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Cargo Ship Crashes Against Rocks after being Caught in Storm

The Irish-flagged Cargo Vessel, SAOIRSE NA MARA was caught in a severe storm during the evening hours of December the 18th while docked at Galway Port.

Dec 20 2019

Philippine Coast Guard Raids Vehicle Carrier, Rescuing 13 Victims of Human Trafficking

The Philippines Coast Guard successfully raided the Philippine-flagged Vehicle Carrier, ANTONIA 1 on Monday the 16th of December, while the vessel was docked at the port of Zamboanga, rescuing 13 women in the process who were victims of an alleged human-trafficking ring.

Dec 19 2019

Chinese VLCC Flees MMEA Inspection - Malaysia Calls for Ship Seizure

The Panama-flagged VLCC, SILVANA III fled an inspection by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) during the afternoon of December the 5th, prompting Malaysian authorities to call for the seizure of the offending vessel.

Dec 11 2019

Mexican Navy Finds 120kg of Cocaine Stashed Inside Bulk Carrier at the Port of Altamira

The Mexican Navy has seized over 120kg of cocaine that had been smuggled on board the Bahamas-flagged Bulk Carrier, DELPHI RANGER on November the 21st upon its arrival on the port of Altamira.

Nov 26 2019

Tankship Grounded in Ukraine, Proceeds to Capsize - Seafarers Refuse to Abandon Vessel

The Moldovan-flagged Tankship, DELFI was grounded in the evening of November the 21st, when it was caught in a storm while anchored outside Yuzhniy Port, Ukraine.

Nov 25 2019

Tragedy as Vessel Carrying over 14,000 Sheep Capsizes off the Coast of Romania

The Palau-flagged Livestock Carrier, QUEEN HIND capsized during the morning hours of Sunday the 24th of November as the vessel was transiting off the coast of Romania.

Nov 25 2019

Libyan Forces Fire at NGO Vessel Attempting to Rescue Migrants

A German NGO reported that one of its vessels, the German-flagged Cargo Ship, ALAN KURDI was shot at by Libyan-affiliated militants, who fired at the ship while it was attempting to rescue 90 migrants lost in the Mediterranean.

Oct 28 2019

Cargo Ship Collides with Pier - Hull Breached, Oil Spills into Harbour

The Portuguese-flagged Cargo Ship, LYRA collided with a pier during the early morning hours of October the 26th while the vessel was engaged in docking manoeuvres at Latvia’s Liepaja port.

Oct 28 2019

India Bans all Single-Use Plastics from Ships Transiting through its Waters

In an unprecedented move, India has moved to ban single-use plastics on ships sailing through its territorial waters.

Oct 24 2019

Two Companies Fined $1.8 Million Over MARPOL Violations

Greek shipowner Chartworld Shipping and its affiliate, Nederland Shipping, both pled guilty to presenting false documents & concealing evidence to the United States Coast Guard (USCG), according to a statement released by the US Department of Justice.

Oct 22 2019

Greenpeace Boards Two Oil Rigs, Protesting Shell Decommissioning Plans

A number of Greenpeace activists boarded two oil platforms in the North Sea belonging to Shell, in order to protest against the company’s decommissioning plans.

Oct 15 2019

A Flag Under Siege: Security or Loyalty?

Ever since their inception back in the 1920s, Flags of Convenience (FoC) have been a subject of no small amount of controversy. The practice originally began during prohibition, when American cruise ships would fly under the Panamanian flag in order to be able to serve alcohol to passengers and thus escape the stringent US regulations at the time.

Oct 08 2019

Nigerian Navy Seizes 4 Fishing Trawlers on Charges of Illegal Fishing

Four fishing vessels and 52 seafarers, including 3 foreign nationals, have been arrested in Nigeria, over suspected illegal fishing activities in the region around the Brass River.

Oct 03 2019

8 Stowaways Found In the Engine Room of a Cargo Ship off the Coast of France

The Gibraltar-flagged General Cargo Ship, EEMS DART had to stop its journey after its crew located a number of stowaways hiding in the engine room.

Oct 01 2019

Seized UK-flagged vessel, Stena Impero, Soon to be Released

According to a statement by an Iranian Maritime official, released on September the 22nd, the British-flagged Oil Tanker, Stena Impero is soon to be released.

Sep 25 2019

United States Coast Guard Intercepts Submersible Carrying over 12,000 Pounds of Cocaine

The United States Coast Guard  (USCG) Cutter, VALIANT intercepted a drug-carrying submersible while on routine patrol in the Eastern Pacific.

Sep 25 2019

North Korea Vessel Fires on Russian Patrol Boat - 3 Russians Injured - Russia Detains North Korean Vessels & Seafarers

A North Korean vessel attacked a Russian Border Patrol ship operating in the Sea of Japan, wounding three Russian crewmembers in the process.

Sep 18 2019

Oil Slick Spotted in the Mississippi - Clean Up Underway

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) responded to an oil sheen that was observed off of New Orleans, Louisiana during the afternoon hours of Wednesday the 11th of September.

Sep 17 2019

Second Chinese Vessel Detained in Australia over Unpaid Wages

Australia’s Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has detained a second Chinese vessel after it was discovered that the company owed its crew over $100,000 in unpaid wages.

Sep 13 2019

Authorities in South Africa Seize £4.6 Million worth of Cocaine from Containership

South African authorities seized more than R85 million (Approx. £4.6 Million) worth of drugs during a raid on a vessel docked at Port Elizabeth’s Ngqura Port.

Sep 11 2019

Nigerian Navy Arrests Two Trawlers over Illegal Fishing Practices

Two fishing trawlers were arrested in Nigeria, according to a statement released by the Nigerian Navy on Monday the 9th of September.

Sep 10 2019

Containership Loses 72 Containers in Typhoon off the Coast of China

The Chinese-flagged Container Ship, XIN OU 21 lost over 72 containers during the evening hours of September the 5th, while transiting off Zhoushan, China.

