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Norway Suspends Search for Missing Bulgarian Seafarers

Two crewmembers belonging to the Maltese-flagged Cargo Ship, STARA PLANINA fell overboard during the morning hours of January the 2nd while the ship was transiting through the Norwegian Sea.

Jan 03 2020

Vessel Sinks in the Barents Sea, 12 Crew Members Successfully Rescued

The Norwegian-flagged Fishing Vessel, FAY sank during the morning hours of December the 28th while transiting through the Barents Sea.

Dec 30 2019

Tanker Collides with Ferry in the Rhine - 20 Passengers Injured

The German-flagged Tankship, ALUKARD was involved in a head-on collision with the Swiss-flagged Passenger Ship, THURGAU PRESTIGE during the morning hours of December the 19th while transiting through the Rhine.

Dec 20 2019

Ship Master Dies after Falling into the Cargo Hold

The Master of the Panama-flagged Feeder Vessel, LADY NURAY died after being involved in an accident during the afternoon hours of December the 18th while the vessel was docked at the Port of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dec 19 2019

Crew Members Rescued after Abandoning Sinking Vessel off the Coast of Italy

A search and rescue operation was launched to rescue the crew members of the Panama-flagged Cargo Ship, LIRA after the vessel started to experience water ingress.

Dec 18 2019

Tanker Collides with Fishing Vessel in the English Channel

The Maltese-flagged Tanker, TEAM HAWK, was involved in a collision with the Fishing Vessel, CALIFORNIA during the evening hours of December the 14th, while the ship was transiting through the English Channel.

Dec 16 2019

5 Seafarers Injured after Stray Wave Hits Irish Cargo Vessel

Five crewmembers onboard the Irish-flagged General Cargo Vessel, ARKLOW DAY had to be evacuated after the vessel was caught in adverse weather conditions.

Dec 11 2019

8 Stowaways Found on a Bulk Carrier Berthed at Waterford, Ireland

Eight migrants were found hiding on board a cargo ship that had berthed in Waterford, Ireland.

Dec 05 2019

14 Ukrainian Seafarers Rescued from Heavily Listing Ship in the Aegean Sea

The Liberian-flagged General Cargo Ship, NEW LEO was disabled during the morning of December the 4th, while transiting through Greek waters.

Dec 05 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Iranian Cargo Ship Berthed at Russian Port

A fire erupted aboard the Iranian-flagged General Cargo Ship, VAFA 2, during the morning hours of December the 2nd while the ship was berthed at Russia’s Astrakhan Port.

Dec 03 2019

Vessels Collide in Russia's Kochetovskiy Lock

A general cargo ship collided with an anchored product tanker during the morning hours of December the 2nd, while transiting through the river Don, in Russia’s Rostov region.

Dec 03 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Car Carrier Transiting off the Coast of France

A fire erupted onboard the Bahamas-flagged Car Carrier, RCC PASSION during the evening hours of December the 1st while the vessel was transiting off the coast of France.

Dec 02 2019

Vessel Goes Missing in the North Sea - Two Seafarers Feared Dead

Two seafarers aboard the Dutch-flagged fishing vessel, Lummetje – UK-165 have gone missing, prompting a large Search & Rescue operation to be launched.

Nov 29 2019

Spanish Authorities Capture Narco-Sub, Seizing over 3 Tonnes of Cocaine in the Process

Spanish authorities have discovered what is thought to be the first-ever narco-sub to try and cross the Atlantic, seizing over a £100m worth of cocaine in the process.

Nov 28 2019

Two Seafarers Medevaced after Accident onboard RoRo

Two crew members onboard the Tunisian-flagged RoRo, SALAMMBO had to be medevaced after sustaining injuries while onboard the ship.

Nov 27 2019

Tankship Grounded in Ukraine, Proceeds to Capsize - Seafarers Refuse to Abandon Vessel

The Moldovan-flagged Tankship, DELFI was grounded in the evening of November the 21st, when it was caught in a storm while anchored outside Yuzhniy Port, Ukraine.

Nov 25 2019

Tragedy as Vessel Carrying over 14,000 Sheep Capsizes off the Coast of Romania

The Palau-flagged Livestock Carrier, QUEEN HIND capsized during the morning hours of Sunday the 24th of November as the vessel was transiting off the coast of Romania.

