Leak on Chinese Bulk Carrier Kills 10, Injures 19

A CO2 leak onboard the Panamax-class Chinese Bulk Carrier, JIN HAI XIANG has killed 10 people and injured another 19.

May 27 2019

Bangladeshi Vessel Capsizes in Karnaphuli River

The Bangladesh-flagged cargo vessel, Sea Crown, capsized in the morning of May the 23rd while transiting through the river Karnaphuli, Bangladesh.

May 24 2019

US Training Ship Collides with Pier Crane at Bridgetown, Barbados

The United States Training ship, Golden Bear collided with a pier crane in the morning of May the 21st while the vessel was trying to berth at the town of Bridgetown, Barbados.

May 23 2019

Cargo Ship Captain Collapses During Transit Prompting Coast Guard Medevac

The Captain of the Panama-flagged Cargo Ship, Vittoria had to be immediately transported to a medical facility after he apparently suffered a heart attack in the evening of May the 20th 2019 while the vessel was transiting off San Francisco Bay.

May 22 2019

After two Fires in two Months, Grimaldi Lines Calls for Tighter Regulations on Car Batteries

Italian RoRo operator, Grimaldi Lines has issued a statement on the back of the two recent fires that broke out in its fleet, calling for tighter regulations on car batteries & dangerous goods.

May 20 2019

New Details Have Surfaced on the UAE Sabotage Attack

New details have surfaced on the sabotage attack that took place in Fujairah, UAE last Sunday.

May 20 2019

Search & Rescue Operation Suspended for Missing MAERSK Patras Crewman

A crewman fell overboard from the Singapore-flagged Containership, MAERSK Patras during the morning of May the 19th while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Canada.

May 20 2019

Inebriated Captain Causes Product Tanker to Collide with Brunsbuettel Lock

Cyprus-flagged product tanker, BEETHOVEN collided with a pier in the Brunsbuettel lock shortly after midnight on May the 16th.

May 17 2019

Fatal Accident in the Port of Los Angeles – 1 Dock Worker Dead, 1 Injured

One dock worker was killed, and another was seriously injured during an industrial accident that occurred in the Port of Los Angeles in the morning of May the 15th.

May 16 2019

Grimaldi RoRo Catches on Fire South of Mallorca

A fire broke out on the Grimaldi Lines Italian-flagged RoRo, Grande Europa in the early morning hours of May the 15th while the vessel was transiting south of Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain.

May 16 2019

Explosion in Ship Breaking Yard Claims the Lives of Two Workers

Two workers died and several others were heavily injured during an explosion that occurred in the morning hours of May the 15th at Bangladesh’s Chittagong Shipbreaking Yard.

May 16 2019

LPG Tanker Collides with Two Barges in Houston Causing Major Fuel Spill

The Panama-flagged LPG Tanker, Genesis River collided with two barges in the afternoon of May the 10th while transiting through the Houston Ship Channel.

May 13 2019

UAE: Large Number of Explosions near Fujairah - At least 4-7 Vessels Affected

According to the United Arab Emirates, at least four vessels were the victims of a sabotage attack on May the 12th in the Gulf of Oman, UAE.

May 13 2019

Italian Ferry Disabled in Rough Weather off the Coast of Croatia

Italian ferry, Aurelia lost propulsion in the morning of May 9th while she was servicing the Ancona, Italy – Split, Croatia route.

May 10 2019

Vietnamese General Cargo Ship Sinks in the Gulf of Tonkin

The Vietnamese-flagged General Cargo ship, PHUONG NAM 09 sank in the morning of May the 9th while transiting through the Gulf of Tonkin, off the coast of Northern Vietnam.

May 10 2019

Cargo Vessel in the UAE Catches on Fire

A cargo vessel caught on fire in the morning hours of May the 7th while docked at Port Khalid, located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

May 09 2019

Explosion Blasts Saipem Pipe Laying Vessel - 14 Injured

An explosion occurred onboard the Saipem-owned, Azerbaijani-flagged Pipelayer, ISRAFIL HUSEYNOV during the evening hours of May the 8th while the vessel was transiting off the coast of Azerbaijan.

May 09 2019

Taiwanese Vessel On Fire off the Coast of South Africa

Taiwanese fishing vessel, Tenn Ming Yang 268 caught on fire and started sinking during the early morning hours of May the 7th.

May 08 2019

UK to Deploy Drones to Assist with Search and Rescue Operations

Authorities in the UK are launching a new year-long drone trial in order to support maritime search & rescue operations.

May 06 2019

Intercargo Report - Liquefaction Accounts for Over 50% of Fatalities from Bulk Carrier Losses

According to a report released by the UK-based, International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (Intercargo), over half of the fatalities from bulk carrier losses, are due to cargo liquefaction.

May 06 2019

ITF Report Shows Sharp Increase in Enclosed Space Accidents

According to the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), 2018 has seen a sharp increase in deaths due to confined spaces.

May 06 2019

Seafarer Dies onboard Cargo Ship

A seafarer died while working onboard the Hong Kong-flagged Cargo Ship, MOL BRAVO.

May 03 2019

Iranian Oil Tanker in Trouble in the Red Sea

The Iranian-flagged oil tanker, Happiness I experienced water ingress in its engine room on April the 30th, while transiting off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

May 02 2019

Turkish Aircraft Carrier on Fire

A fire erupted on the first ever Turkish aircraft carrier, TCG ANADOLU (L-408), during the early morning hours of April the 30th.

May 01 2019

Cargo Vessel Collides with Bulk Carrier in Belgium

Maltese-flagged General Cargo Ship, Klara collided with the Singapore-flagged Bulk Carrier, Posidana during the early morning hours of April 29th.

Apr 30 2019

LPG Tanker Collides with Fishing Vessel - 1 Dead

Thailand-flagged LPG Tanker, NP BANGPAKONG allegedly collided with a coastal fishing vessel in the afternoon of April 23rd while transiting through the eastern Gulf of Siam.

Apr 29 2019

Cargo Ship Catches Fire in the Philippines

The Cargo ship, Andrea Princess 2 caught on fire in the evening of April the 22nd, while berthed in Cebu Province, Philippines.

Apr 26 2019

Tanker Explosion in Indonesia - Two Workers Injured, One in Critical Condition

An explosion occurred aboard the Indonesian-flagged Tankship, SUCCESS ENERGY XXXII in the afternoon of April the 24th.

Apr 25 2019

Crude Oil Tanker Runs Aground near Mississippi

Aframax-class Liberian-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, Aqualoyalty ran aground in the late evening hours of April the 21st, while transiting off Pascagoula USA.

Apr 24 2019

Bulk Carrier Explosion off the Coast of Cornwall

Hong-Kong flagged Bulk Carrier, Great Aspiration, suffered an explosion on board in the afternoon of April the 17th, while transiting through the Celtic Sea near Cornwall, UK.

Apr 18 2019

General Cargo Ship Grounding in Croatia

Moldova-flagged General Cargo ship, Agios Rafail ran aground on rocks in Jamica Bay, Muzil, Croatia in the morning of April the 16th.

Apr 18 2019

Cruise Ships Collide in Rotterdam

The Swiss Passenger Ship, MS Alina collided with the Swiss river Cruise Ship, Viking Skadi, in the morning of April 16th.

Apr 17 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Indian Oil Tanker - One Dead, 2 Injured

A fire erupted onboard the Indian-flagged Suezmax-class Crude Oil Tanker, MAHARAJA AGRASEN in the evening of April the 13th while the vessel was docked at the port of Mumbai, India.

Apr 16 2019

Cruise Ship Crew Rescues 23 People

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) alongside the crew of the Cruise Ship, Carnival Fantasy, rescued 23 people stranded off the Yucatan Peninsula on April 14, 2019.

Apr 16 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Bulk Carrier

Fire erupted onboard the Hong Kong-flagged Bulk Carrier, Albany Sound in the morning of April the 14th while the vessel was docked at the N.C. Port of Morehead City, USA.

Apr 15 2019

Floating Dock Accident in Turkey - Two Vessels Damaged, Dozens Injured

A floating dock broke in two on April 12th, in Turkey’s Tuzla Ship Repair Yard leading to several injuries and extensive damage to two vessels.

Apr 15 2019

Fire Ravages Kingstown Ferry

A fire broke out on the St. Vincent-Grenadines-flagged Ferry, Gem Star in the morning of April the 8th. Due to the extent of the fire, the Ferry has been reduced to a floating hull.

Apr 11 2019

Cargo Ship Heavily Damaged in Collision

The Gibraltar-flagged Cargo ship, Rumba was heavily damaged during a collision at the Strom Quay in Bremerhaven, during the morning hours of April the 10th.

Apr 11 2019

General Cargo Ship Collides with Canal Lock in Germany

The Antigua Barbuda-flagged General Cargo ship, BBC Amethyst collided with a lock in the Kiel Canal in Kiel-Holtenau, Germany during the early morning hours of April 7th.

Apr 10 2019

RoRo Catches on Fire in the Red Sea

Panama-flagged RoRo vessel, Al Fayrouz caught on fire in the afternoon of April the 8th while transiting through the Red Sea.

Apr 09 2019

Oil Spill on MSC Containership

An accident during a bunkering operation aboard the Panama-flagged Container Ship, MSC Sandra, led to a significant oil spill.

Apr 08 2019

Three Dead after Ship's Crane Collapses in Indonesia

Three dock workers were killed after a crane collapsed on top of a cargo ship in Pontianak, Western Kalimantan, Indonesia on Thursday, April the 4th.

Apr 08 2019

Bulk Carrier Captain Charged over Unsafe Working Practices

The Master of the Panama-flagged bulk carrier, Spinnaker SW, was charged over unsafe working practices by Maritime New Zealand.