Sep 10 2019

Iran Seizes another Vessel over Alleged Fuel Smuggling

Iran seized a vessel transiting through the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday the 7th of September, over its alleged involvement in oil-trafficking.

Sep 10 2019

Chinese Bulk Carrier Detained in Australia over Unpaid Wages - Crew Owed $64,000

The Chinese-owned, Panama-flagged Bulk Carrier, Fortune Genius has been detained by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) in the port of Gladstone, after its crew members reported that they have been underpaid over the last six months.

Sep 06 2019

Royal Navy Vessel Discovers Abandoned Cargo Ship, Drifting through the Mid-Atlantic

The British Royal Navy Patrol Ship, HMS Protector came upon an abandoned vessel on August the 30 while transiting through the mid-Atlantic.

Sep 06 2019

Safety in HRAs - Can you Outrun Piracy?

Is increasing the speed of a vessel at risk of piracy the best use of your resources? It is common practice for vessels transiting past the East and West Coasts of Africa to increase speed, all in an attempt to outrun pirates.

Sep 04 2019

Two Chinese Fishing Trawlers Arrested in Ghana over Illegal Fishing Practices

Two Chinese-flagged Fishing Trawlers were arrested in Ghana on the August the 27th, over a number of alleged fishery violations.

Sep 03 2019

Iran Confirms Sale of Crude Oil Onboard Adrian Darya 1 - Ship Expected to Unload at Turkey

According to a statement by an Iranian State representative, Iran has sold the 2.1 million barrels of crude oil on board the Crude Oil Tanker, Adrian Darya 1, formerly known as Grace1 to an unknown buyer.

Aug 29 2019

ITF Responds to US State Department Policy to Revoke Seafarer Visas

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has issued a statement decrying latest move on behalf of the US State Department to deny US visas to seafarers that have worked on a vessel carrying Iranian oil.

Aug 29 2019

Greek Companies Forced to Pay $3 Million in Fines over Air Pollution Offences

The US Department of Justice has fined two Greek shipping companies a total of $3 million for a series of air pollution offences, including false recordkeeping, polluting & obstructing of justice.

Aug 28 2019

Cracks on FPSO off the Coast of Brazil Prompt Crew Evacuation - Oil Spill Detected

Cracks have begun to appear on the hull of the Bahama-flagged FPSO, CICADE DO RIO DE JAINEIRO according to vessel operator, MODEC.

Aug 27 2019

Bulk Carrier Issues Distress Call - Authorities Fear Capsizing Due to Ore Liquefaction - 25 Crew Members Missing

The Indonesian-flagged Bulk Carrier, Nur Allya is feared to have capsized after her crew sent out a distress call on August the 25th.

Aug 26 2019

Iranian Oil Tanker Suffers Mechanical Failure in the Red Sea

The Iranian Oil Carrier, HELM suffered mechanical failure during the early morning hours of August the 20th while transiting through the Red Sea near Saudi Arabia.

Aug 23 2019

Detained Iranian Oil Tanker, Grace1 Changes Name, Sets Sail for Greek Port - US Renews Calls for Seizure

The seized Iranian Oil Tanker, Grace1 officially set sail from Gibraltar in the evening of August the 18th, heading towards the Greek port of Kalamata.

Aug 20 2019

Gibraltar Releases Grace1 into Iranian Custody

Gibraltar has freed the Iranian Crude Oil Tanker, Grace 1, which had been detained for over a month on suspicion of smuggling Iranian Oil to Syria.

Aug 16 2019

Russian Vessel Detained in Scottish Port Pleads for Food

The Cook Islands-flagged General Cargo Vessel, Alexander Tvardovskiy has been detained in a Scottish port for over a month and are having to rely on charitable food donations for sustenance.

Jul 26 2019

MT Riah Charterer Denies Iranian Allegations of Oil Smuggling

The UAE-based charterer of the Panama-flagged Oil Tanker, MT Riah that was seized while transiting through the Strait of Hormuz last week, has denied Iran’s allegations of oil smuggling.

Jul 25 2019

Stena Bulk Denies Iranian Version of Events Leading to Seizure

The owners of the Stena Impero, the UK-flagged Oil Tanker that was seized by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz on June the 19th, have denied allegations of a collision involving their vessel.

Jul 24 2019

Singapore Discovers Record Breaking Amount of Elephant Ivory in Container Vessel

Authorities in Singapore have seized over 8.8 tons of elephant ivory and over 12 tons of pangolin scales from a Container Vessel transiting through the port on its way to Vietnam.

Jul 24 2019

North Korea Seizes Russian Vessel Transiting through the Sea of Japan

North Korea has seized the Russian-flagged fishing vessel, XIANG HAI LIN 8 during the early morning hours of July the 17th, as the vessel was transiting through the Sea of Japan.

Jul 24 2019

UK Proposes the Creation of a European Naval Task Force to Protect Vessels Transiting through the Gulf

The UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has proposed the creation of a European naval task force in order to protect commercial vessels transiting through the Strait of Hormuz.

Jul 23 2019

Turkish Tanker Owner Faces Potentially Hefty Fine after Allegedly Sending Tonga into Communication Blackout

The Tongan government is planning to take action against the owners of the Maltese-flagged Oil Tanker, Duzgit Venture after the latter allegedly knocked out the country’s communication systems during an incident earlier this year.

Jul 23 2019

Maersk Vessel Detained over Pollution Charges

The Singapore-flagged Container Ship, MAERSK SEMBAWANG was temporarily detained in the Spanish port of Algeciras, due to excessive emissions originating from the ship’s main engine.

Jul 22 2019

Iran Seizes Oil Tanker in the Strait of Hormuz

According to the Iranian state media, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has seized the Panama-flagged Oil Products Tanker, MT Riah.

Jul 19 2019

Port Analysis: Lagos Port Complex

Based in the Nigerian capital’s Apapa district, the Lagos Port Complex is Africa’s third-biggest container port, second only to Tangier and Abidjan.