Nov 25 2019

Disabled Vessel Crashes Against Pontoon while Transiting through the Danube

The Belize-flagged Cargo Ship, LADY SIRIA suffered engine failure and collided with a pontoon during the morning hours of October the 30th, while transiting up the Danube River.

Oct 31 2019

Polish RoRo Crashes Against Pier at Ystad, Sweden

The Polish flagged Passenger RoRo, JAN SNIADECKI was involved in a collision at the port of Ystad, Sweden during the morning hours of October the 24th.

Oct 25 2019

Two RoRos Collide in the Port of Cagliari, Sardinia

The Italian-flagged Cargo RoRo, MASSIMO MURA collided with the Greek-flagged Passenger RoRo, ARIADNE in the afternoon of October the 23rd while attempting to berth at the port of Cagliari, Sardinia.

Oct 24 2019

Two Mysterious Deaths onboard Passenger RoRo

Two passengers aboard the Tallink-owned Estonian Passenger RoRo, SILJA EUROPA were found dead in their cabins during the early morning hours of Sunday the 20th of October.

Oct 23 2019

COSCO Bulk Carrier Collides with Trawler - Heavy Damages, 1 Seafarer Injured

The Chinese-flagged, COSCO Panamax Bulk Carrier, HUA SHENG HAI collided with the French-flagged Fishing Trawler, KIRRIXKI during the early morning hours of October the 12, while transiting off the coast of Southern Ireland.

Oct 18 2019

Fire Blazes on Norwegian Ferry, Followed by an Explosion a Day Later

A fire occurred onboard the battery-powered Norwegian Ferry, YTTEROYNINGEN during the evening hours of October the 10th while the vessel was serving the Sydnes-Halsnoy route.

Oct 15 2019

Cargo Ship runs Aground at Full Speed in Corsican Nature Reserve

The Antigua and Barbuda-flagged General Cargo Ship, RHODANUS, ran aground on the southern coast of Corsica during the early morning hours of October the 13th.

Oct 14 2019

Cargo Ship Collides with Two Bridges - Extensive Damages, Master Injured

The Lithuanian-flagged Cargo Ship, ARAMIS collided with two bridges on September the 28th while transiting through the river Rhone, France.

Oct 09 2019

Chief Officer Dies in Mooring Line Accident

One seafarer was injured and another one died during a mooring operation, as the Saint Vincent and Grenadines-flagged General Cargo Ship, YALIKOY attempted to berth at a Spanish port.

Oct 09 2019

Horrific Accident onboard Grimaldi RoRo - 1 Dead, 3 Injured

One seafarer was killed, and three others were injured during an incident on board the Grimaldi-owned, Maltese-flagged RoRo, Euroferry Malta.

Oct 08 2019

General Cargo Ship Collides with Passenger Vessel in the Danube - Extensive Damages, 2 People Injured

The Maltese-flagged Cruise Ship, PRINZESSIN ISABELLA, collided with the Panama-flagged General Cargo vessel, BLUE STAR I during the early morning hours of October the 5th while transiting through the Danube.

Oct 07 2019

Seafarer Dies During Mooring Accident

A seafarer died during the morning hours of October the 2nd while working onboard the Dutch Cargo Ship, DAMSTERDIJK.

Oct 04 2019

Mega Containership Collides with Chemical Tanker in the Port of Piraeus - Tanker in Danger of Capsizing, Suffered Major Damages

The Japanese-flagged Mega Container Ship, ONE BLUE JAY collided with the Turkish-flagged Tanker, GUNECE during the morning of September the 26th while attempting to berth at the port of Perama, Piraeus, Greece.

Sep 27 2019

Massive Blaze Onboard Russian Fishing Trawler Docked at Norwegian Port - 100 People Evacuated due to Fear of Explosion

The Russian-flagged Fishing Trawler, BUKHTA NAEZDNIK caught on fire and capsized on September the 25th while docked at the Norwegian port of Breivika, located in the Tromso region.