Apr 05 2019

Three Suspects Named over Norwegian Frigate Collision

Norwegian maritime authorities have named three suspects as part of their investigation into the collision between the tanker ship, SOLA TS and the Norwegian Navy Frigate, KNM Helge Ingstad.

Apr 04 2019

Ferry Collides with Passenger RoRO in North America

United States ferry, Admiral Pete collided with US-flagged passenger RoRo, Chimacum during the early morning hours of March the 29th.

Apr 04 2019

Crew Member Dies in Horrific Accident on Board Bulk Carrier

A man died on board the Panama-flagged Bulk Carrier, Coresky OL while the vessel was docked at Gisbnorne, Northern New Zealand.

Apr 03 2019

Construction Crane Crashes on Cruise Ship - 8 People Injured

Several people were injured when a large construction crane fell onto the Bahamas-flagged Cruise Ship, Oasis of the Seas.

Apr 02 2019

Oil Tanker Collides with Cruise Ship in the Netherlands

Maltese-flagged Oil Tanker, Chemical Marketer collided with the Swiss Cruise Ship, Viking Idun during the early morning hours of April 1st, 2019.

Apr 01 2019

Two Vessels Run Aground in Danish Waters

Danish Bulk Carrier, Enny ran aground in the early morning hours of March 27th, as it was transiting off Soesmarke upon Lolland, Denmark. A few miles north of the Enny’s grounding site, near the Danish harbour of Vordingborg, the Maltese-flagged general cargo ship Wilson Malm made contact with the seafloor.

Mar 28 2019

Australian Authorities Detain German Bulk Carrier

Liberian-flagged bulk carrier Anna-Elisabeth has been detained by Australian Maritime Authorities following a report by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

Mar 27 2019

Massive Fire Erupts Onboard Indonesian RoRo

Indonesian Passenger RoRo, KM Awu caught on fire in the evening of March 25th while docked at the Semarang Port Ship Repair Yard in Indonesia.

Mar 26 2019

LNG Tanker Collides with VLC Carrier at Fujairah Anchorage Causing Massive Hull Breach

Maltese-flagged LNG tanker, ASEEM collided with the anchored Hong Kong-flagged VLCC tanker SHINYO OCEAN in the evening of March the 24th at Fujairah Anchorage, UAE.

Mar 26 2019

Container Ship Collides with Vessel before Hitting Pier

Liberian-flagged Container ship, Calisto collided with a pier in the morning of March the 24th.

Mar 25 2019

Norwegian Cruise Ship Loses Engine Power in Storm - Issues Distress Call

Norwegian Cruise Ship, Viking Sky suffered an engine failure in heavy storm conditions in the afternoon of March the 23rd.

Mar 25 2019

Cruise Ship Collides with Merchant Vessel in the Netherlands

Swiss cruise ship, Edelweiss collided with the cargo ship, Forenso in the early morning hours of March the 20th, near Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Mar 21 2019

US Coast Guard Rescues Two Fishermen in the Gulf of Guinea

US Coast Guard Cutter, Thetis successfully rescued two fishermen on March the 14th that had been stranded in the Gulf of Guinea.

Mar 21 2019

Taiwanese Fishing Trawler Sinks 350 Miles off the Coast of Brazil

Taiwanese-flagged Fishing Trawler, Jin Mao 101 sank following an engine failure that occurred on the 18th of March, approximately 350 miles off Buzios, Brazil.

Mar 21 2019

Second Ship Capsizes in the Mississippi River – Captain Presumed Dead

A tug capsized in the Mississippi River, in the evening of March the 18th. The Seattle Slew sunk in the vicinity of mile marker 55 on the lower Mississippi River, north of Point A La Hache, Louisiana, at approximately 20:00 pm in the evening.

Mar 20 2019

Fire Breaks Out on South Korean Tanker - 2 Dead

A fire broke out on the South Korean-flagged tanker, Taehwa 1HO during the early morning hours of March 20th.

Mar 20 2019

General Cargo Ship Capsizes in Iranian Port

Comoran-flagged General Cargo vessel, SL STAR capsized while at berth at Rajaei Port, Bander Abbas, Iran in the morning of March 19th.

Mar 20 2019

Italy Closes Ports to Italian-flagged Ship Carrying Rescued Migrants

An Italian charity ship rescued 50 people from a sinking life raft off the coast of Libya on March the 18th.

Mar 19 2019

Third Oil Spill Located near Grimaldi's Sunken ConRo

French Maritime authorities have located a third oil spill coming from Grimaldi’s sunken ConRo in the Bay of Biscay.

Mar 19 2019

Indian Tug Sinks Following Explosion - Search Continues for Missing Seafarer

Indian tug, Revdi sank in the morning of March the 18th, following an explosion onboard the vessel.

Mar 19 2019

Indian Research Vessel on Fire - 46 People Rescued

Indian research vessel, SCI Sagar Sampada, caught on fire in the evening of March 15th while transiting south of Mangalore, Western India.

Mar 18 2019

Greek Oil Tanker Runs Aground near Gavrio

Greek-flagged Oil/Chemical Tanker, Agios Georgios I, ran aground near Gavrio, Greece in the evening of March 15th.

Mar 18 2019

Pipe Laying Vessel Caught on Fire in the Gulf of Mexico

Pipe-laying vessel, Ocean Constructor caught on fire in the morning of March the 13th, while working on a project in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mar 18 2019

Vessel Sinks after Getting Entangled in Cargo Ship Chain

Inland towing tug, Michelle Anne, sank near Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the morning of March the 14th after an accident involving the Maltese-flagged Cargo Ship, Iolcos Unity.

Mar 15 2019

Weekly Piracy Security Report - March 15th

Weekly Piracy Security Report -  9th to 15th of March

Mar 15 2019

Fire-Stricken Vessel Sinks, Prompting Potential Ecological Disaster off the Coast of France

The Italian ConRo, Grande America sunk in the Bay of Biscay following the disastrous fire that ravaged the vessel on March 12th. French authorities are on high alert following the incident, due to reports of a 10km long oil slick that is expected to hit the southwest coast of France over the weekend.

Mar 14 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks in the Marmara Sea

Turkish General Cargo ship, Yusuf Celal, sank after running aground in the Marmara Sea, Turkey in the evening of March the 13th.

Mar 14 2019

Vessels Stuck Together Following Collision

Chinese Bulk Carrier, Ming Zhou 66, collided with the gravel carrier, Hong Cheng Yun 3, in the morning of March 12th.

Mar 13 2019

Italian ConRo Catches on Fire - 27 Crew Members Evacuated

The Grimaldi-owned ConRo, Grande America, caught on fire in the evening of March 10th, as the vessel was transiting through the Bay of Biscay.

Mar 12 2019

Saudi Tanker Detained Following Collision with Navy Vessel

Saudi-Arabian Oil tanker, NCC Sama collided with the berthed Taiwanese Navy Knox-class frigate, Ning Yang during the early morning hours of March 9th.

Mar 11 2019

Dutch Cargo Ship Sinks, 1 Seafarer Presumed Dead

Dutch-flagged cargo ship, Cardium sank while sailing through the Western Scheldt near Vlissingen, Netherlands in the afternoon of March 9th.

Mar 11 2019

New Zealand Detains Taiwanese Bulk Carrier over Unpaid Wages

New Zealand Maritime authorities have detained the Panama-flagged bulk carrier, Daiwan Justice, after complaints that the crews' wages hadn’t been paid over the last four months.

Mar 08 2019

Fuel Successfully Emptied from the Efe Murat, as Salvage Operations Continue

Fuel removal operations on the grounded, Turkish-flagged general cargo vessel, Efe Murat have successfully concluded.

Mar 07 2019

Arrest Warrant Issued Against Captain of MV Seagrand

Korean authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the Russian Captain of the MV Seagrand. The vessel had crashed against a bridge in Busan, South Korea on the 28th of February.

Mar 07 2019

Ship Owner Issues Apology over Solomon Islands Oil Spill

The owner of the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier, Solomon Trader has issued an apology over the oil spill that occurred on Renell Island on February 4th.

Mar 06 2019

Crane Collapses on Oil Platform - 1 Dead, 2 Injured

Two people were injured, and one died when a crane collapsed on an Italian offshore oil platform run by oil and gas major, Eni.

Mar 06 2019

Maersk and ZIM Containerships Collide at Busan Port

Hong Kong-flagged, Panamax class containership, Safmarine Nokwanda, collided with the Liberian-flagged, Neopanamax class containership, Tianjin, causing substantial damage to both vessels.

Mar 04 2019

Russian Cargo Ship Crashes into South Korean Bridge – Master Intoxicated

Russian Cargo Ship, Seagrand, crashed into the side of a bridge in South Korea, in the afternoon of February the 28th.

Feb 28 2019

Turkish Cargo Ship Runs Aground off Bari, Italy, Sparking Fears over Potential Oil Spill

The Turkish cargo ship, Efe Murat, that ran aground on breakwater off Bari, Italy on the 23rd of February, has continued to list, raising fears over a potential environmental disaster.

Feb 28 2019

Solomon Trader Grounding Turns into Full Blown Environmental Disaster

Almost a full month after the grounding of the Solomon Trader, the full extent of the ecological damage to the surrounding area is beginning to come to light.

Feb 28 2019

Car Carrier Severely Damaged By Storm

Norwegian-flagged car carrier, Hoegh London, got caught in the storm that was raging across the Mediterranean during the weekend and sustained considerable damage in the process.