Jul 18 2019

Master Turns off AIS and Sails to International Waters to Avoid Seizure

The Panama-flagged Offshore Supply Vessel, MARIDIVE 702 has sailed out of Aruban territorial waters, despite a seizure order that was issued against the ship on the 14th of July.

Jul 18 2019

Royal Marines Raid Vessel Transiting through Gibraltar

A unit of Royal Marine Commandos raided the Panama-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, Grace 1 during the early morning hours of June 4th, as the vessel was transiting through the strait of Gibraltar.

Jul 04 2019

Container Ship Loses 48 Containers in the Bay of Bengal

The Bangladesh-flagged Container Ship, KSL Gladiator lost over 43 containers in the morning of June 30th while transiting through the Bay of Bengal.

Jul 01 2019

Situation Report: AIS Shows Russian-American Staring Contest in the Caribbean Sea

Situation Report on the Russian-American staring contest happening in the Carribean Sea. Written by Intelligence Officer & ARX Maritime Correspondent, I. Vlad Sutea.

Jun 25 2019

Anthrax Fears on Livestock Carrier

A livestock carrier known to have transported anthrax infected animals on its last transit, was forced to stop unexpectedly at a port in Turkey, sparking fears that the infection would spread onshore.

Sep 14 2018

Navy Deployed in Nigeria to Protect Oil Region

The Nigerian Navy have been deployed to the Niger Delta region to protect key oil installations and increase their presence in the West African maritime domain.

Sep 05 2018

UK Anti-Piracy Firm Joins Greece's Oldest Maritime Security Agency

Anti-piracy company ARX Maritime join Greece’s oldest maritime security agency in support of Greek shipping industry’s fight against piracy attacks.

Aug 16 2018

Ghana Authorities Crackdown on Illegal Fishing Activities

Ghana has stepped up its efforts to crackdown on Saiko- an illegal fishing practice driving the collapse of the nation's inshore fishery.

Aug 13 2018

Port of Antwerp Fire still alight

A fire which swept through the Port of Antwerp on Saturday has finally been brought under control, but authorities say it may continue to burn for several days.

Aug 13 2018

China Cracks Down on Oil Smugglers

As part of a crackdown on refined oil smugglers, China's coast guard has detained 3,587 people in 18 major smuggling operations since last year.

Aug 09 2018

20 tons of Cannabis Found on Research Ship

20 tons of hashish has been found on board a research ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

Aug 09 2018

Crew Not Involved in 1144kg Cocaine Haul Found on Containership

Sources close to the investigation have reported that the crew on board Cap San Tainaro were not involved in smuggling 1144kg of cocaine found on the vessel.

Aug 07 2018

Coast Guard open public hearing on Bouchard barge explosion

A public hearing began at 8 a.m. today to look at evidence relating to the explosion which occurred aboard the Bouchard No. 255 tank barge in October 2017 and all media outlets were invited.

Jul 16 2018

Civil unrest causes operations to be suspended at the Port of Laffiteau, Haiti

Operations have been suspended in the Haitian port of Laffiteau due to civil unrest as protestors reacted angrily over the steep fuel price increase in the Caribbean nation.

Jul 16 2018

Counter Pollution Operation launched at SSL Kolkata salvage site (1)

A counter pollution operation has now been launched by Sheryas Shipping and Logistics Limited after their container ship SSL Kolkata was ravaged by fire last month in the Bay of Bengal.

Jul 16 2018

10 Missing as Cargo Ship sinks off Shanghai

At least ten crew members are missing after the cargo ship, Shun Qiang 2 collided with the tanker, Yong An in the early hours of 15th July off China’s east coast.

Jul 16 2018

Salvage Efforts Suspended after Thai Boat Tragedy

Thai police have suspended efforts to salvage the remains of The Phoenix tourist boat which sank last Thursday off the coast of Phuket after currents in the area were deemed too rough and the position of the boat was inaccessible due to the current weather conditions.

Jul 13 2018

One Dead after Trawler sinks off Argentinian Coast in Rough Seas

At least one crew member has died after the Spanish trawler Dorneda sank in rough seas off the Argentinian coast on 11th July.

Jul 13 2018

Fishing Vessels Arrested for Illegal Fishing in Gabon

The marine conservation group Sea Shepherd has arrested three fishing vessels in Gabon whilst working in collaboration with the government to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in Central West Africa.

Jul 13 2018

Australian Ports Ban Bulk Carrier for a Period of 12 Months due to Underpayment of Crew

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) have banned the bulk carrier MV Shandong Hai Wang from all Australian ports for a period of 12 months after finding evidence that the crew onboard were deliberately underpaid.

Jul 13 2018

Containers lost in rough conditions in Andaman Sea

A container ship has lost up to 16 of its containers after it encountered rough seas when transiting the Andaman Sea on 10th July.

Jul 11 2018

Major Gas leak off Indonesia under Investigation

Shipping restrictions have been implemented near the Pulau Panjang Bojonegara Island in Banten, Indonesia after The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) reported a major gas leak from one of its underwater pipelines on Monday 9th July.

Jul 11 2018

Tanker suffered technical trouble in Barents Sea, Russia

The ‘Stone 1’ product tanker suffered technical trouble whilst conducting loading operations from a floating oil pipe reducer in the Barents Sea, Russia on 6th July.

Jul 09 2018

10 Hospitalised with Smoke Poisoning after Fire onboard Vessel off Denmark

10 crew members have been hospitalised suffering from smoke poisoning after a fire broke out on Dutch cargo ship EEMS Dundee on 6th July.

Jul 09 2018

Death Toll continues to rise from Thai Boat Tragedy

21 people have now died after a yacht, a diving boat and a jet ski sank near the Thai holiday island of Phuket on the 5th July as the island was hit by severe weather conditions.

Jul 06 2018

34 dead in Indonesian Ferry Tragedy

The number of passengers dead in the latest Indonesian ferry tragedy has risen to 34 after the KMP Lestari Maju ferry sank off the coast of Indonesia's South Sulawesi province on Tuesday 3rd July.