Sep 26 2019

General Cargo Ship Grounded in Sweden - Russian Master Found Sleeping, Arrested

The Gibraltar-flagged General Cargo Ship, BALTIC CARRIER, ran aground during the evening hours of September the 24th while transiting off the coast of Sweden.

Sep 25 2019

Cargo Ship Catches on Fire in Amsterdam

A fire broke out in the engine room of the Dutch-flagged Cargo Ship, Friso during the afternoon hours of September the 16h while the vessel was transiting through IJmeer, Amsterdam.

Sep 19 2019

French Courts Sentence Ukrainian Seafarers to 8 Years in Prison over Drug Trafficking

The Lille Criminal Court sentenced nine Ukrainian seafarers to a substantial prison term and a joint fine of over €75 million over their involvement in drug trafficking.

Sep 12 2019

Fire Erupts onboard Cargo Ship Transiting through the Elbe - 1 Dead, 2 Injured

A fire erupted in the engine room of the Maltese-flagged General Cargo Ship, KELLY during the afternoon hours of September the 6th while the vessel was transiting through the Elbe River.

Sep 09 2019

UK Authorities Seize Record-Breaking Amount of Heroin from a Maersk Containership at Felixstowe

British authorities have seized a record-breaking 1.3 tonnes of heroin from the Hong Kong-flagged Container Ship, MAERSK GIBRALTAR.

Sep 05 2019

Turkish Dredger Grounds itself to Avoid Sinking

The Turkish-flagged Dredger, KANUNI D.S started experiencing water ingress during the afternoon hours of September the 1st while transiting south of the Dardanelles, Turkey.

Sep 02 2019

Spanish Navy Vessel Runs Aground During Salvaging Operation - Crew Evacuates Following Water Ingress

The Spanish Navy Minesweeping vessel, Turia, went aground during the morning hours of August the 27th while transiting off the coast of Cartagena, Spain.

Aug 29 2019

French Passenger Ship Collision - 10 Injured

The French-flagged Passenger Ship, BURDIGALA II collided with a security pole during the afternoon hours of August the 18th.

Aug 21 2019

Two Seafarers Die of Methyl Poisoning in the Kerch Strait

Two seafarers died onboard the Panama-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, MAGUS during the evening hours of August the 19th.

Aug 21 2019

Detained Iranian Oil Tanker, Grace1 Changes Name, Sets Sail for Greek Port - US Renews Calls for Seizure

The seized Iranian Oil Tanker, Grace1 officially set sail from Gibraltar in the evening of August the 18th, heading towards the Greek port of Kalamata.

Aug 20 2019

Gibraltar Releases Grace1 into Iranian Custody

Gibraltar has freed the Iranian Crude Oil Tanker, Grace 1, which had been detained for over a month on suspicion of smuggling Iranian Oil to Syria.

Aug 16 2019

Russian Cargo Ship runs Aground, Experiences Water Ingress

The Russian-flagged General Cargo Ship, OMSKIY 137 ran aground during the early morning hours of August the 14th while transiting through the river Svir.

Aug 15 2019

What Happens Ashore Matters At Sea - The Black Sea Example

The world is changing. Previously calm seas are waking up from their geopolitical slumber and threats to maritime trade are no longer confined to suspicious gunmen. Armed guards and water cannons will not deter the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or the Russian Navy. Razor wire will not prevent anti-ship missiles from cracking a ship’s hull open.

Jul 26 2019

Russian Vessel Detained in Scottish Port Pleads for Food

The Cook Islands-flagged General Cargo Vessel, Alexander Tvardovskiy has been detained in a Scottish port for over a month and are having to rely on charitable food donations for sustenance.

Jul 26 2019

Ukraine Seizes Russian Oil Tanker

The Russian-flagged Oil Tanker, NIKA SPIRIT was detained by Ukrainian Forces on July the 25th, in what Russian authorities call “an act of state-sponsored piracy”.

Jul 26 2019

UK Proposes the Creation of a European Naval Task Force to Protect Vessels Transiting through the Gulf

The UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has proposed the creation of a European naval task force in order to protect commercial vessels transiting through the Strait of Hormuz.

Jul 23 2019

Maersk Vessel Detained over Pollution Charges

The Singapore-flagged Container Ship, MAERSK SEMBAWANG was temporarily detained in the Spanish port of Algeciras, due to excessive emissions originating from the ship’s main engine.