Feb 27 2019

Cargo Ship on Fire in Chioggia, Italy

A devastating fire erupted in the engine room of the Belize-flagged general cargo ship, Hala B, in the evening of February the 26th.

Feb 27 2019

Devastating Fire on Malaysian Ferry

A fire erupted in the engine room of the Malaysian Ferry, Dragon Star 1, in the afternoon of February the 25th.

Feb 26 2019

Containership Reports Significant Fuel Leak

US-flagged containership, MATSONIA, has been spilling heavy fuel oil into San Francisco Bay, according to a report by the United States Coast Guard.

Feb 25 2019

Massive Fire in Indonesia – 35 Vessels Destroyed

A massive fire erupted in the port of Muara Baru, Jakarta in the afternoon of February the 23rd, destroying over 35 vessels and injuring three people in the process.

Feb 25 2019

Inebriated Captain Runs Cargo Ship Aground

Dutch-flagged general cargo ship, EEMS Carrier, ran aground in the evening of February the 21st.

Feb 22 2019

Cruise Ships Collide in Buenos Aires Port

Two cruise ships belonging to MSC, collided in the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the afternoon of February the 20th.

Feb 22 2019

UPDATE – Grounded Bulk Carrier Declared a Total Loss – Awaiting Salvage

Salvage teams are in place, ready to remove the wreck of the Hong-Kong-flagged bulk carrier, Solomon Trader, that ran aground off Renell Island on February the 4th.

Feb 21 2019

Tanker Quarantined Due to Influenza Outbreak

Panama-flagged product tanker, Puma has been put under quarantine off Manzanillo Anchorage, Mexico due to an outbreak of Influenza on the vessel.

Feb 20 2019

Baltic Sea Collision – 15 Injured

Danish-flagged supply vessel, World Bora collided with the Cyprus-flagged general cargo vessel, Raba in the morning of February the 19th.

Feb 19 2019

Peruvian Ferry Split in Two Following Collision with Freighter

Peruvian Ferry Men del Norte II, collided with the Antigua-Barbuda-flagged bulk carrier, BBC Zarate, during the early morning hours of February the 15th.

Feb 18 2019

Chinese Fishing Vessel Sinks Following Collision with Argentine Trawler

Chinese fishing vessel, Zhong Yuan Yu 11, sank in the early morning hours of February the 15th, following a collision with the Argentine trawler, Pesca Vaqueiro.

Feb 18 2019

Six Die in Durban Harbour Fire

Six people have been confirmed dead after a fishing vessel caught on fire in Durban port, South Africa.

Feb 15 2019

Luxury Cruise Ship Damaged in Collision During Maiden Voyage

Norwegian-flagged luxury cruise ship, Viking Jupiter collided with a pier during her maiden cruise.

Feb 15 2019

Supply Vessel Sinks in the Singapore Strait

Dominican-flagged supply vessel, Ocean Cooper 2 sank in Singapore territorial waters in the morning of February the 14th.

Feb 14 2019

UPDATE – APL Vancouver Cleared for Departure as Company Declares General Average

APL has declared General Average on its fire-stricken containership, APL Virginia.

Feb 14 2019

UPDATE – Yantian Express - 198 Containers Deemed a Total Loss

198 Containers on board the fire-stricken Yantian Express have been identified as a total loss

Feb 13 2019

Ship Grounding Raises Fears for Local Ecosystem

Hong Kong-flagged Bulk Carrier, Solomon Trader, was grounded after hitting a reef in the Solomon Islands.

Feb 13 2019

Update – Kerch Strait Blaze

Four weeks have passed since the initial explosion that cost the lives of more than a dozen seafarers but the fire onboard the two vessels shows no sign of stopping.

Feb 12 2019

Cargo Vessel Sinking off the Coast of Vietnam

Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Duc Phat 66, issued a distress call in the morning of February the 7.

Feb 11 2019

Greek Bulk Carrier Detained Following Collision with Malaysian Vessel

Greek-flagged Panamax-class bulk carrier, Pireas, collided with the Malaysian Government vessel, Polaris, in the afternoon of February the 8th. Following the incident, Malaysian authorities proceeded to impound the vessel and detain its crew.

Feb 11 2019

Cargo Ship Ran Aground in Sweden

Faroe Islands-flagged general cargo carrier, Listervik, ran aground close to Oxelosund, Sweden.

Feb 08 2019

Fire Erupts on Indonesian Ferry

A fire erupted onboard a ferry at approximately 18:45 LT in the evening of February the 7th, as the ship was transiting through the Sunda Strait, Indonesia.

Feb 08 2019

Two Seafarers Rescued After Falling Overboard

Two engineers aboard the Cyprus-flagged tanker, SHARON SEA (Formerly known as Chemtrans Nova), had to be rescued by the United States Coast Guard when the lifeboat they were working on, detached itself from the tanker.

Feb 07 2019

Update on the APL Vancouver Fire

After four days of intenses effort by the Vietnamese firefighting cews, the fire aboard the post-panamax class containership, APL Vancouver, was finally put under control on February the 4th.

Feb 05 2019

Crane Collapses on Cargo Ship in Indonesia

A mobile crane crashed onto the cargo ship POWERJET in the afternoon of February the 4th.

Feb 05 2019

Fire Erupts Onboard Containership

A fire erupted on the Singapore-flagged containership, APL Vancouver, during the early morning hours of January the 31st, same 4 nautical miles off Cape La, Vung Ro, Vietnam.

Feb 01 2019

Oil Product Tanker Capsizes in Malaysia

St Kitts and Nevis-flagged oil product tanker, Sea Frontier, capsized near Tanjung Penyusop, Malaysia, in the evening of January the 30th.

Jan 31 2019

Crane Collapses onto Containership in Vancouver Port

A crane collapsed onto the Panama-flagged containership, EVER SUMMIT, at approximately 09:00 LT in the morning of January the 28th while the vessel was docked at the Global Container Terminal in Vancouver.

Jan 30 2019

Merchant Vessel Capsizes in Malaysia

Malaysian-flagged merchant vessel, Bahagia Maju sank in the morning of January the 29th, some eight nautical miles off the Sungari Rajang estuary, Malaysia.

Jan 30 2019

Hapag-Lloyd Declares General Average on Yantian Express

Hapag-Lloyd has declared general average on its fire-stricken boxship, Yantian Express.

Jan 29 2019

Vessel Explosion in Turkey - 2 Dead, 11 Injured

An explosion occurred aboard the Hong Kong-flagged, Aframax class crude oil tanker, LR2 Poseidon, killing two workers, and injuring another 11.

Jan 29 2019

Tanker Collision in the Baltic Sea

Two tankers collided in the Baltic Sea, near Rugen, Germany, at approximately 03:00 UTC, during the early morning hours of January the 25th.

Jan 28 2019

Fire Erupts Aboard Oil Tanker

A fire erupted aboard the Canadian-flagged oil tanker, Kivalliq W, at approximately 6 am on Sunday the 27th of January.

Jan 28 2019

Two Cruise Ships Collide in Italian Port

Two ferries collided at the port of Olbia Isola Blanca, Sardinia, Italy, at approximately 12:00 pm, in the afternoon of January the 24th.

Jan 25 2019

Product Tanker Crashes into Bridge

Mongolian-flagged product tanker, Eastern Glory, crashed into a bridge in Indonesia, at approximately 14:30 pm local time on January the 23rd.

Jan 24 2019

Authorities Search for Missing Seafarer

The Philippine Coast Guard has launched a search for a seafarer that went missing near the city of Laguindingan on the 15th of January.

Jan 23 2019

Ferry Capsizes in South India, 8 Dead, 1 Missing

Eight people died and at least one is missing after a ferry boat capsized while transiting through the south Indian state of Karnataka, on January the 21st.

Jan 23 2019

Dutch Cargo Ship Collides with Finnish Icebreaker

Dutch-flagged freighter, FWN Solide, collided with the Finnish icebreaker, Kontio, on approach to the port of Oulu, Finland, during the early morning hours of January the 22nd.

Jan 23 2019

Kerch Strait Blaze - 14 Dead, 5 Missing

Fourteen people were killed and at least five are missing, following an explosion that occurred during a refuelling operation in the Black Sea.

Jan 22 2019

Chemical Tanker Runs Aground in Elbe River

Panama-flagged chemical tanker, Oriental Nadeshiko, ran aground while transiting through Germany, at approximately 01:10 UTC, in the early morning hours of January the 21st.

Jan 21 2019

Vessel Sinks in Russian Port

Russian tug, Priboy, sank in the port of Temryuk in the Azov Sea, at approximately 9 am in the morning of January the 17th.

Jan 21 2019

Hapag-Lloyd Releases Another Statement in Regards to the Yantian Express Fire

Hapag-Lloyd has issued another statement on January 17th, as to the container fire that still rages onboard the Yantian Express.

Jan 18 2019

LPG Tanker collides with Fishing Boat, 3 Dead, 2 Missing

Panama-flagged LPG Tanker, Koeta, collided with a fishing vessel in the East China Sea, at approximately 04:30 am local time, in the morning of January the 11th.

Jan 14 2019

Hapag-Lloyd Releases Statement In Regards to Container Fire Onboard the Yantian Express

Hapag-Lloyd has issued a statement on January 10th, as to the container fire onboard the Yantian Express.

Jan 11 2019

13 Containers Fall From NSB Vessel into Kaohsiung Port

13 Containers fell overboard from a container ship docked at Taiwan’s Kaohsiung port in the afternoon of January the 9th.

Jan 11 2019

Investigation into the Collision Between RoRo Ulysse and CSL Virginia Reveals Human Error.

The investigation into the collision that occurred last October off the coast of Corsica, involving the RoRo Ulysse and the CSL Virginia, has officially concluded.