Jul 04 2018

Containers falling from fire ravaged Container Ship SSL Kolkata

Further explosions have been reported on board stricken container ship SSL Kolkata. The ship which was engulfed by a ferocious fire less than one month ago remains aground off the Indian Sunderbans, Kolkata, West Bengal where the explosions have been heard.

Jul 02 2018

Oil Tanker Refloated off Southern Taiwan after Two Weeks Aground

The Fiji registered ‘Winner19’’ has finally been refloated, having run aground off the Coast of Southern Taiwan after getting caught in a tropical low-pressure system over two weeks ago.

Jul 02 2018

Shipment of Cocaine Seized onboard Container Ship in Peru

More than 24 kilograms of cocaine has been found on board Cap San Sounio when Peruvian Drug Enforcement Agency Officers boarded the container ship as it docked at the Callao container terminal, Peru on Friday 29th June.

Jul 02 2018

Thorco Lineage once again Adrift in French Polynesia

The Thorco Lineage general cargo ship which originally ran aground on Saturday 23rd June, is once again adrift. The vessel which had been refloated from Raroia Atoll, French Polynesia parted from its tow line only one hour after a salvage operation on Thursday 28th June.

Jun 29 2018

Major Oil Spill at The Port of Rotterdam

Oil Freighter Bow Jubail punctured its hull at The Port of Rotterdam on Saturday 23rd June resulting in the loss of 220 tons of heavy fuel oil.

Jun 25 2018

Port Kembla Ship Fire Extinguished after Three Days

The fire which broke out onboard Iron Chieftan in Port Kembla Harbour on Monday 18th June has finally been extinguished after burning for three days.

Jun 22 2018

Oil Tanker Splits in Two off Southern Taiwan

Oil tanker, Shine Luck which originally ran aground during extreme weather off the Coast of Southern Taiwan last week has now split in two in the early hours of Monday 18th June.

Jun 20 2018

Bulk Carrier Ran Aground in Duluth Harbour, Canada

The Ariel Lift Bridge was closed to all shipping traffic on Sunday 17thJune after 1,004-foot freighter American Spirit, loaded with iron ore pellets, ran aground at 3.30pm whilst attempting to turn out of Duluth harbour, Canada.

Jun 18 2018

Shipping Operations Suspended in Port Kembla, Australia due to Iron Ore Fire

A fire which broke out onboard an iron ore carrier in Port Kembla Harbour, South of Sydney at 3.30am on Monday 18th June is now expected to burn for a further 3-4 days after 80 firefighters battled the initial blaze.

Jun 18 2018

Eight Crew Rescued from Sinking Cargo Ship off Croatia

Croatian and Italian rescue agencies have rescued eight crew members from Turkish cargo ship Haksa after it sent a distress call at 04.00am on Sunday 17th June.

Jun 18 2018

Rescue Launched as Two Tankers Run Aground off Southern Taiwan

32 sailors were rescued when The Panama registered "Shine Luck" and Fiji registered "Winner 19" both found themselves caught in extreme weather conditions off the coast of Southern Taiwan on Thursday 14th oJune.

Jun 15 2018

Saudi and UAE Announce Plans to Protect Yemen’s Hodeidah Port

Following recent escalations in assaults in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have announced a plan to keep the port of Hodeidah and the surrounding areas open and safe.

Jun 14 2018

VIDEO: Fire on Board Aframax River Tanker

Video emerges of the fire on board the Aframax River tanker. The pilots received bravery awards for managing to bring the ship to safety and avert a major maritime tragedy.

Jun 11 2018

Cargo Ship Banned from Australian Ports for failing to meet Industry Standards

Australian ports have banned cargo ship Thorco Luna from entering their waters for a period of three months after it once again failed to comply with stringent industry standards.

Jun 11 2018

Steering Failure caused Container Ship to Destroy Suez Canal Embankment

Several dozen meters of road has collapsed as the mega container ship OOCL Japan suffered steering failure whilst transiting the Suez Canal on 6th June and struck the embankment.

Jun 08 2018

Two Injured Crewmen Medevaced from Bulk Carrier in South African Waters

Two injured crewmen were airlifted from MV KS Flora on Wednesday 6th June, as the vessel interrupted her voyage and sailed into South African waters to enable an emergency medevac to take place.

Jun 08 2018

Nigerian Navy Arrest 12 Suspects over Diesel Theft

Arrests have been made after 12 men were caught allegedly stealing 200,000 litres of diesel, worth in the region of N44 million. The thieves were caught as they loaded the petroleum product from a large metallic barge into Lagos registered vessel, MV Naye III.

Jun 06 2018

Body Found in Search for Missing Master at Chittagong Port

The body of the missing master of bulk carrier MV Evnia has now been recovered from the water at Chittagong Port.

Jun 06 2018

Debris found in North Sydney after Cargo Ship Loses 83 Containers

Nappies and surgical masks are amongst the first debris from Liberia-registered ship YM Efficiency which are now starting to wash up on beaches in North Sydney after more than 80 shipping containers fell from the cargo ship during heavy seas off Australia

Jun 04 2018

Fire Breaks out on Indonesian Ferry

Passengers were evacuated after a fire broke out on passenger vessel, Paray, in Indonesia on the 30th May.

May 31 2018

700kg Cocaine Haul Seized on German Ship

Several crewmembers have been arrested after 700kg of cocaine was found on board German containership, Vega Mercury.

May 31 2018

Oil Leak causes Ship Fire off the Coast of Brazil

An oil leak has caused a fire onboard Stellar Samba a large ore carrier, which is part of the Polaris Shipping fleet.

May 30 2018

Luxury Cars Crushed as Containers Collapse on MAERSK Container Ship

A number of containers have collapsed onboard Maersk Lima incurring losses in the region of hundreds of thousands USD.

May 25 2018

1 Dead After Explosion on Chinese Freighter

One crew member has died after 2 explosions on a Chinese cargo ship off the coast of Hong Kong.

