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Tensions Continue to Grow between the West and Iran – UK Raises Ship Security Level for Vessels in the Strait of Hormuz to Critical

The rift between the West and Iran continues to grow; authorities in Gibraltar have proceeded to arrest the Indian Master & Chief Officer of the Iranian Oil Tanker, Grace 1.

Jul 12 2019

Iranian Navy Attempts to Seize BP Vessel

Naval Forces belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) attempted to seize the BP-owned Oil Tanker, British Heritage as it was attempting to transit through the Strait of Hormuz.

Jul 11 2019

BP Oil Tanker Seeks Shelter in Persian Gulf to Avoid Potential Iranian Seizure

The BP-owned Oil Tanker, British Heritage has sought shelter in the Persian Gulf, as BP fears it might be the target of an Iranian retaliation for the seizure of Grace 1.

Jul 10 2019

Royal Marines Raid Vessel Transiting through Gibraltar

A unit of Royal Marine Commandos raided the Panama-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, Grace 1 during the early morning hours of June 4th, as the vessel was transiting through the strait of Gibraltar.

Jul 04 2019

International Community Requires More Evidence on Tanker Attacks

The United Arab Emirates have gone on record, to suggest more evidence is needed to back the US allegations that Iran was behind the attacks on the two tankers off the Strait of Hormuz on June the 13th.

Jun 28 2019

SITUATION REPORT: Iranian Downing of an American Drone and US Response

Situation Report on the shooting down of the US Navy UAV that occurred over the Strait of Hormuz on June the 20th. Written by Intelligence Officer & ARX Maritime Correspondent, I. Vlad Sutea.

Jun 24 2019

Tankers Attacked in the Strait of Hormuz Arrive at Fujairah

The two tankers that were attacked last Thursday off the strait of Hormuz, successfully arrived at the port of Fujairah on June the 17th, following a salvaging operation.

Jun 17 2019

UPDATE: New Details Surface on the Attacks in the Strait of Hormuz

More details have surfaced on the attacks on the two tankers that occurred near the Strait of Hormuz, in the area between Fujairah, UAE and Jask, Iran on June the 13th.

Jun 14 2019

Two Oil Tankers Damaged in Suspected Torpedo Attacks in the Gulf of Oman

Two tankers have been involved in an attack in the Gulf of Oman during the morning hours of June the 13th and had to be evacuated.

Jun 13 2019

Iranian Oil Tanker in Trouble in the Red Sea

The Iranian-flagged oil tanker, Happiness I experienced water ingress in its engine room on April the 30th, while transiting off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

May 02 2019

General Cargo Ship Capsizes in Iranian Port

Comoran-flagged General Cargo vessel, SL STAR capsized while at berth at Rajaei Port, Bander Abbas, Iran in the morning of March 19th.

Mar 20 2019

Iranian Navy Repels Alleged Pirate Attack in the Gulf of Aden

The Iranian Navy has repelled a pirate attack on an Iranian-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden.

Mar 12 2019

Iranian Tankers Go Dark in Order to Avoid Newly Imposed Sanctions

As the United States reinstate the Embargo against Iran, Iranian Freighters have chosen to switch off their transponders in an effort to avoid international tracking systems

Nov 05 2018

Three Sailors Killed, and Eight Poisoned Aboard Iranian Freighter.

A mass poisoning took place aboard the Iranian freighter Nazmehr, leaving three dead and eight hospitalised.

Oct 22 2018


Strait at Risk - What if Iran Blockades the Strait of Hormuz?

I. Vlad Sutea
Intelligence Officer

As the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open sea, the Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important hydrocarbon chokepoint, accounting for almost 40 percent of global energy transport. While Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in the past, recent attacks in the adjacent waters have heightened fears of an Iranian blockade. Although the likelihood of armed conflict in the region remains low, the possible impact of hostilities is far too serious to ignore.

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