Jan 10 2019

Sincerity ACE Being Towed to Japan as Panama Opens Investigation into Incident

Towing operations have begun for Sincerity Ace, the Panama-flagged car carrier that caught on fire on New Years’ Eve.

Jan 10 2019

MSC Intensifies North Sea Cleanup - 43 Containers Remain to be Found

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) in cooperation with relevant authorities has managed to locate 238 of the 281 containers that fell off the MSC Zoe on January the 2nd.

Jan 09 2019

Fire Erupts on Board Turkish RoRo Vessel

A fire erupted on board the Turkish-flagged Ro-Ro cargo vessel, Qezban, while the ship was transiting through the Dardanelles, in the evening of January the 8th.

Jan 09 2019

Oil Carrier Disappears in the Java Sea

Crude palm oil carrier, Namse Bangdzod, was declared missing while transiting through the Java Sea, on December the 28th.

Jan 08 2019

Cargo Ship Sinks in the Black Sea, 6 Dead

Panama-flagged general cargo ship, VOLGO-BALT 214, sank while transiting through the Black Sea, some 80 nautical miles off Samsun, Turkey, in the morning of January the 7th.

Jan 08 2019

Deadly Explosion Onboard Oil Tanker, 1 Dead, 2 Missing

Vietnamese oil tanker, Aulac Fortune, suffered a massive explosion off Lamma Island Anchorage, Hong Kong, at approximately 11:30 am local time in the morning of January the 8th.

Jan 08 2019

Ship Captain Dies During Cargo Ship Collision

A Vietnamese cargo ship collided with a Panama-flagged bulk carrier in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on the Evening of January the 7th.

Jan 07 2019

Crew Abandons Burning Container Ship

Hapag-Lloyd’s German-flagged containership, Yantian Express, caught on fire approximately 650 nautical miles off the east coast of Canada on January the 3rd.

Jan 07 2019

Cargo Ship Swallowed by Fire in Turkey

Togo-flagged dry cargo vessel, MARK, caught on fire while anchored at Pendik, near Istanbul’s southern coast, at approximately 6:20 am local time (GMT 0320) in the morning of January the 4th.

Jan 04 2019

Chinese Fishing Carrier Runs Aground in Marshall Islands

Chinese-flagged commercial fishing carrier, Ou Ya Leng 6, ran aground on Taka Atoll in the Marshall Islands, approximately 180 nautical miles northeast of Kwajalein, in the afternoon of January the 2nd.

Jan 04 2019

Taiwanese Cargo Vessel Sinks - 1 Dead, 9 Missing

Taiwanese cargo vessel, London, sank in the East China Sea approximately 90 nautical miles east of Taizhou, City, Zhejiang, China, at 4:30am local time on January the 2nd.

Jan 03 2019

Ultra-large Containership Loses 270 Containers

Panama-registered ultra-large containership, MSC Zoe, lost approximately 270 containers while sailing through rough North Sea weather, in the evening of January the 1st.

Jan 03 2019

Crew Abandons Burning Car Carrier - 3 Confirmed Dead, 2 Missing

A fire erupted on board the Panamanian-flagged car carrier, Sincerity ACE, approximately 1800 nautical miles northwest of Hawaii, in the morning of December the 31st.

Jan 02 2019

Oil Tanker Explosion Off the Coast of Cyprus

Maltese-flagged oil tanker, Athlos, caught on fire and ran aground near the southern coast of Cyprus, at approximately 9:30am local time, in the morning of Saturday the 29th of December.

Dec 31 2018

Container Ships Collide in Chinese Port

Two container ships collided in Nansha port, Guangzhou, China, at approximately 12:20pm local time, in the afternoon of December the 26th.

Dec 27 2018

Cargoship Sinks – 2 Dead, 1 Missing

Palau-flagged Cargo Ship, AMANDA, capsized and sank at approximately 2pm local time on December the 25th, 3 nautical miles east of Tanjung Sepang, Malaysia.

Dec 26 2018

Seafarer Found after Being Lost at Sea for Over Six Days

A seafarer survived in the open sea for over six days after the ship he was on sank while sailing through the Bali strait.

Dec 19 2018

Fire Erupted Aboard General Cargo Ship in Indonesia

Fire erupted onboard the Mongolian-flagged, general cargo ship, Aventador, at approximately 07:30 am on December the 15th.

Dec 18 2018

Russian Cargo Ship Runs Aground in Cornwall

Russian cargo ship, Kuzma Minin, has run aground off a beach in Cornwall at approximately 5:40 am on December the 18th.

Dec 18 2018

Explosion During LPG Tanker Supplying Operation Injures Six

Six people were injured when a pilot boat was hit by an explosion while supplying an LPG tanker at an anchorage off Batu Pahat, Malaysia, at approximately 6 pm on December the 14th.

Dec 18 2018

Captain of Shipping Tanker Arrested for Exceeding Alcohol Limit

The Captain of a chemical tanker was sentenced and lost his position as Master, after having been found drinking aboard the vessel, moments before the vessel was due to depart Port Taranaki, NZ on the evening of December the 11th.

Dec 13 2018

Chinese Freighter Sinks - One Dead, One Missing

Chinese-flagged freighter, Rui Xing Lun, sank in the Bohai sea, northwest of Weifang, Shandong province, in the afternoon of December the 8th at approximately 16:00 Beijing time.

Dec 10 2018

Two Cargo Ships Damaged While Manoeuvring Near the Black Sea

Two vessels were damaged while manoeuvring through the Kerch Strait. The incident occurred at approximately half past midnight on the evening of November the 30th.

Dec 03 2018

French Navy Vessel Saves Seafarers from Sinking Ship

French Navy Frigate, Cassard, successfully rescued twelve seafarers from a sinking asphalt-bitumen tanker in the Persian Gulf, in the late morning of November the 20th.

Nov 22 2018

Oil Tanker Runs Aground, Destroying Over 13 Vessels in the Process

Panama-flagged oil tanker, Tradewind Legend, went out of control destroying several vessels in the process, as it was entering Paramaribo port in Suriname, in the afternoon of November 19.

Nov 21 2018

Cargo Ship Caught on Fire and Subsequently Abandoned

Turkish Cargo Ship, Kilic 1, caught on fire in the evening of November 20th, approximately 8 nautical miles southeast of Cape Matapan, near the southern coast of Greece.

Nov 21 2018

Cargo Ship Ran Aground in Greece

Albanian-flagged general cargo ship, Koravi, ran aground at approximately 20:00 UTC on November the 15th , while sailing through the southeast coast of Greece.

Nov 19 2018

Chinese Cargo Ship Sinks

Chinese Cargo Ship, Hongtai16, sank in the afternoon of November the 17th in the South China sea, near the eastern coast of the Guangdong province.

Nov 19 2018

Japanese and South Korean Vessels Collide in the Sea of Japan

A Japanese and a South Korean fishing trawler collided in the Sea of Japan, in the morning of November the 15th.

Nov 16 2018

Cargo Ships Collide in the North Sea

Two general cargo ships collided in the North Sea, northwest of Borkum Island, Germany, at approximately 20:30 hours (UTC), in the evening of November the 15th.

Nov 16 2018

Seafarer Dies After Being Crushed by Container

A crewman aboard the Bermuda-flagged, German containership, Francop, died in an accident that took place during cargo operations, early in the morning of November 14th.

Nov 15 2018

UPDATE - Norwegian Navy Frigate Sinks Following Collision

Royal Norwegian Navy Frigate, Helge Ingstad, has now almost completely sank, following a collision with an oil tanker on November the 8th.

Nov 14 2018

Two Workers Die In Confined Space Accident

Two dock workers died from poisoning while onboard the Panama-flagged general cargo ship, American Bulker, early in the morning of November 13th.

Nov 14 2018

Space X to Launch Pirate-Tracking Satellites Into Space

Space X is trying to break yet another record by simultaneously launching over 71 small satellites into orbit. Part of the mission, which goes by the name of SSO-A and will be launched on November 19, will be to carry 3 satellites into space that will be used to track illegal activities such as sea piracy, illegal fishing and smuggling.

Nov 13 2018

Fire Erupts on Bulker

Fire erupted on the Indonesian-flagged Handysize Bulk Carrier, Golden Ocean, early on the morning of November 10th.

Nov 12 2018

Russian Cargo Ship Sinks in Kamchatka

Russian General Cargo Ship, Anatoliy Krasheninnikov, sank shortly after 8 am, on the morning of November 9th.

Nov 12 2018

Four Fishermen Rescued From Capsized Vessel

Four fishermen have been rescued after their fishing vessel capsized in the English Channel due to strong gale winds, in the afternoon of November 7th.

Nov 09 2018

Norwegian Navy Frigate Collides with Tanker

A Norwegian Navy frigate collided with an oil tanker at approximately 3:00 UTC on November the 8th.

Nov 08 2018

Vessel Aground on Breakwater in Iceland

Cement Carrier Fjordvik ran aground on the breakwater of Helgvik Port, in the evening of November 3rd.

Nov 06 2018

Three-vessel Collision at Kaohsiung Port, Taiwan

A collision occurred between a containership and two tanker vessels early in the morning of November 3rd, in Kaohsiung Port, Taiwan.

Nov 05 2018

Containership Collides and Sinks Fishing Boat in the Baltic Sea

Containership BEGONIA S, collided with the Polish-chartered fishing vessel, Mietus II, late in the evening of November the 3rd, sinking it in the process.

Nov 05 2018

ADVISORY - Another Suspicious Approach Off the Coast of Yemen

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution when sailing through Bab El Mandeb; a 2nd vessel has been approached by suspicious skiffs. Vessel and crew safe.