May 18 2018

Hapag LLoyd Ship blocks Harbour in Egypt

Harbour traffic in Damietta, Egypt was blocked as the Frankfurt Express suffered engine failure on Saturday 12th May.

May 14 2018

Tankers at risk of arrest off Libya

Principal Marine Insurer Gard has issued a stark warning to all tanker operators who are organising transits to Libya that crew members are at increased risk of arrest due to a government crackdown on illegal petroleum smuggling.

May 11 2018

Two die on board Bulk Carrier off Cape Verde

Two Ukrainian nationals have died and there has been a possible third unconfirmed fatality on board the Atlantic Harmony Bulk Carrier.

May 11 2018

#ADVISORY Attempted Boarding off Port Harcourt

Attempted boarding- PORT HARCOURT. At 1000UTC this morning pirates attempted to board a merchant vessel with 6 people on board. Vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution.

May 08 2018

Industry Leaders Urge Gov Think Tank to Stop Maritime Cuts

The Chairman for Maritime UK has said the new government think tank for maritime development needs to do more to invest in the industry- a view voiced by ARX Maritime, Chief Executive last month.

May 08 2018

5 Feared Dead, Residents Evacuated and Vessels on Fire, Port Harcourt

Residents around Port Harcourt were evacuated after a fire swept across several vessels leaving 5 people missing and feared dead.

May 08 2018

Panama Officials find Huge Drug Haul in Ship's Vents

Authorities in Panama found 208 packages of drugs in the ventilation system of a containership in Panama on Saturday 5th May.

May 08 2018

Turkish Freighter and Greek Gunboat collide in the Aegean Sea

Turkish freighter KARMATE ignored a desperate warning to change course when sailing en route from Izmir to Tekirdag and collided with Greek Navy gunboat ARMATOLOS in what may have been a deliberate collision.

May 04 2018

Maritime Group Blames Cash Carrying Crews for Pirate Attacks

The Association of Marine Engineers and Surveyors (AMES) have said ships carry too much cash are responsible for high levels of piracy.

May 04 2018

Greek Authorities Play Down Ship Explosion that Injured 2

Greek authorities have been accused of playing down an explosion that injured two mechanics onboard ro-ro ferry Champion Jet 2.

May 03 2018

Four Smugglers Rescued from Burning Boat in the Eastern Pacific

The U.S. Navy Cyclone-class patrol ship USS Zephyr has successfully intercepted a crew of drug smugglers in a joint operation with the US Coast Guard.

Apr 30 2018

US Coastguard seizes $200m Cocaine Haul

The crew of US Coastguard cutter, Steadfast have seized over $200 million USD worth of cocaine as part of a counter narcotic operation in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Apr 25 2018

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Actual Intelligence?

ARX Maritime, Chief Executive, Josh Hutchinson looks at how artificial intelligence is impacting the maritime industry and questions whether one day, artificial intelligence could take over from human intelligence completely.

Apr 24 2018

Safety Rules Breached by LNG Tanker on Northern Sea Route

The Boris Vilkitsky LNG tanker has broken a number of North Sea safety rules by sailing with known mechanical faults, whilst also failing to provide data relating to its speed, and co-ordinates.

Apr 23 2018

Ferry Services Suspended as Greek Strike Extended

Ferry transport across the whole of Greece has been thrown into chaos after the Greek seamen federation launched a hard-hitting strike on Wednesday 18th April.

Apr 20 2018

Bulk Carrier to Blame for Fatal Oil Spill in Indonesia

An investigation into an oil spill in Indonesia has found that Panama-flagged bulk carrier Ever Judger is likely to have caused the breakup of the pipe that led to the spill.

Apr 20 2018

100 Missing After Ship Sinks in Singapore Waters

Over 100 people are missing after a passenger ship sank off the coast of Singapore earlier today.

Apr 19 2018

Missing Seafarer Confirmed Dead After Fire on MV GEOS, South China Sea

A crew member who was reported missing after a fire on board research vessel, MV Geos, has now been confirmed dead.

Apr 18 2018

Crew Member in Hospital After Fire on Cargo Ship off British Coast

One crew member is in hospital after a fire on board ro-ro cargo ship, Finlandia Seaways late on Monday.

Apr 18 2018

Gas Leak After Collision at One of World's Busiest Ports

A very large gas carrier (VLGC) and an aframax tanker have collided in Singapore waters causing a huge butane leak.

Apr 18 2018

ARX Maritime CEO Warns Further Defence Cuts Will Leave Ships Vulnerable to Pirate Attacks

ARX Maritime Chief Executive, Josh Hutchinson, has warned shipping companies that defence cuts will impact post-Brexit trade plans, as vessels are left unprotected against pirate attacks.

Mar 20 2018

Container Ship Disabled off Le Havre, France

A container ship has been disabled off Le Havre in France after suffering an engine failure.

Feb 21 2018

300kg of Cocaine Found on Ship in Italy

The crew of a container ship in Italy have handed in over 300kg of cocaine after finding it on board their ship.

Feb 19 2018

Navy Help Crew Escape Pirate Attack in Nigeria

The Nigerian Navy have helped the crew of a container ship escape during a pirate attack near Bonny, Nigeria.

Feb 19 2018

#WomenInMaritime – Why You Need Females

#WomenInMaritime Commentary piece by Ashleigh Cowie, Head of Marketing and Communications, ARX Maritime

Feb 16 2018

Cocaine Found On Container Ship

Cocaine was discovered on board a container ship that was docked in Santos, Brazil.

Feb 15 2018

Dutch Prosecutor Charges Seatrade for Beaching Ships

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service has brought criminal charges against Seatrade for selling ships to shipyards in countries with poor working conditions and substandard environmental practices.

Feb 14 2018

NYK and Other Car Shippers Charged For Bid Rigging

EU antitrust regulators are set to fine Nippon Yusen KK (NYK) and several other Japanese shippers as well as Norwegian Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics ASA (WWL) in the coming weeks for rigging bids for shipping cars.