Jul 22 2019

Ferries Collide in the Port of Alcudia, Mallorca

The Spanish-flagged Passenger Ferry, JAUME III, collided with the Spanish-flagged RoRo, ALCANTARA DOS during the morning hours of July the 12th while attempting to berth at Mallorca’s Port d’Alcudia.

Jul 15 2019

Port of Piraeus Authorities Seize Record Breaking Amount of Amphetamines from Container Vessel

A massive amount of amphetamine (fenethylline) was seized from a container vessel docked in Piraeus, during a raid on June the 26th.

Jul 09 2019

Fire Erupts Aboard Russian Spy Sub - 14 Dead

Fourteen submariners died during the evening hours of July 1st when a fire erupted onboard the top-secret Russian submarine, Losharik.

Jul 03 2019

Explosion Rocks Italian LPG Tanker – 15 Injured, 1 Dead

An explosion occurred onboard the Italian-flagged LPG Tanker, SYN ZANIA during the evening hours of July 1st, while the vessel was undergoing mooring operations at Aliaga, Turkey.

Jul 02 2019

Two Shipyard Workers in Critical Condition Following Accident

Two shipyard workers were seriously injured in the morning of June the 27th while working at Malta’s Palumbo Shipyards.

Jun 28 2019

Car Carrier Involved in Collision off the Coast of France

The Liberian-flagged Car Carrier, LAKE SUPERIOR collided with the French trawler Talariante during the early morning hours of June the 27th, while transiting off the coast of Roscoff, France.

Jun 27 2019

Newly Built Cruise Ship Involved in Collision Shortly after Leaving Shipyard

The British Cruise Ship, SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY collided with a lane marker on June the 24th, shortly after leaving the Meyer Werft shipyard.

Jun 26 2019

Aframax-Class Tanker Damaged Following Collision with Pier

The Marshall Islands-flagged Aframax Class Oil Products Tanker, FOS HAMILTON collided with a pier during the early morning hours of June the 22nd, while attempting to moor at Russia’s Novorossiysk Oil Terminal.

Jun 25 2019

9 Stowaways Found inside Container Ship in Piraeus

On June the 22nd, Greek authorities detained 9 immigrants that were found onboard the Portuguese-flagged Container Ship, Stadt Dresden.

Jun 24 2019

Tanker Forced to Withdraw from NATO Exercise Following Accident – Four Seafarers Injured

German-flagged NATO Tanker, RHON had to abort its participation in NATO’s BALTOPS exercise after four seafarers got injured during an accident onboard the vessel.

Jun 20 2019

Spanish Authorities Seize General Cargo Ship Carrying Over 10 Tons of Hashish

Authorities in Spain have seized over 10 tons of Hashish from the Moldova-flagged General Cargo Ship, HELGA (ship name as reported by AIS: ELG) in the afternoon of June the 17th.

Jun 19 2019

Grande America Crew Arrested for Arson

Three officers that were working aboard the fire-stricken ConRo vessel, Grande Europa have been arrested in Spain and charged with arson.

Jun 18 2019

Sleeping Helmsman Grounds Cargo Vessel

The Latvian-flagged Cargo Ship, Bonita ran aground in the morning of June the 16th while transiting through Vanern Lake, Sweden.

Jun 17 2019

French Rescue Vessel Capsizes in a Storm – 3 Dead

The French rescue vessel, Patron Jacques Morisseau was caught in a storm during the morning hours of June the 7th while transiting off the western coast of France.  As a result of the adverse weather conditions, the vessel capsized, claiming the lives of three of its crew members.

Jun 12 2019

Italian Port Worker Dies in Tragic Accident

A port worker was killed during the early morning hours of June the 10th while working at the port of Ancona, Italy.

Jun 11 2019

Offshore Support Vessel Collides with Oil Platform in Norway - 276 People Evacuated

The Faroes-flagged offshore support vehicle, SJOBORG collided with the oil platform STATFJORD A during the early morning hours of June the 7th, while transiting through the North Sea.