Nov 04 2018

Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Damaged While Docked – Four Injured, One Missing

Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, was damaged when the floating dry dock she was being held in collapsed, in the early morning of October 30th.

Nov 01 2018

Search for 42 Sunken Containers Resumes

Efforts have resumed in Newcastle to locate the 42 sunken shipping containers from the YM Efficiency, in an attempt to ensure safe paths for fishing trawlers.

Oct 25 2018

South Korea Expands Drone Use to Monitor Illegal Fishing

South Korea plans to expand its use of drones in order to monitor marine littering, and illegal fishing taking place in the country’s waters.

Oct 24 2018

More Details on the Attack off the Coast of Somalia on the 16th

More details coming in, on the attack that took place off the coast of Somalia, on October the 16th.

Oct 19 2018

#Advisory Vessel Attacked Near Mogadishu

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after a vessel is reported to have been fired upon near Mogadishu.

Oct 16 2018

#BREAKING Injured Sailor Stranded During Golden Globe Race Rescued

A sailor stranded in the Indian Ocean has been rescued after a major multi-national operation.

Sep 24 2018

#BREAKING Vessel Under Attack Off the Coast of Bonny, Nigeria

A vessel is currently under attack by pirates off Bonny, Nigeria. Seafarers are warned to avoid the area.

Sep 22 2018

Borneo Police Shoot Dead 2 Pirates Suspected of Kidnapping Fishermen

Police in Sabah have reported killed two pirates as they tried to flee. It is believed the men were part of a group responsible for the kidnapping of two fishermen earlier this month.

Sep 21 2018

Over 200 Feared Dead after Ferry Capsizes in Tanzania

It is feared more than 200 people could have drowned after a ferry capsized in Tanzania last night.

Sep 21 2018

#ADVISORY Vessel Boarded in Lagos Anchorage

Seafarers are advised to transit with extra caution around Lagos Anchorage after a merchant vessel was boarded by pirates in Lagos anchorage yesterday.

Sep 21 2018

US Blacklists Russian Ships For Violating N.Korea Sanctions

US officials have blacklisted 6 Russian cargo ships for violation of North Korea sanctions.

Sep 20 2018

Fire on Norwegian Freighter

A major search and rescue operation is underway after a fire broke out on a Norwegian freighter.

Sep 20 2018

#ADVISORY Vessel Attacked by Pirates in Gulf of Guinea This Morning

Seafarers are advised to exercise extreme caution after a merchant vessel was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea earlier this morning.

Sep 17 2018

Yemeni Navy Seizes Houthi Vessel Full of Explosives

The UAE-backed Yemeni Navy claims to have intercepted a vessel booby-trapped with explosives. They believe the vessel was launched by Houthis rebels.

Sep 12 2018

Navy Deployed in Nigeria to Protect Oil Region

The Nigerian Navy have been deployed to the Niger Delta region to protect key oil installations and increase their presence in the West African maritime domain.

Sep 05 2018

Hundreds of Weapons Seized Off Vessel in Gulf of Aden

Hundreds of weapons were found on a sailboat in the Gulf of Aden during a routine check by the US Navy.

Aug 30 2018

Criminal Investigation Launched into Duck Boat Sinking

Federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into the sinking of the Stretch Duck 7. The investigation involves the captains of both duck boats on the water at Branson, Missouri, on the day that the incident took place.

Aug 30 2018

2 Crew Members Severely Injured After Being Hit by Waves

2 seafarers had to be medevaced from a bulk carrier in Rotterdam after being injured by waves.

Aug 30 2018

#ADVISORY Suspected Hijacking at Libreville Anchorage

Seafarers advised to exercise caution after a suspected hijacking on a merchant vessel in Libreville anchorage.

Aug 15 2018

Italy Refuses 141 Rescued Refugees and Urges UK to Take Them In

Italy’s transport minister has called on the UK to take in 141 refugees picked up by a rescue ship which sails under the British territory of Gibraltar.

Aug 13 2018

Fourth Body Found in Maritime Hit and Run, 8 Still Missing

A fourth body has been found in the search for 9 missing people after a hit and run incident in the waters of Kerala.

Aug 13 2018

Is Nigeria the New Piracy Capital?

According to the Global Maritime report on piracy, Nigeria took the lead for levels of piracy in the second quarter of 2018, taking over from notorious hotspot, Somalia.

Aug 13 2018

How Much Do You Know About Modern Piracy?

Skull and cross bones? Peg legs? Captain Jack Sparrow? No, these aren’t the pirates that modern shipping has to deal with. Modern pirates have moved on since the time of Captain hook. Last year alone there were 179 pirate attacks. This is less than the 191 attacks in 2016, but the drop in piracy isn’t happening fast. Modern piracy is a huge threat to the shipping industry, so what do we actually know about it?

Aug 10 2018

Russian Missile Frigate Starts Anti-Piracy Mission in Gulf of Aden

One of Russia's Baltic Fleet's frigates has left the port of Djibouti to begin an anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden.

Aug 09 2018

Crew Not Involved in 1144kg Cocaine Haul Found on Containership

Sources close to the investigation have reported that the crew on board Cap San Tainaro were not involved in smuggling 1144kg of cocaine found on the vessel.

Aug 07 2018

Supertanker Front Hakata on Tow After Engine Fire

A super tanker that experienced a major engine fire has now been rescued and is currently on tow to the nearest port.

Aug 07 2018

British Special Forces Deployed to Protect Red Sea Oil Shipments

A team of British Special Forces have been deployed to the Red Sea to protect UK oil shipments after Houthi rebels attack another tanker.

Jul 31 2018

#ADVISORY Suspicious Approach Off Ghana

Seafarers have been advised to exercise extreme caution following the attempted boarding of a merchant vessel off the coast of Ghana.

Jul 23 2018

One Dead after Trawler sinks off Argentinian Coast in Rough Seas

At least one crew member has died after the Spanish trawler Dorneda sank in rough seas off the Argentinian coast on 11th July.

Jul 13 2018

Major Gas leak off Indonesia under Investigation

Shipping restrictions have been implemented near the Pulau Panjang Bojonegara Island in Banten, Indonesia after The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) reported a major gas leak from one of its underwater pipelines on Monday 9th July.

Jul 11 2018

10 Hospitalised with Smoke Poisoning after Fire onboard Vessel off Denmark

10 crew members have been hospitalised suffering from smoke poisoning after a fire broke out on Dutch cargo ship EEMS Dundee on 6th July.

Jul 09 2018

39 Vessels engulfed by Fire at Benoa Harbour, Indonesia

A severe fire broke out in the early hours of this morning and destroyed 39 fishing vessels moored at Benoa harbour, Indonesia.

Jul 09 2018

#UPDATE Ship Attacked by 12 Gunmen in Gulf on Oman was Greek Cargo Ship

A ship attacked by armed pirates earlier this week has been confirmed as Greek cargo ship, Chios freedom.

Jul 06 2018

Pirates Attack Crew and Take Hostage in Bangladesh

Pirates attacked the crew of a bulk carrier with knives and took a hostage in Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh last night.

Jul 04 2018

#ADVISORY Merchant Vessel Fired Upon off Hanish Islands

A merchant vessel has been fired upon 5 miles south of the Hanish Islands off the coast of Yemen. This is the latest in a spate of attacks as tensions rise between the Houthi movement and the Saudi-led coalition in the region.

Jul 04 2018

#ADVISORY Suspicious Approach Gulf of Oman

Seafarers are being warned to be extra vigilant when transiting through the Gulf of Oman, after suspected pirates approached a merchant vessel there this morning.

Jul 04 2018

Norwegian Crew Member Found Alive 22 Hours After Falling Overboard

A Norwegian Cruise Line crew member who went overboard near Cuba Saturday was found alive 22 hours later by a Carnival Cruise Line ship.

Jul 03 2018

#ADVISORY Vessel Boarded at Lagos Anchorage this Morning

Warning issued after a merchant vessel was boarded at Lagos anchorage earlier this morning.

Jul 03 2018

#ADVISORY Attack off Nigeria

Vessels transiting near Bonny, Nigeria are being warned to exercise extreme caution after a vessel was subjected to an attack on Sunday 1st July.

Jul 02 2018

Nigerian Navy call for Pirate Sponsors to be Uncovered

Capt. Victor Choji from the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) pathfinder has called upon the Department of State Security (DSS) to uncover those who are sponsoring the infamous sea pirate network in the region.

Jun 29 2018

Longshoreman Fatally Injured at Longview Port, Washington

A crew member has been fatally injured when a mooring line snapped and recoiled on the bulk carrier Ansac Splendor. The tragedy unfolded on Thursday 28th June as the vessel moved along the dock at Longview Port, Washington.

Jun 29 2018

Explosion onboard Cargo Ship at the Port of Reykajavik

The Blikur general cargo ship suffered an explosion in its engine room when entering the port of Reykjavik after arriving from the UK on Monday 25th June.

Jun 27 2018

#ADVISORY Suspicious Approach off Yemen

Vessels transiting the coast of Yemen are being warned to exercise extreme caution after a merchant vessel was approached by pirates in 2 speedboats earlier today.

Jun 26 2018

Missile Accident on German Frigate off Norwegian Coast

A standard Missile-2 failed to launch whilst the German Navy Frigate Sachsen was conducting a live-firing drill on Thursday 21st June.

Jun 25 2018

Armed Attack destroys Tanks at Ras Lanuf Port, Libya

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has reported a significant reduction in the crude oil storage capacity at Ras Lanuf port in Libya following an armed attack.