Feb 14 2018

SCF Tanker Grounded in Suez Canal

An SCF crude oil tanker ran aground in the Suez canal late on 13 February.

Feb 14 2018

Estonian Freighter Disabled in North Sea

Estonian freighter, KAIE, was disabled in the North Sea after suffering an engine or mechanical failure.

Feb 14 2018

Increase in Ships Detained in China

Authorities in China are facing criticism over the number of ships they are detaining in their ports.

Feb 13 2018

LPG Tanker Stranded in Turkey

LPG tanker GOLDEN SEA suffered an engine failure at around 1130 local time on 12 February in Bosphorus, Turkey.

Feb 13 2018

Yang Ming to Invest in 10 New Ships

Taiwanese shipping company Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation has received a green light from its board to move forward with the fleet renewal plan.

Feb 13 2018

Passenger Ship Stranded in Ice off Japan Coast

127 passengers are stranded on board Igor Farkutdinov as it struggles to make its way through ice off the coast of Japan.

Feb 08 2018


A bulk carrier has been suspended in Brazil after oil was found to be leaking from its hull.

Feb 08 2018

Keppel Execs Arrested Over Bribery Scandal

Several of Keppel Corps most powerful executives have been arrested by Singaporean authorities as part of an investigation in to Bribery.

Feb 05 2018

BENIN: Search Launched for Oil Tanker Feared Hijacked by Pirates

22 crew members are believed to be in danger after an oil tanker went missing in the Gulf of Guinea, off Benin in West Africa.

Feb 05 2018


Major Storm in Indonesia has beached a service ship with 35 people on board.

Feb 02 2018

Container Ship Fire Injures 5 in North Pacific

A fire broke out on a container ship, leaving 2 with serious injuries and 3 others with burns.

Feb 02 2018

8 Missing as Cargo Ship Sinks in East China Sea

A major search and rescue operation is underway in the East China Sea as a cargo ship sunk leaving up to 9 crew members missing.

Jan 30 2018

Families of Missing Korean Crew Call for New Search

South Korean families of the crew on board a ship that sank off the coast off the coast of Uruguay are calling for the search to continue.

Jan 30 2018


In 2000 seventeen sailors were murdered and a further thirty-nine seriously injured when terrorists rammed the hull of the USS Cole with a speedboat laden with explosives.

Jan 29 2018


Cargo is vulnerable at all times at sea. Stacking containers and lashing them down isn’t enough to guarantee your cargo will arrive undamaged.

Jan 29 2018


PERU: A major search and rescue is underway in Peru after 3 bodies were found after a ship collided with a fishing vessel.

Jan 26 2018


Armed Guards have been credited for preventing a pirate attack on a bulker in Somalia.

Jan 25 2018


A German container ship has crashed in to a fishing boat off the coast of Peru.

Jan 25 2018


A Submarine appears to have set ablaze overnight at Russian submarine base, Vladivostok.

Jan 23 2018

Dutch Govt to Debate Maritime Armed Guards Bill

The Dutch House of Representatives will tonight make a decision about the use of armed guards on board ships travelling through Somali.

Jan 23 2018

Japanese and Dutch Vessels Crash in Netherlands

A Japanese bulk carrier has crashed in to a Dutch pilot ship off the coast of the Netherlands.

Jan 22 2018


Shell staff are among those who have been arrested following the discovery of a scheme to steal oil from Shell's biggest refinery. Singaporean authorities uncovered the major international scheme, arresting 20 people.

Jan 22 2018

Stena Holds First Digital Naming Ceremony

Stena Bulk has held its first digital naming ceremony for Stena Immortal.

Jan 19 2018


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has brought in a new law to prevent oil tankers entering their ports if the vessel is over 25 years old.

Jan 19 2018

US Bound LNG Tanker Diverted

A Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanker suspected to be carrying Russian supplies to the US has been diverted.

Jan 19 2018

Crew Insurance Becomes Legal Requirement in UAE

Insurance for seafarers will become compulsory for all UAE flagged ships by February this year.

Jan 19 2018


A General cargo ship has been beached by bad weather in Turkey.

Jan 18 2018


Authorities are working around the clock to clean up oil from a stricken oil tanker in China.

Jan 16 2018

Cargo Ships Crash in Japan

Two Chinese cargo ships have crashed in a port in Japan.

Jan 12 2018

Tanker Damaged after Collision with Tug in Russia

An offshore tug boat has crashed in to a tanker off the coast of Russia.

Jan 12 2018

Libya-Bound Ship Seized with Explosives

Greek authorities have seized a cargo ship suspected of attempting to deliver explosive materials to Libya.

Jan 11 2018

Collision in North Sea Damages 2 Ships

A freight ship and pilot ship have been damaged after a collision in the North Sea.

Jan 11 2018


Rescue teams searching for the missing crew on a burning oil tanker have had to retreat following an explosion on the ship.

Jan 10 2018

World’s first remotely-operated commercial vessel

Rolls-Royce has joined maritime towage company Svitzer to successfully develop the world’s first remotely-operated commercial vessel.

Jan 09 2018

Pakistani bulk carrier sunk Thai fishing vessel

Thailand fishing vessel Chok Chu Chai was struck by cargo ship in waters southeast of Laem Chabang early in the morning Jan 6, boat submerged with bow above the water.

Jan 08 2018

Maritime industry moving towards greater connectivity

While it is more exciting to think of technology in maritime as being about futuristic robot-like fully autonomous ships and other high-tech applications, the reality is that many practical and applicable technologies are already here and can be usefully applied to make a significant difference in the near future.

Dec 19 2017

Warning that hackers could sink a bulk carrier

In the latest cyber security warning for shipping Pen Test Partners have highlighted that hackers could sink a bulk carrier by deliberately imbalancing its cargo.

Dec 19 2017

Assessing the cyber risks of maritime navigation

You have most certainly heard of it before and have probably had enough of it. The pre-fix “cyber” is ubiquitous.

