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Indian Vessel Beached to Avoid Sinking, Following Cyclone Kyarr

The Indian-flagged Hopper Dredger, BHAGVATI PREM ran aground due to adverse weather conditions, in the wake of the Cyclone Kyarr.

Oct 30 2019

Unmanned Tanker Grounded off the Coast of Mormugao, India

The Indian-flagged Chemical Tanker, NU SHI NALINI was grounded off Mormugao, India on October the 24th, as the stormy weather caused her anchor to drag her ashore.

Oct 25 2019

Brazilian Bulk Carrier Runs Aground on Amazon Sandbank

The Brazilian-flagged Bulk Carrier, HB TUCUNARE ran aground during the afternoon hours of October the 13th while transiting through the Amazon estuary.

Oct 16 2019

Cargo Ship runs Aground at Full Speed in Corsican Nature Reserve

The Antigua and Barbuda-flagged General Cargo Ship, RHODANUS, ran aground on the southern coast of Corsica during the early morning hours of October the 13th.

Oct 14 2019

General Cargo Ship Grounded in Sweden - Russian Master Found Sleeping, Arrested

The Gibraltar-flagged General Cargo Ship, BALTIC CARRIER, ran aground during the evening hours of September the 24th while transiting off the coast of Sweden.

Sep 25 2019

General Cargo Ship Gets Caught in Typhoon - Crashes on Rocks, Develops List - Crew Members Abandon Vessel

The crew of the Mongolian-flagged General Cargo Ship, VANWAH had to abandon their vessel after being caught in Typhoon Tapah.

Sep 23 2019

Turkish Dredger Grounds itself to Avoid Sinking

The Turkish-flagged Dredger, KANUNI D.S started experiencing water ingress during the afternoon hours of September the 1st while transiting south of the Dardanelles, Turkey.

Sep 02 2019

Spanish Navy Vessel Runs Aground During Salvaging Operation - Crew Evacuates Following Water Ingress

The Spanish Navy Minesweeping vessel, Turia, went aground during the morning hours of August the 27th while transiting off the coast of Cartagena, Spain.

Aug 29 2019

Drilling Ship Develops Heavy Listing & Water Ingress - Crew Abandons Vessel

The Indonesian-flagged Drilling Ship, PATRA OFSSHORE started experiencing water ingress during the afternoon hours of August the 22nd.

Aug 23 2019

Russian Cargo Ship runs Aground, Experiences Water Ingress

The Russian-flagged General Cargo Ship, OMSKIY 137 ran aground during the early morning hours of August the 14th while transiting through the river Svir.

Aug 15 2019

Chinese Cargo Ship Grounded on Rocks, Prompting Evacuation

The Chinese General Cargo Ship, RONG HAI 79 was grounded on the afternoon of July the 4th while transiting through the East China Sea.

Jul 05 2019

Chinese Container Ship Sinks after being Caught in a Storm

The Chinese-flagged Container Ship, MEI CHENG 866 sank in the early morning hours of July the 4th after encountering bad weather while transiting off the Gulf of Tonkin.

Jul 05 2019

RoRo Master Commits Suicide – Vessel Grounded and Hull Breached, Prompting Evacuation

The Chile-flagged RoRo Cargo Ship, COYHAIQUE had to evacuate its passengers after running aground during the early morning hours of July the 3rd.

Jul 04 2019

Sleeping Helmsman Grounds Cargo Vessel

The Latvian-flagged Cargo Ship, Bonita ran aground in the morning of June the 16th while transiting through Vanern Lake, Sweden.

Jun 17 2019

Bulk Carrier Grounding in the Columbia River

The Maltese-flagged Panamax-class Cargo ship, GORGOYPIKOOS ran aground in the evening hours of June the 2nd while transiting through the Columbia River.

Jun 04 2019

Crude Oil Tanker Runs Aground near Mississippi

Aframax-class Liberian-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, Aqualoyalty ran aground in the late evening hours of April the 21st, while transiting off Pascagoula USA.

Apr 24 2019

Two Vessels Run Aground in Danish Waters

Danish Bulk Carrier, Enny ran aground in the early morning hours of March 27th, as it was transiting off Soesmarke upon Lolland, Denmark. A few miles north of the Enny’s grounding site, near the Danish harbour of Vordingborg, the Maltese-flagged general cargo ship Wilson Malm made contact with the seafloor.

Mar 28 2019

Greek Oil Tanker Runs Aground near Gavrio

Greek-flagged Oil/Chemical Tanker, Agios Georgios I, ran aground near Gavrio, Greece in the evening of March 15th.

Mar 18 2019

Fuel Successfully Emptied from the Efe Murat, as Salvage Operations Continue

Fuel removal operations on the grounded, Turkish-flagged general cargo vessel, Efe Murat have successfully concluded.

Mar 07 2019

Turkish Cargo Ship Runs Aground off Bari, Italy, Sparking Fears over Potential Oil Spill

The Turkish cargo ship, Efe Murat, that ran aground on breakwater off Bari, Italy on the 23rd of February, has continued to list, raising fears over a potential environmental disaster.

Feb 28 2019

Inebriated Captain Runs Cargo Ship Aground

Dutch-flagged general cargo ship, EEMS Carrier, ran aground in the evening of February the 21st.

Feb 22 2019

UPDATE – Grounded Bulk Carrier Declared a Total Loss – Awaiting Salvage

Salvage teams are in place, ready to remove the wreck of the Hong-Kong-flagged bulk carrier, Solomon Trader, that ran aground off Renell Island on February the 4th.

Feb 21 2019

Chemical Tanker Runs Aground in Elbe River

Panama-flagged chemical tanker, Oriental Nadeshiko, ran aground while transiting through Germany, at approximately 01:10 UTC, in the early morning hours of January the 21st.

Jan 21 2019


Strait at Risk - What if Iran Blockades the Strait of Hormuz?

I. Vlad Sutea
Intelligence Officer

As the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open sea, the Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important hydrocarbon chokepoint, accounting for almost 40 percent of global energy transport. While Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in the past, recent attacks in the adjacent waters have heightened fears of an Iranian blockade. Although the likelihood of armed conflict in the region remains low, the possible impact of hostilities is far too serious to ignore.

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