Jun 22 2018

Shipping Operations Suspended in Port Kembla, Australia due to Iron Ore Fire

A fire which broke out onboard an iron ore carrier in Port Kembla Harbour, South of Sydney at 3.30am on Monday 18th June is now expected to burn for a further 3-4 days after 80 firefighters battled the initial blaze.

Jun 18 2018

Container Ship Fire Triggers Evacuation in the Bay of Bengal

22 sailors have been rescued after a ferocious fire erupted on board container ship SSL Kolkata and engulfed 70% of the ships’ cargo deck whilst it was anchored at the Sandheads in the Bay of Bengal on 14th June.

Jun 15 2018

Saudi and UAE Announce Plans to Protect Yemen’s Hodeidah Port

Following recent escalations in assaults in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have announced a plan to keep the port of Hodeidah and the surrounding areas open and safe.

Jun 14 2018

Fatal Boat Crash Kills 11 in World Cup Host City

11 people have died whilst on a river cruise on the Volga River. The river runs through the Russian city of Volgograd which is one of the host cities for the 2018 Football World Cup due to start tomorrow.

Jun 13 2018

VIDEO: Fire on Board Aframax River Tanker

Video emerges of the fire on board the Aframax River tanker. The pilots received bravery awards for managing to bring the ship to safety and avert a major maritime tragedy.

Jun 11 2018

Heightened Risk of Attack by Somalian Pirates during Monsoon Season

Warnings have been issued that the impending monsoon over the Arabian Peninsula may act as cover for Somalian pirates and assist them in their planned attacks on merchant ships.

Jun 11 2018

Stowaway discovered on Bulk Carrier at Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Crew members on board bulk carrier MI Harmony discovered a stowaway on 8th June as the ship docked at Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Jun 11 2018

Cargo Ship Banned from Australian Ports for failing to meet Industry Standards

Australian ports have banned cargo ship Thorco Luna from entering their waters for a period of three months after it once again failed to comply with stringent industry standards.

Jun 11 2018

Body Found in Search for Missing Master at Chittagong Port

The body of the missing master of bulk carrier MV Evnia has now been recovered from the water at Chittagong Port.

Jun 06 2018

Offshore Supply Ship Boarded off Yemen

VOS Theia, the U.N. World Food Programme’s (WFP) chartered ship has been subjected to an attack from an armed gang whilst in anchorage off Hodeida, Yemen.

Jun 06 2018

Boarding with Hook and Rope - Lagos Anchorage

A report has come in of a boarding with a hook and rope. A bulk carrier was approached by two robbers at around 02:30 UTC on 03.06.18. Posn: 06:17N – 003:21E, Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria.

Jun 04 2018

46 Migrants Die in Boating Tragedy off Tunisia

46 migrants have died after their boat sank off the Tunisian coast. The disaster occurred at approx. 10.45pm on Saturday 2ndJune as the migrants tried to make their way to mainland Europe.

Jun 04 2018

Pirates Arrested after Tanker Boarded off Malaysia

14 pirates armed with machetes attacked crew members onboard the tanker Lee Bo whilst it was off Baharu, Malaysia, north of Singapore on 1st June.

Jun 04 2018

ADVISORY ATTACK West of Jazair Az Zubayr Island

Reports just in of an attack on a merchant vessel approx. 5NM West of Jazair Az Zubayr Island. Vessels transiting the area are warned to exercise extreme caution.

Jun 03 2018

Fire Breaks out on Indonesian Ferry

Passengers were evacuated after a fire broke out on passenger vessel, Paray, in Indonesia on the 30th May.

May 31 2018

Passengers Hospitalised After Fire on Bali Ferry

Passengers have been evacuated and some hospitalised after a fire broke out on a ferry in Bali.

May 18 2018

1 Dead After Explosion on Chinese Freighter

One crew member has died after 2 explosions on a Chinese cargo ship off the coast of Hong Kong.

May 18 2018

Burnt, Beaten & Thrown Overboard by Pirates, a Survivor's Story

In one of the most violent pirate incidents this year, 20 fishermen were attacked with machetes, and burnt with hot oil, before having their legs tied together with weights and thrown overboard to drown. Now, Reuters have interviewed one of the 5 survivors of the attack.

May 18 2018

6 Missing as Cargo Ship Sinks, Taiwan Strait

A search and rescue operation is underway as teams try to find 6 crew members who went missing when a cargo ship sank in the Taiwan Strait.

May 17 2018

#UPDATE "Explosion" on Turkish Bulker was caused by a Missile

The explosion on board Turkish bulker, Ince Inebolu, on Monday is said to have been caused by a missile. ARX Maritime reported on Monday that the vessel had suffered an explosion, but it has not transpired that the explosion was actually a missile hitting the vessel.

May 17 2018

Seafarer Falls Overboard off US Virgin Islands

A search and rescue operation has been launched after a seafarer fell overboard MSC Seaside in the US Virgin Islands yesterday.

May 17 2018

Crew member airlifted from Stolt Tanker suffering from Burns

A seafarer on board chemical tanker Stolt Perseverance was airlifted to hospital on Friday 11th May after suffering severe burns.

May 14 2018

Turkish Bulker Suffers Explosion off Yemen

An explosion on board Turkish bulker Ince Inebolu is currently attributed to an unknown cause. The explosion which occurred on Thursday 10th May rocked the vessel as it was anchored off the port of Hodeidah, Yemen.

May 14 2018

Maritime Safety Training a Success in Nigeria

A workshop aimed at increasing maritime safety awareness in Nigeria has been hailed a huge success. The workshop was part of a campaign organised by NNPC and Total Upstream Companies in Nigeria (TUPNI) to train youths in the area.

May 09 2018

Armed Robbers Terrorise Town in Liberia

Residents of Gardnersville, Liberia have appealed to the local government for help after their town was overrun by armed robbers.

May 09 2018

#ADVISORY Attempted Boarding off Port Harcourt

Attempted boarding- PORT HARCOURT. At 1000UTC this morning pirates attempted to board a merchant vessel with 6 people on board. Vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution.

May 08 2018

Nigerian Locals to Fight Back Against Pirates

A group of residents and officials in Akuku-Toru, Rivers state, have vowed to take justice in to their own hands and fight back against pirates if the Government doesn't do more to lower the levels of piracy in their area.

May 08 2018

5 Feared Dead, Residents Evacuated and Vessels on Fire, Port Harcourt

Residents around Port Harcourt were evacuated after a fire swept across several vessels leaving 5 people missing and feared dead.

May 08 2018

Maritime Group Blames Cash Carrying Crews for Pirate Attacks

The Association of Marine Engineers and Surveyors (AMES) have said ships carry too much cash are responsible for high levels of piracy.

May 04 2018

Greek Authorities Play Down Ship Explosion that Injured 2

Greek authorities have been accused of playing down an explosion that injured two mechanics onboard ro-ro ferry Champion Jet 2.

May 03 2018

Six Port Workers Poisoned by Gas on Bulk Carrier, NZ

Six workers have been poisoned by carbon monoxide on board a bulk carrier that was docked at Napier port, New Zealand.

May 01 2018

16 Fishermen Missing After Violent Pirate Attack

16 fishermen are missing after a violent pirate attack in which the men were attacked with machetes and forced to jump overboard with weights tied to their legs. The attack took place on the evening of 27th March, Northwest of South America.

May 01 2018

Three Dead as Cargo Ship Sinks in China

Three crew members are thought to have drowned on Tuesday April 24 after a cargo ship sank in the Yangtze river estuary.

Apr 25 2018

Two Chinese Seafarers Killed by Gas Leak in India

Two Chinese crew members have died and two more are injured after a suspected gas leak on board a coal vessel off the coast of Gujarat, India. The men were said to be attempting to fix the gas leak when the accident happened on Sunday 22nd April.

Apr 25 2018

Woman in Coma After Fall at Australian Port

A woman is in a critical condition and has been put in to an induced coma after a collision between two port shuttle carriers at Australia’s Port Botany in New South Wales.

Apr 23 2018

ForestWave Crew Kidnapped Off Bonny, Nigeria

The crew of general cargo ship, FWN Rapide were kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Bonny, Nigeria on Saturday morning.

Apr 23 2018

Fire After Dredger Hits Gas Pipeline

A fire broke out after a dredger hit a gas pipeline during a dredging operation in Matagorda Bay, Texas.

Apr 20 2018

Bulk Carrier to Blame for Fatal Oil Spill in Indonesia

An investigation into an oil spill in Indonesia has found that Panama-flagged bulk carrier Ever Judger is likely to have caused the breakup of the pipe that led to the spill.

Apr 20 2018

100 Missing After Ship Sinks in Singapore Waters

Over 100 people are missing after a passenger ship sank off the coast of Singapore earlier today.

Apr 19 2018

Missing Seafarer Confirmed Dead After Fire on MV GEOS, South China Sea

A crew member who was reported missing after a fire on board research vessel, MV Geos, has now been confirmed dead.

Apr 18 2018

Crew Member in Hospital After Fire on Cargo Ship off British Coast

One crew member is in hospital after a fire on board ro-ro cargo ship, Finlandia Seaways late on Monday.

Apr 18 2018

Gas Leak After Collision at One of World's Busiest Ports

A very large gas carrier (VLGC) and an aframax tanker have collided in Singapore waters causing a huge butane leak.

Apr 18 2018

ARX Maritime CEO Warns Further Defence Cuts Will Leave Ships Vulnerable to Pirate Attacks

ARX Maritime Chief Executive, Josh Hutchinson, has warned shipping companies that defence cuts will impact post-Brexit trade plans, as vessels are left unprotected against pirate attacks.