Jun 10 2019

Historic Sailing Ship Sinks Following Collision with Containership, 43 Rescued, 8 Injured

The Cyprus-flagged Container ship, ASTROSPRINTER collided with a 19th-century sailboat, NO.5 ELBE, in the afternoon of June the 8th while transiting through the Elbe River.

Jun 10 2019

Spanish Authorities Seize over 2,5 Tonnes of Cocaine from Fishing Vessel - 7 Crew Members Arrested

The Spanish fishing vessel, Gure Leire, was seized by Spanish authorities on the 27th of May after they discovered over two and a half tonnes of cocaine onboard.

Jun 05 2019

Hableany Death Toll Rises as Diving Teams Attempt to Explore the Wreck

According to Hungarian police, the confirmed death toll from the Danube River vessel collision has risen to 12.

Jun 05 2019

Cruise Ship Collides with Unknown Object, Forced to Cancel Voyage and Return to Netherlands

The Bahamas-flagged Cruise ship, Columbus collided with an unidentified submerged object on May the 30th while exiting the port of Amsterdam.

Jun 04 2019

Devastating Cruise Ship Collision in Venice

The Panama-flagged Cruise ship MSC Opera collided with the Dutch Cruise ship, River Countess during the morning hours of June the 2nd while trying to berth in the port of Venice.

Jun 03 2019

Vessel Master Charged over Deadly Danube Collision – No Further Survivors Found

The Hungarian Police has arrested the Master of the Cruise Ship, Viking Sigyn that crashed against the Hableany on May the 29th.

May 31 2019

Fire Erupts on Livestock Carrier in the Port of Piraeus

A fire erupted on the Togo-flagged livestock carrier, BOI BRANCO during the morning hours of May the 30th while the vessel was berthed at Piraeus Port, Greece.

May 31 2019

Eight Dead and at least Twenty Missing Following Vessel Collision in the Danube

Several dead and dozens missing following a collision between two vessels in the Danube river in the evening of May the 29th.

May 30 2019

Danish Containership Collides with Pier at Reykjavik

Danish-flagged Container Ship, Naja Arctica collided with a wharf in the morning of May 26th upon arrival to Reykjavik port, Iceland.

May 28 2019

Inebriated Captain Causes Product Tanker to Collide with Brunsbuettel Lock

Cyprus-flagged product tanker, BEETHOVEN collided with a pier in the Brunsbuettel lock shortly after midnight on May the 16th.

May 17 2019

Grimaldi RoRo Catches on Fire South of Mallorca

A fire broke out on the Grimaldi Lines Italian-flagged RoRo, Grande Europa in the early morning hours of May the 15th while the vessel was transiting south of Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain.

May 16 2019

Dutch Cargo Vessel Used as a Portable Meth Lab Starts Sinking During Raid

The Dutch Cargo vessel, Arsianco started sinking in the afternoon of May the 10th, while docked at the port of Moerdijk, Netherlands.

May 13 2019

Italian Ferry Disabled in Rough Weather off the Coast of Croatia

Italian ferry, Aurelia lost propulsion in the morning of May 9th while she was servicing the Ancona, Italy – Split, Croatia route.

May 10 2019

UK to Deploy Drones to Assist with Search and Rescue Operations

Authorities in the UK are launching a new year-long drone trial in order to support maritime search & rescue operations.

May 06 2019

Greenpeace Activists Board Oil Rig in Norway

Four Greenpeace activists boarded an oil rig on April the 29th in an attempt to protest oil drilling in the Norwegian Arctic.

May 02 2019

Cargo Vessel Collides with Bulk Carrier in Belgium

Maltese-flagged General Cargo Ship, Klara collided with the Singapore-flagged Bulk Carrier, Posidana during the early morning hours of April 29th.

Apr 30 2019

Denmark will Use Drones to Measure Sulfur Cap Violations

The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) will be deploying a series of drones in the coming months, in order to make sure they comply with the new sulphur cap.

Apr 18 2019

Bulk Carrier Explosion off the Coast of Cornwall

Hong-Kong flagged Bulk Carrier, Great Aspiration, suffered an explosion on board in the afternoon of April the 17th, while transiting through the Celtic Sea near Cornwall, UK.