Dec 18 2017

Two Fatalities After Finnish vessel Capsize

The pilot cutter operators, who were Finnpilot employees, were onboard pilot vessel L242 on 10 December when it overturned outside of Emäsalo island near the northern pilot boarding position. However, despite the Finnish Border Guard’s efforts to right the vessel, it sank during the operation.

Dec 12 2017

General cargo ship sank in Indonesian waters

Dec 11: Ship’s stern is resting on the bottom, fore part is afloat, hull moving around by currents, tides. KENEUKAI at the time of sinking was loading cement, some 52000 sacks were loaded.

Dec 12 2017

Korean Panamax bulk carrier disabled in Baltic sea

Dec 11: As of 0700 UTC Dec 11 DL ADONIS on tow of tug FAIRPLAY 35(IMO 9565194) entered Gulf of Danzig, Baltic sea, approaching Gdansk.

Dec 11 2017

Essar Shipping eyes fleet expansion

Essar Shipping Ltd is weighing plans to expand and diversify its fleet by acquiring a panamax size bulk carrier, a medium range oil tanker, and a Suezmax carrier, said Ranjit Singh, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Dec 11 2017

KKK container ship broke off moorings at Boston Harbor

Container ship HELSINKI BRIDGE broke free from her moorings at the Paul W. Conley Container Terminal in Boston, USA, early Dec 6, reported local media.

Dec 07 2017

Seychelles to Transfer Pirates to Somalia

MOGADISHU (Somali Update Online) — Seychelles authorities will transfer convicted pirates to Somalia in December to serve their jail terms in Horn of Africa nation, Somali Foreign Ministry said.

Dec 06 2017

Ship with 10 tons of hashish intercepted in Greek waters

Tug ANDREAS was intercepted by Greek Coast Guard on the night Dec 6 in Mediterranean sea near Chrisi island, south of Ierapetra, Crete, on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Dec 06 2017

Tanker sank at breakwater in Yangtze estuary

Tanker QI CHENG XIAN FENG ran onto breakwater in Yangtze Estuary in the morning Dec 4, suffering hull breaches.

Dec 05 2017

Government misses delivery target $186m anti-piracy equipment

The Federal Government may have shelved its promise of floating some high-tech machinery meant to combat maritime crime in the nation’s troubled waters. Under the initial target, the facilities were expected to have arrived Nigeria in August, but three months after, the project now appears elusive.

Dec 01 2017

Maersk Line Completes Hamburg Süd Acquisition

Danish shipping giant Maersk says it has completed its acquisition of German rival Hamburg Süd in a deal valued at approximately $4 billion.

Dec 01 2017

COSCO Takes Biggest Container Line Title from Maersk

A 23% increase in containers lifted allowed Cosco to steal the top spot from Maersk Line in the third quarter.

Nov 30 2017

Two ferries collided in Naples – Italy

Ferry ISOLA DI CAPR struck berthed ferry DRIADE soon after she let go moorings at Naples, Massa harbor, on Nov 29, being pushed by gale-strong wind.

Nov 30 2017

Drug smugglers ‘hacking’ could deliberately capsize the enormous vessels

Criminals are hacking into computers that control worldwide shipping to smuggle drugs and weapons on a vast scale, security experts have warned.

Nov 30 2017

EU and Italy put aside €285m to boost Libyan coast guard

Combined Italian and EU efforts to shore up the Libyan coast guard will cost €285 million over the next few years. Speaking to MEPs in the civil liberty committee on Tuesday (28 November), Mario Morcone from the Italian interior ministry, said the figure covers expenses up until 2023.

Nov 30 2017

The Next Evolution of Maritime

The maritime industry is becoming an ocean industry as new entities join the commercial bustle of utilising the seas.

Nov 29 2017

Container ships have been getting bigger since they began operating

Container ships have been getting bigger since they began operating in liner services over 50 years ago because the increased size produces increased operating efficiency and improved environmental performance.

Nov 27 2017

Disabled freighter towed to Orkneys, North sea

General cargo ship JOMI suffered engine trouble off Wick, Scotland, North sea, on Nov 22

Nov 23 2017

Silversea’s Antarctic cruise interrupted or cancelled

Cruise ship SILVER CLOUD reportedly suffered engine failure caused by faulty pump on Nov 19, while en route to Antarctica, first trip after massive refitting, which was to convert her into polar cruise ship.

Nov 23 2017

Europe’s Shipbuilding Industry Under Threat

A holistic industrial strategy for the European maritime technology sector is urgently needed, according to an E.U.-sponsored study.

Nov 22 2017

SCI’s offshore ship sank in Arabian sea

Offshore supply tug SCI RATNA sank at around 1930 LT Nov 21 in Arabian sea, some 90 nm west of Mumbai, after her engine room was flooded.

Nov 22 2017

MSC LUCIANA collided with Chinese Freighter

MRCC Tianjin China was alerted at 0330 Beijing time Nov 21 by collision report. Mega container ship MSC LUCIANA collided with Chinese cargo ship SULIANHAIJI0118 in Bohai sea, 7 nm off Caofeidian port.

Nov 22 2017

Russian cargo ship beached by storm

Russian cargo ship NEFTERUDOVOZ 29M in the morning Nov 21 dragged anchor on Bartin anchorage Turkey Black sea coast, in stormy weather, and drifted aground, according to AIS track.

Nov 21 2017

Chinese freighter lost 31 containers off Shanghai

Container ship PENG AN SHENG lost 31 40-foot containers in the evening Nov 19 in Yangtze estuary, in adverse weather conditions, while en route from Yantai to Shanghai.

Nov 20 2017

Estonian freighter mishap in Kiel Canal Lock

General cargo ship CARINA went out of control and contacted New Northern Lock walls at Brunsbuettel, Kiel Canal, at 2348 LT Nov 17. Walls and the ship sustained slight damages, CARINA was allowed to resume transit, en route from Netherlands to Sweden.