Mar 20 2018

Ship Boarded by Pirates in Lagos, Nigeria

ARX Maritime have received a report that a vessel was boarded by 6 unknown men as it was anchored in Lagos, Nigeria.

Feb 20 2018

Crew Fight Off Armed Pirates With Oil and Water

The crew of a cargo ship have been praised by authorities for fighting off armed pirates with boiling water and oil. Around 12 pirates are reported to have attacked the Philippine ship, MV Kudos, as it sailed near Sibago Island, in the Basilan region.

Feb 19 2018

1 Dead and Vessel Quarantined With Suspected Contagious Disease

One person has died, and the remaining crew members have been quarantined following a suspected disease on a cargo ship.

Feb 19 2018

Navy Help Crew Escape Pirate Attack in Nigeria

The Nigerian Navy have helped the crew of a container ship escape during a pirate attack near Bonny, Nigeria.

Feb 19 2018

Pirates Abort Hijacking After Boarding Ship in Benin

Pirates successfully boarded a product tanker in Benin, but aborted the hijacking after military officials arrived at the scene.

Feb 19 2018

Gas Leak Reported Too Late to Stop Explosion that Killed Five

A gas leak was reported on board a drillship in India but response times were too slow to stop an explosion that killed 5 people.

Feb 16 2018

Is One Insurer Controlling the World’s Kidnap Claims?

Kidnap, ransom, cyber attacks and terror. Not your average insurance claim. And this is exactly why one insurance company has the monopoly of this whole sector.

Feb 14 2018

India Ship Explosion Kills 5

5 crew members have been killed after an explosion on an offshore drilling ship in Kerala, India.

Feb 13 2018

BREAKING: Crew of 22 Released by Pirates in Benin

22 crew members who were kidnapped by pirates in Benin have been released.

Feb 06 2018

BENIN: Search Launched for Oil Tanker Feared Hijacked by Pirates

22 crew members are believed to be in danger after an oil tanker went missing in the Gulf of Guinea, off Benin in West Africa.

Feb 05 2018


Aden, Yemen- 2018-002A-Insurgency

Feb 01 2018


In 2000 seventeen sailors were murdered and a further thirty-nine seriously injured when terrorists rammed the hull of the USS Cole with a speedboat laden with explosives.

Jan 29 2018


Drug traffickers reportedly boarded the ROTTERDAM EXPRESS, a container ship bound for Dominican Republic.

Jan 29 2018


PERU: A major search and rescue is underway in Peru after 3 bodies were found after a ship collided with a fishing vessel.

Jan 26 2018


Armed Guards have been credited for preventing a pirate attack on a bulker in Somalia.

Jan 25 2018


A general cargo ship has reportedly sunk in Indonesian waters.

Jan 23 2018


A Submarine appears to have set ablaze overnight at Russian submarine base, Vladivostok.

Jan 23 2018


Shell staff are among those who have been arrested following the discovery of a scheme to steal oil from Shell's biggest refinery. Singaporean authorities uncovered the major international scheme, arresting 20 people.

Jan 22 2018

Crew Insurance Becomes Legal Requirement in UAE

Insurance for seafarers will become compulsory for all UAE flagged ships by February this year.

Jan 19 2018


One of the crew members injured during a major fire on a tanker in India has died in hospital.

Jan 18 2018


Union Maritime have confirmed that after 6 days under pirate control MT Barratt has been released.

Jan 18 2018


A General cargo ship has been beached by bad weather in Turkey.

Jan 18 2018

Union Maritime Tanker Hijacked by Pirates

Union Maritime has confirmed that a 2005 built oil products tanker Barrett has been attacked by pirates.

Jan 17 2018


Authorities are working around the clock to clean up oil from a stricken oil tanker in China.

Jan 16 2018

Tanker Damaged after Collision with Tug in Russia

An offshore tug boat has crashed in to a tanker off the coast of Russia.

Jan 12 2018

IMB: Pirate attacks at two-decade low

In over two decades last year, pirate attacks worldwide fell to their lowest level, however, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) mentioned that more than doubled in the Philippines while African trouble spots.

Jan 11 2018

Libya-Bound Ship Seized with Explosives

Greek authorities have seized a cargo ship suspected of attempting to deliver explosive materials to Libya.

Jan 11 2018


Rescue teams searching for the missing crew on a burning oil tanker have had to retreat following an explosion on the ship.

Jan 10 2018

Explosion fears as fire rages on China oil tanker

Fears are growing for 32 missing crew members caught in what is being described as potentially one of the worst environmental disasters since 199

Jan 08 2018

Gun battle breaks out in Somalia

A fierce gun battle has broken out between opposing armies in Somalia.

Jan 08 2018

Bulk carrier lost anchor while approaching Kaliningrad

Bulk carrier STELLAR ATLANTIC lost starboard anchor with the first shackle while proceeding in sea canal Kaliningrad with the pilot on board, at 1520 Moscow time Dec 19.

Dec 20 2017

Warning that hackers could sink a bulk carrier

In the latest cyber security warning for shipping Pen Test Partners have highlighted that hackers could sink a bulk carrier by deliberately imbalancing its cargo.

Dec 19 2017

Saudi forces intercept Riyadh-bound Houthi missile

Saudi Arabia says it has intercepted a missile fired towards the country’s capital, Riyadh, from neighbouring Yemen.

Dec 19 2017

Libyan mayor Mohamad Eshtewi kidnapped and killed in Misrata

Unknown gunmen have killed the mayor of Libya’s port city Misrata after reportedly chasing his car and kidnapping him.

Dec 18 2017

Master of Royal 16 Found Dead

Pham Minh Tuan and five others were abducted by Abu Sayyaf extremist on November 11, 2016. The 5,610dwt Vietnamese bulk carrier was carrying cement from northeastern Vietnam to the Philippines when she was boarded by 10 armed men off Sibago Island in the Philippines. The boat had 19 crew on board, but the attackers took only six, including the captain, as hostages.

Dec 14 2017

Pirate Skiff Approaches Container Ship

U.K. security brokerage company Asket has highlighted a video of a vessel under attack in the Gulf of Guinea. Reportedly, the attempted attack of the Singapore-flagged container ship occurred on December 7, 2017. Eight armed men are shown in the pirate skiff, but the container ship crew manage to thwart their attempt at boarding the vessel.

Dec 13 2017

Extremist Groups Eye Yemen Conflict With Renewed Opportunities

As the killing of the deposed Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh broadens the political fracturing in Yemen and the humanitarian crisis worsens, experts warn the war-torn country could soon become a hotbed for jihadists affiliated with al-Qaida and the Islamic State terrorist groups.

Dec 13 2017

Two Fatalities After Finnish vessel Capsize

The pilot cutter operators, who were Finnpilot employees, were onboard pilot vessel L242 on 10 December when it overturned outside of Emäsalo island near the northern pilot boarding position. However, despite the Finnish Border Guard’s efforts to right the vessel, it sank during the operation.

Dec 12 2017

General cargo ship sank in Indonesian waters

Dec 11: Ship’s stern is resting on the bottom, fore part is afloat, hull moving around by currents, tides. KENEUKAI at the time of sinking was loading cement, some 52000 sacks were loaded.

Dec 12 2017

KKK container ship broke off moorings at Boston Harbor

Container ship HELSINKI BRIDGE broke free from her moorings at the Paul W. Conley Container Terminal in Boston, USA, early Dec 6, reported local media.

Dec 07 2017

Ship with 10 tons of hashish intercepted in Greek waters

Tug ANDREAS was intercepted by Greek Coast Guard on the night Dec 6 in Mediterranean sea near Chrisi island, south of Ierapetra, Crete, on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Dec 06 2017

Ferry SOROLLA collided with pier, taken out of service

Ferry SOROLLA serving Almeria – Melilla (North African Spain) line allided with the pier at Almeria port at night Dec 2

Dec 04 2017

Warning 001/DEC/2017

MDAT-GoG Warning Notice 001/DEC/17

Dec 01 2017

Warning 001/DEC/2017 UPDATE 001

Warning 001/DEC/2017 UPDATE 001

Dec 01 2017

Two ferries collided in Naples – Italy

Ferry ISOLA DI CAPR struck berthed ferry DRIADE soon after she let go moorings at Naples, Massa harbor, on Nov 29, being pushed by gale-strong wind.

Nov 30 2017

Somalia: Iran Naval Forces Repel Pirate Attack On Merchant Vessel in Gulf of Aden

Iranian naval forces have repelled pirates who were attacking one of the country’s merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden. Iran’s 48th naval fleet, comprised of Alvand destroyer and Lavan logistic warship, rescued the Iranian ship from an attack by pirates in the south of Ras Sharbitat region in Oman on Sunday morning.

Nov 28 2017

Chennai Six: Britons jailed in India win appeal

Six British former soldiers who have been held on weapons charges in India since 2013 are to be released. They were arrested while working as guards on a ship to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean.

Nov 26 2017

Cursed voyage of Russian ro-ro ship IMAN – murder, fire

MRCC Vladivostok reported fire in engine room of Russian ro-ro ship IMAN in the morning local time Nov 24 in Japan sea, 210 nm off Vladivostok. IMAN with cargo of cars is en route from Toyama Japan to Vladivostok, crew 21, all Russians.

Nov 24 2017

Disabled freighter towed to Orkneys, North sea

General cargo ship JOMI suffered engine trouble off Wick, Scotland, North sea, on Nov 22

Nov 23 2017

SCI’s offshore ship sank in Arabian sea

Offshore supply tug SCI RATNA sank at around 1930 LT Nov 21 in Arabian sea, some 90 nm west of Mumbai, after her engine room was flooded.