Apr 18 2019

Dock Workers in Rotterdam Refuse to Unload Blumenthal Bulk Carrier

On April the 17th, workers from a European Bulk Services (EBS) terminal in the port of Rotterdam, refused to unload the Cayman Islands-flagged Bulk Carrier, Puma in what is perceived as an act of solidarity towards the ship’s crew.

Apr 18 2019

General Cargo Ship Grounding in Croatia

Moldova-flagged General Cargo ship, Agios Rafail ran aground on rocks in Jamica Bay, Muzil, Croatia in the morning of April the 16th.

Apr 18 2019

Cruise Ships Collide in Rotterdam

The Swiss Passenger Ship, MS Alina collided with the Swiss river Cruise Ship, Viking Skadi, in the morning of April 16th.

Apr 17 2019

Cargo Ship Heavily Damaged in Collision

The Gibraltar-flagged Cargo ship, Rumba was heavily damaged during a collision at the Strom Quay in Bremerhaven, during the morning hours of April the 10th.

Apr 11 2019

General Cargo Ship Collides with Canal Lock in Germany

The Antigua Barbuda-flagged General Cargo ship, BBC Amethyst collided with a lock in the Kiel Canal in Kiel-Holtenau, Germany during the early morning hours of April 7th.

Apr 10 2019

Oil Spill on MSC Containership

An accident during a bunkering operation aboard the Panama-flagged Container Ship, MSC Sandra, led to a significant oil spill.

Apr 08 2019

Three Suspects Named over Norwegian Frigate Collision

Norwegian maritime authorities have named three suspects as part of their investigation into the collision between the tanker ship, SOLA TS and the Norwegian Navy Frigate, KNM Helge Ingstad.

Apr 04 2019

12 Cruise Ship Passengers Arrested for Drug Smuggling

12 people have been arrested in Madeira, as part of an investigation into drug smuggling onboard the Panama-flagged Cruise Ship, MSC Opera.

Apr 02 2019

Oil Tanker Collides with Cruise Ship in the Netherlands

Maltese-flagged Oil Tanker, Chemical Marketer collided with the Swiss Cruise Ship, Viking Idun during the early morning hours of April 1st, 2019.

Apr 01 2019

Two Vessels Run Aground in Danish Waters

Danish Bulk Carrier, Enny ran aground in the early morning hours of March 27th, as it was transiting off Soesmarke upon Lolland, Denmark. A few miles north of the Enny’s grounding site, near the Danish harbour of Vordingborg, the Maltese-flagged general cargo ship Wilson Malm made contact with the seafloor.

Mar 28 2019

Bunker Tanker Hijacked by Migrants – Italy Classifies Event as Piracy

Turkish tanker, EL HIBLU 1 was hijacked by migrants while transiting off the coast of Libya on March the 26th.

Mar 28 2019

Container Ship Collides with Vessel before Hitting Pier

Liberian-flagged Container ship, Calisto collided with a pier in the morning of March the 24th.

Mar 25 2019

Norwegian Cruise Ship Loses Engine Power in Storm - Issues Distress Call

Norwegian Cruise Ship, Viking Sky suffered an engine failure in heavy storm conditions in the afternoon of March the 23rd.

Mar 25 2019

Cruise Ship Collides with Merchant Vessel in the Netherlands

Swiss cruise ship, Edelweiss collided with the cargo ship, Forenso in the early morning hours of March the 20th, near Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Mar 21 2019

Italy Closes Ports to Italian-flagged Ship Carrying Rescued Migrants

An Italian charity ship rescued 50 people from a sinking life raft off the coast of Libya on March the 18th.

Mar 19 2019

Third Oil Spill Located near Grimaldi's Sunken ConRo

French Maritime authorities have located a third oil spill coming from Grimaldi’s sunken ConRo in the Bay of Biscay.

Mar 19 2019

Greek Oil Tanker Runs Aground near Gavrio

Greek-flagged Oil/Chemical Tanker, Agios Georgios I, ran aground near Gavrio, Greece in the evening of March 15th.

Mar 18 2019

Fire-Stricken Vessel Sinks, Prompting Potential Ecological Disaster off the Coast of France

The Italian ConRo, Grande America sunk in the Bay of Biscay following the disastrous fire that ravaged the vessel on March 12th. French authorities are on high alert following the incident, due to reports of a 10km long oil slick that is expected to hit the southwest coast of France over the weekend.