Nov 20 2017

Who’s guilty in Egypt’s accident?

Captain Ted Re: Chinese Very Large Container Ship seized in Egypt UPDATE Unfortunately, cranes are often left in the area of berthing. Most terminals have however in their regulations that during berthing the area has to be freed of cranes.

Nov 15 2017

Chinese Very Large Container Ship seized in Egypt

Nov 12: According to yet unconfirmed report from Egypt, HK-flagged cargo ship was detained in Dekheila port, Alexandria, Egypt, shortly after arrival on Nov 12.

Nov 14 2017

Explosion and fire at Yantian Shenzhen Container Terminal

In the evening Nov 10 explosion and ensuing fire reportedly occurred in the containers stacked at Yantian Container Terminal, Shenzhen, Guandong, China.

Nov 14 2017

British technology and regulatory creating future of maritime autonomy

2017 has been the year of debate and prophecy on autonomy. We’ve heard all about driverless cars and drones that will deliver parcels to our homes in a matter of minutes, revolutionising the way we go about our lives. The maritime sector has not been exempt from this exciting debate.

Nov 14 2017

Container ship KEA TRADER broke in two

Container ship KEA TRADER, aground on a reef off New Caledonia since July 11, on Nov 13 was reported to break in two. The ship was found total loss, to be scrapped. All fuel was syphoned, containers offloaded, but not all – a number of drifting containers was spotted at around 1600 LT Nov 12 around position 22 00S 168 40E.

Nov 13 2017

Ferry fire, 500 people evacuated, Mallorca, Spain

Fire erupted in one of the cars on cargo deck of ferry TARIQ IBN ZIYAD at night Nov 11 when vessel, with some 500 people on board, was under way from Marseille to Algeria in Balearic sea north of Mallorca.

Nov 13 2017

Cargo ship sank in southern Taiwan Strait

Cargo ship YU TONG 1 sank in the morning Nov 12 in waters of Guandong Province, China, southern Taiwan Strait, near Shantou, some 3 nm off the coast.

Nov 13 2017

Thurso Lifeboat in nine-hour storm-hit rescue

Six fishermen were brought to shore by a lifeboat crew in a nine-and-a-half hour rescue in stormy seas. The men’s creel boat, Sparkling Line, broke down off the north Sutherland coast on Thursday. Thurso lifeboat was launched to go to their aid.

Nov 10 2017

Captain of MSC Giannina May Have Been Murdered

Two officers of the container ship MSC Giannina have been arrested in the port of Genoa on suspicion of involvement in the death of the ship’s master, Capt. Yuri Kharytonov, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the night of October 19.

Nov 09 2017

Saudi coalition lets Yemen’s Aden port reopen

ADEN (Reuters) – The Saudi-led military coalition fighting the Houthi movement in Yemen has allowed work to resume at the southern port of Aden, two days after ordering a nationwide stoppage, an official there said on Wednesday.

Nov 09 2017

Piracy Increases in Straits of Malacca and Singapore

The number of incidents of piracy against ships in Asia in October increased compared to the same period in 2016. Nine incidents were reported in October 2017 compared to seven incidents reported in October 2016.

Nov 09 2017

Sharing of intelligence crucial in tackling security risks at sea: US Navy official

CAPTAIN Matthew J Jerbi, Deputy Commodore of the Destroyer Squadron 7 yesterday underscored the importance of intelligence sharing with nations in the region in countering maritime security threats.

Nov 08 2017

Bulgarian freighter collided with dam at Venice Lagoon, breached

General cargo ship ALTENAVI collided with dam under construction in Venice Lagoon while leaving Marghera port, Venice, at around 0900 UTC Nov 7.

Nov 08 2017

The world’s biggest grave robbery: Asia’s disappearing WWII shipwrecks

Dozens of warships believed to contain the remains of thousands of British, American, Australian, Dutch and Japanese servicemen from the second world war have been illegally ripped apart by salvage divers, the Guardian can reveal.

Nov 03 2017

Shipping into a Changing World

After a summer of extraordinary disasters in the USA and other parts of the world the global economy struggles to show growth and faces huge uncertainty over the future of world peace.

Nov 02 2017

UNCTAD – Review of Maritime Transport 2017

With over 80 percent of global trade by volume and more than 70 percent of its value being carried on board ships and handled by seaports worldwide, the importance of maritime transport for trade and development cannot be overemphasized.

Oct 31 2017

Rough Weather Causes Reefer to List off France

The 10,603 dwt reefer vessel Baltic Performer has suffered a list after its cargo shifted in inclement weather conditions, according to French Préfecture maritime Atlantique.

Oct 24 2017

IMO to Discuss HSFO Carriage Ban on Ships without Scrubbers

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is set to discuss the introduction of a ban on the carriage of high sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) as bunkers on ships without scrubbers in February 2018.

Oct 23 2017

MSI: Tanker Sector Heading to Firmer Ground after Hurricanes

A high level of disruption from the hurricane season is causing short-term volatility in Atlantic markets but the recent rally is supported by stronger fundamentals, Maritime Strategies International (MSI) said.

Oct 19 2017

Global Marine Trends 2030

Download Global Marine Trends 2030 report here: GMT2030_HighRes

Oct 06 2017

Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 Report

Download the report here: Global Marine Technology Trends 2030

Aug 31 2017

Piracy – The East Africa/ Somalia Situation

Download the report here: Piracy-The East Africa:Somalia Situation

Sep 06 2009


Security 2.0 - Countering Pirates in the Age of Automation

Vlad I. Sutea
Intelligence Analyst

In order to remain competitive and efficient, the maritime sector is spearheading innovation in virtually all aspects related to seafaring. Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization will all come to play a major role in the Industry’s future. Regardless of where you stand on the human versus automation debate, the course is set for greater automation in shipping, and while traditional pirates are unlikely to trade their AK- 47s for keyboards,  existing crime syndicates operating in cyberspace are likely to spill over into the seven seas.

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