Nov 22 2017

MSC LUCIANA collided with Chinese Freighter

MRCC Tianjin China was alerted at 0330 Beijing time Nov 21 by collision report. Mega container ship MSC LUCIANA collided with Chinese cargo ship SULIANHAIJI0118 in Bohai sea, 7 nm off Caofeidian port.

Nov 22 2017

MDAT-GoG Advisory Notice 004/NOV/17


Nov 21 2017

Warning – Warning – Warning 001/NOV/2017

WARNING-WARNING-WARNING WARNING 001/NOV/2017 ATTACK On 21 NOV 2017 at 1940 UTC. MV reported being under Attack by 4 Armed Skiffs in POSN 14-08.7N 048-57.3E (Near Mukulla Port).

Nov 21 2017


UPDATE WARNING 001/NOV/2017 ATTACK- 14-08.7N 048-57.3E Incident now complete. Vessel and crew are safe.

Nov 21 2017

Albacora tuna vessel escapes Somali pirate attack

A vessel owned by Spanish tuna fishing giant Albacora, Galerna III, managed to escape a pirate attack northwest of the island of Mahe, in international waters, El Correo reported.

Nov 21 2017

Destroyer USS Benfold collided with Japanese tug

US Navy destroyer USS Benfold collided with Japanese commercial tug after tug lost propulsion, on Nov 18 in Sagami Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, during towing exercise.

Nov 20 2017

Three Kidnapped Crew Rescued in the Philippines

Three crew members of the bulk carrier Giang Hai have been rescued by the Philippine government troops during a military operation in Kang Tipayan Island, Tawi-Tawi.

Nov 17 2017

Who’s guilty in Egypt’s accident?

Captain Ted Re: Chinese Very Large Container Ship seized in Egypt UPDATE Unfortunately, cranes are often left in the area of berthing. Most terminals have however in their regulations that during berthing the area has to be freed of cranes.

Nov 15 2017

Singaporean bulk carrier attacked, 10 crew kidnapped and freed, Nigeria

Bulk carrier VENUS BAY was attacked and boarded by armed pirates at 0822 UTC Nov 11, while drifting in position 04 07N 007 00E, some 23 nm south of Bonny, Bight of Bonny, Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria.

Nov 14 2017

Explosion and fire at Yantian Shenzhen Container Terminal

In the evening Nov 10 explosion and ensuing fire reportedly occurred in the containers stacked at Yantian Container Terminal, Shenzhen, Guandong, China.

Nov 14 2017

Yemen suicide bomb kills at least six in city of Aden

Two suicide bombers detonated a car packed with explosives in Yemen’s southern city of Aden on Tuesday, killing at least six people, witnesses said.

Nov 14 2017

Suspicious death of 2nd officer on board of Russian ship

Police in Toyama Shinko port, Honshu, Japan, was alerted in the morning Nov 12 by ship’s agent call, reporting the death of a crew member on board of Russian ro-ro ship IMAN, docked at Toyama Shinko.

Nov 13 2017

Container ship KEA TRADER broke in two

Container ship KEA TRADER, aground on a reef off New Caledonia since July 11, on Nov 13 was reported to break in two. The ship was found total loss, to be scrapped. All fuel was syphoned, containers offloaded, but not all – a number of drifting containers was spotted at around 1600 LT Nov 12 around position 22 00S 168 40E.

Nov 13 2017

Ferry fire, 500 people evacuated, Mallorca, Spain

Fire erupted in one of the cars on cargo deck of ferry TARIQ IBN ZIYAD at night Nov 11 when vessel, with some 500 people on board, was under way from Marseille to Algeria in Balearic sea north of Mallorca.

Nov 13 2017

Cargo ship sank in southern Taiwan Strait

Cargo ship YU TONG 1 sank in the morning Nov 12 in waters of Guandong Province, China, southern Taiwan Strait, near Shantou, some 3 nm off the coast.

Nov 13 2017

Thurso Lifeboat in nine-hour storm-hit rescue

Six fishermen were brought to shore by a lifeboat crew in a nine-and-a-half hour rescue in stormy seas. The men’s creel boat, Sparkling Line, broke down off the north Sutherland coast on Thursday. Thurso lifeboat was launched to go to their aid.

Nov 10 2017

MDAT-GoG Advisory Notice 002/NOV/17

ADVISORY NOTICE 002/NOV/2017 Category: Attempted boarding

Nov 10 2017

Nigerian Navy declares war on Niger Delta Avengers

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibo-Ete Ibas, declared on Monday, that the Nigerian Navy had reinforced security measures to combat militancy, insurgency, sea pirates, kidnapping and oil bunkering.

Nov 08 2017

Vietnam devastation – typhoon not the only culprit

Port of Quy Nhon is said to be blocked by numerous ships which sank during typhoon Damrey passage on Nov 4. Most of them rest on bottom, partially above waterline, some on even keel, some listed. In total, 10 ships were sunk by typhoon, 71 crew were rescued or survived by other means, 10 dead and 3 missing.

Nov 08 2017

Bulgarian freighter collided with dam at Venice Lagoon, breached

General cargo ship ALTENAVI collided with dam under construction in Venice Lagoon while leaving Marghera port, Venice, at around 0900 UTC Nov 7.

Nov 08 2017



Nov 08 2017

Iranian 5000-TEU container ship crashed into island, Hong Kong, residents fear fire

Iranian container ship TOUSKA ran aground at around 1315 UTC Nov 5, the ship literally crashed into eastern tip of Magazine island, South Horizon, Hong Kong. Residents of South Horizon were alerted by crashing noise, watching sparks from bow’s collision with ground. According to residents, there may be fire on board of TOUSKA, there’s smell of something burning in the air.

Nov 06 2017

Nigeria: Piracy – Foreign Shipping Firms Pay N14 Billion to Escort Vessels in Nigeria

Lagos — Due to the volatile nature of Nigeria waterways, foreign shipping companies spend over N13.76 billion ($45 million) annually to escort their vessels from one point to another on Nigeria’s waterways, LEADERSHIP has learnt.

Nov 06 2017

FUJAIRAH PORT – STS inspections by the Harbour Master prior to STS operations

On 26 October 2017 Fujairah Harbour Master issued the attached notice to Mariners No. 231 which states that “Ships undergoing ship to ship oil cargo operation should pass a safety inspection conducted by Port Authority to confirm the vessels are in a good condition to conduct S.T.S oil cargo operation.”

Nov 06 2017

UAE’s Aframax tanker boarded by pirates, Singapore Strait

Underway tanker GP T2 was attacked by pirates at night Oct 30 in Singapore Strait, some 6.5 nm northeast of Terumbu Betata, Batam Island, Indonesia, reported ReCAAP.

Oct 31 2017

Pirates steal vessel donated to Nigeria by Japan

FINDINGS have revealed that a fishing and research vessel donated by the Japanese Government to the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology (FCF&MT) in Lagos has been stolen by pirates. This is even as the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) disclosed that it has been able to trace the missing vessel to neighboring Cameroun.

Oct 30 2017

Warning 003/OCT/2017 UPDATE 001

Description: This event refers to Warning 003/OCT/17. On 25th October 2017 at 20:05ZHrs, a merchant tanker was attacked in position 03°35.5N 006°49.2E (200°/50NM from Bonny Island, NIGERIA).

Oct 26 2017

Singapore: Two More Bodies of Dredger Crew Recovered, One Still Missing

Two more bodies of seafarers, former crew members of JBB De Rong 19 dredger, have been recovered in Singapore territorial waters since the fatal collision between the dredger and tanker Kartika Segara that occurred on September 13.

Oct 24 2017

Rough Weather Causes Reefer to List off France

The 10,603 dwt reefer vessel Baltic Performer has suffered a list after its cargo shifted in inclement weather conditions, according to French Préfecture maritime Atlantique.

Oct 24 2017

Nigerian stowaways terrorised bulk carrier crew, Master issued distress signal

Bulk carrier FRIEDERIKE requested assistance while en route from Lagos Nigeria to Buenos Aires Argentina, reporting mutiny on board. 4 Nigerian stowaways mutinied and were a threat to crew. Bulk carrier was advised to change course and proceed to anchorage southeast of Montevideo.

Oct 24 2017

Two Missing after Barge Explosion off Port Aransas

Two crew members are missing following an explosion and fire aboard a barge off the coast of Port Aransas, Texas, according to the United States Coast Guard.

Oct 23 2017

Rough Tides for Shipowners as Stowaway Numbers Soar

News stories concerning the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean have diverted attention away from the stowaway problem which brings about serious risks for ship owners. Though the central migrant routes are based in and around Libya and the Arabian Peninsula, South African ports have seen a rise in stowaways boarding vessels.

Oct 16 2017

ARX Maritime awarded “Best Security Product or Service of the Year” at prestigious industry awards

London, 12th September 2017 – ARX Maritime’s Anti-Boarding and Climbing System (ABaC) was acknowledged as the Best Security Product of 2017 by The Safety at Sea Awards.

Oct 16 2017

Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 Report

Download the report here: Global Marine Technology Trends 2030

Aug 31 2017

January-June 2017 Half Yearly Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia

Download the report here: ReCAAP ISC Half Yearly Report 2017

Jul 10 2017


Strait at Risk - What if Iran Blockades the Strait of Hormuz?

I. Vlad Sutea
Intelligence Officer

As the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open sea, the Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important hydrocarbon chokepoint, accounting for almost 40 percent of global energy transport. While Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in the past, recent attacks in the adjacent waters have heightened fears of an Iranian blockade. Although the likelihood of armed conflict in the region remains low, the possible impact of hostilities is far too serious to ignore.

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