Mar 14 2019

Italian ConRo Catches on Fire - 27 Crew Members Evacuated

The Grimaldi-owned ConRo, Grande America, caught on fire in the evening of March 10th, as the vessel was transiting through the Bay of Biscay.

Mar 12 2019

Dutch Cargo Ship Sinks, 1 Seafarer Presumed Dead

Dutch-flagged cargo ship, Cardium sank while sailing through the Western Scheldt near Vlissingen, Netherlands in the afternoon of March 9th.

Mar 11 2019

Fuel Successfully Emptied from the Efe Murat, as Salvage Operations Continue

Fuel removal operations on the grounded, Turkish-flagged general cargo vessel, Efe Murat have successfully concluded.

Mar 07 2019

Crane Collapses on Oil Platform - 1 Dead, 2 Injured

Two people were injured, and one died when a crane collapsed on an Italian offshore oil platform run by oil and gas major, Eni.

Mar 06 2019

Turkish Cargo Ship Runs Aground off Bari, Italy, Sparking Fears over Potential Oil Spill

The Turkish cargo ship, Efe Murat, that ran aground on breakwater off Bari, Italy on the 23rd of February, has continued to list, raising fears over a potential environmental disaster.

Feb 28 2019

Car Carrier Severely Damaged By Storm

Norwegian-flagged car carrier, Hoegh London, got caught in the storm that was raging across the Mediterranean during the weekend and sustained considerable damage in the process.

Feb 27 2019

Cargo Ship on Fire in Chioggia, Italy

A devastating fire erupted in the engine room of the Belize-flagged general cargo ship, Hala B, in the evening of February the 26th.

Feb 27 2019

Inebriated Captain Runs Cargo Ship Aground

Dutch-flagged general cargo ship, EEMS Carrier, ran aground in the evening of February the 21st.

Feb 22 2019

French Ferry Suffers Water Ingress – Passengers Evacuated

French ferry, Breizh Nevez, was serving the Groix-Lorient line when it struck a rock in the morning of February the 19th.

Feb 21 2019

Baltic Sea Collision – 15 Injured

Danish-flagged supply vessel, World Bora collided with the Cyprus-flagged general cargo vessel, Raba in the morning of February the 19th.

Feb 19 2019

Luxury Cruise Ship Damaged in Collision During Maiden Voyage

Norwegian-flagged luxury cruise ship, Viking Jupiter collided with a pier during her maiden cruise.

Feb 15 2019

Update – Kerch Strait Blaze

Four weeks have passed since the initial explosion that cost the lives of more than a dozen seafarers but the fire onboard the two vessels shows no sign of stopping.

Feb 12 2019

Cargo Ship Ran Aground in Sweden

Faroe Islands-flagged general cargo carrier, Listervik, ran aground close to Oxelosund, Sweden.

Feb 08 2019

Tanker Collision in the Baltic Sea

Two tankers collided in the Baltic Sea, near Rugen, Germany, at approximately 03:00 UTC, during the early morning hours of January the 25th.

Jan 28 2019

Two Cruise Ships Collide in Italian Port

Two ferries collided at the port of Olbia Isola Blanca, Sardinia, Italy, at approximately 12:00 pm, in the afternoon of January the 24th.

Jan 25 2019

Dutch Cargo Ship Collides with Finnish Icebreaker

Dutch-flagged freighter, FWN Solide, collided with the Finnish icebreaker, Kontio, on approach to the port of Oulu, Finland, during the early morning hours of January the 22nd.

Jan 23 2019


Security 2.0 - Countering Pirates in the Age of Automation

Vlad I. Sutea
Intelligence Analyst

In order to remain competitive and efficient, the maritime sector is spearheading innovation in virtually all aspects related to seafaring. Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization will all come to play a major role in the Industry’s future. Regardless of where you stand on the human versus automation debate, the course is set for greater automation in shipping, and while traditional pirates are unlikely to trade their AK- 47s for keyboards,  existing crime syndicates operating in cyberspace are likely to spill over into the seven seas.

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