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Nigerian Pirates Demand $1M to Release the Crew of the MT APECUS

The Nigerian Pirates who took the crew of the Palau-flagged Oil Tanker, MT APECUS hostage, have demanded one million dollars in exchange for their release.

May 23 2019

Crew Kidnapped at Bonny River's Inner Anchorage - April 20th 2019

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after pirates kidnapped the crew of a vessel anchored at Bonny River's Inner Anchorage.

Apr 23 2019

Pirates Hijack Vessel in the Bight of Bonny - April 9th 2019

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after pirates hijacked a vessel off the coast of Nigeria.

Apr 12 2019

Pirates Attack Third Vessel Transiting near Brass Terminal, Nigeria - 1 Dead, 5 Seafarers Kidnapped - March 9th 2019

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after pirates attacked a third vessel transiting south of Brass Terminal, Nigeria, kidnapping 5 seafarers in the process.

Mar 13 2019

BREAKING - Pirates Kidnap Three Seafarers in Togo

Maltese-flagged Chemical/Oil product tanker, Histria Ivory, was transiting south of Lome, Togo, when she was attacked by pirates. As a result of the attack, three crew members were kidnapped.

Mar 05 2019

BREAKING - Crew Kidnapped in the Gulf of Guinea

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after pirates kidnapped the crew of a vessel transiting through the Gulf of Guinea.

Feb 04 2019

MSC Mandy Crew Released from Captivity

The six kidnapped crew members of the MSC Mandy have been released from captivity.

Jan 31 2019

UPDATE - 2 - Pirates Kidnap Seafarers off the Coast of Benin

An update on the kidnapping that took place off the coast of Benin on January the 2nd.

Jan 09 2019

BREAKING - UPDATE - Pirates Kidnap Seafarers off the Coast of Benin

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after a vessel had its crew kidnapped while sailing off the Coast of Benin.

Jan 03 2019

Abducted Crew Released by Pirates

The crew of the Pomerania Sky, the Libyan-flagged containership that was attacked in late October by pirates off the coast of Nigeria, has been finally released.

Dec 20 2018

UPDATE - Vessel Hijacked on October the 29th - Released

Update on the status of the vessel that was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Congo on October the 29th. Vessel has been released and is now safe.

Nov 02 2018

ESSCOM on Alert - High Risk of Kidnappings in the Philippines

The Philippine Coast Guard has issued warnings to vessels travelling in the Philippines, following reports indicating that the Abu Sayyaf militant pirate group (ASG) is planning to conduct kidnappings in the area.

Oct 31 2018

Crew of the Swiss Cargo Ship ‘Glarus’ Released

The 12 crew members of the Swiss cargo ship, MV Glarus, who were originally kidnapped in Nigeria in mid-September, were released on the 26th of October according to Swiss authorities.

Oct 30 2018

Pirates Board Ship Off the Coast of Nigeria – 11 Crew Kidnapped

Pirates boarded a containership sailing off the coast of Nigeria, capturing 11 crew members in the process, on the morning of October the 28th.

Oct 30 2018

#Update - Switzerland Opens Investigation into MV Glarus Hijacking in the Midst of Ongoing Ransom Negotiations

With ransom negotiations still ongoing, Basel’s public prosecutor has opened an investigation into the kidnappings of the 12 missing crew members of the bulk carrier Glarus.

Oct 22 2018


The Crisis in Yemen

Lawrie Clapton
Intelligence Analyst

The severe degradation of Yemen’s security, economy and infrastructure has exacerbated a cycle of violence which will likely destabilise the country for years if not decades. This poses a particular risk to the maritime sector, as the deteriorated security situation has reduced the forces available to safely police and secure Yemen’s coastline.

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