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Maritime Piracy Report - Vessel Attacked off the Coast of Kamaran Island, Red Sea - November 17th 2019

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after pirates attacked a ship off the coast of Kamaran Island.

Nov 18 2019

Maritime Piracy Report - October 18th

Weekly Maritime Piracy Security Report -  12th to the 18th of October

Oct 18 2019

Maritime Piracy Report - October 11th 2019

Weekly Maritime Piracy Security Report -  5th to the 11th of October

Oct 11 2019

Maritime Piracy Report - October 4th 2019

Weekly Maritime Piracy Security Report -  28th of September to the 4th of October.

Oct 04 2019

Weekly Maritime Piracy Report - September 27th 2019

Weekly Maritime Piracy Security Report -  21st to the 27th of September

Sep 27 2019

Chinese Cargo Ship Sinks

Chinese Cargo Ship, Hongtai16, sank in the afternoon of November the 17th in the South China sea, near the eastern coast of the Guangdong province.

Nov 19 2018

Changing Threats Demand A Change in Methodology

We can’t ignore the fact that over the past decade there has been a paradigm shift when it comes to threats within the maritime domain, as the threat has shifted from East, to West.

Oct 29 2018

Anthrax Fears on Livestock Carrier

A livestock carrier known to have transported anthrax infected animals on its last transit, was forced to stop unexpectedly at a port in Turkey, sparking fears that the infection would spread onshore.

Sep 14 2018

Authorities in Africa Vow to Tackle Rise in Piracy

Top officials and governing bodies in Africa have joined together in a pledge to tackle the rising level of piracy in the region.

Aug 27 2018

Fourth Body Found in Maritime Hit and Run, 8 Still Missing

A fourth body has been found in the search for 9 missing people after a hit and run incident in the waters of Kerala.

Aug 13 2018

Hardening Measures Help Crew Survive Pirate Attack off Malaysia

Vessels are advised to exercise extra caution if they're transiting near Malaysia after a tug boat came under attack this week.

Aug 13 2018

Pirates Attack Crew and Take Hostage in Bangladesh

Pirates attacked the crew of a bulk carrier with knives and took a hostage in Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh last night.

Jul 04 2018

#ADVISORY Suspicious Approach off Yemen

Vessels transiting the coast of Yemen are being warned to exercise extreme caution after a merchant vessel was approached by pirates in 2 speedboats earlier today.

Jun 26 2018

#ADVISORY Suspicious Approach South of Mogagishu

Vessels transiting near Mogagishu are advised to exercise heightened caution after a merchant vessel reported suspicious activity in the region earlier today.

May 30 2018

Workers Trapped Inside Burning Oil Rig

Up to 28 workers were trapped inside an oil rig that set on fire in the waters of Koluama, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

May 29 2018

Is there a New Piracy HRA?

East Africa and West Africa, both commonly known and accepted as piracy high-risk areas. But in its focus on these targets, has the maritime industry missed an emerging HRA? ARX Maritime Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Josh Hutchinson has written an article about the importance of recognising Latin America as the new HRA.

May 23 2018

Fire on Ro-ro Vessel, Korean Incheon Port

A fire broke out on a Panama-flagged ro-ro ship anchored at Korean Incheon Port yesterday morning.

May 22 2018

1 Dead After Explosion on Chinese Freighter

One crew member has died after 2 explosions on a Chinese cargo ship off the coast of Hong Kong.

May 18 2018

#UPDATE "Explosion" on Turkish Bulker was caused by a Missile

The explosion on board Turkish bulker, Ince Inebolu, on Monday is said to have been caused by a missile. ARX Maritime reported on Monday that the vessel had suffered an explosion, but it has not transpired that the explosion was actually a missile hitting the vessel.

May 17 2018

Seafarer Falls Overboard off US Virgin Islands

A search and rescue operation has been launched after a seafarer fell overboard MSC Seaside in the US Virgin Islands yesterday.

May 17 2018

Industry Leaders Urge Gov Think Tank to Stop Maritime Cuts

The Chairman for Maritime UK has said the new government think tank for maritime development needs to do more to invest in the industry- a view voiced by ARX Maritime, Chief Executive last month.

May 08 2018

New Charter Launched to End Gender Inequality in Shipping

Maritime's top executives have drafted a charter to push for greater gender equality across UK maritime companies. The Women in Maritime Taskforce want to see changes in the role of women across shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine.

Apr 30 2018

How to Stay Healthy at Sea

As a society we are becoming more health conscious. But, how can you maintain health and fitness in the middle of the sea? It's not as easy as you'd think- but it is possible. ARX Maritime CEO is a former marine, and private armed guard. He has some easy to follow tips on how he kept mentally and physically fit during his time at sea.

Apr 27 2018

$75 Million of Drugs Seized by French Navy

In their second seizure in a week the French Navy seized 1940kg of Hashish with a street value of $75 million USD on April 17th.

Apr 23 2018


Security 2.0 - Countering Pirates in the Age of Automation

Vlad I. Sutea
Intelligence Analyst

In order to remain competitive and efficient, the maritime sector is spearheading innovation in virtually all aspects related to seafaring. Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization will all come to play a major role in the Industry’s future. Regardless of where you stand on the human versus automation debate, the course is set for greater automation in shipping, and while traditional pirates are unlikely to trade their AK- 47s for keyboards,  existing crime syndicates operating in cyberspace are likely to spill over into the seven seas.

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