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Petition to Release Vessel Master Arrested in Mexico over Drug Trafficking Charges

A petition has started, calling for the release of Captain Andrzej Lasota who was arrested by Mexican authorities in the port of Altamira on August the 5th, over alleged drug trafficking charges.

Nov 29 2019

Spanish Authorities Capture Narco-Sub, Seizing over 3 Tonnes of Cocaine in the Process

Spanish authorities have discovered what is thought to be the first-ever narco-sub to try and cross the Atlantic, seizing over a £100m worth of cocaine in the process.

Nov 28 2019

Mexican Navy Finds 120kg of Cocaine Stashed Inside Bulk Carrier at the Port of Altamira

The Mexican Navy has seized over 120kg of cocaine that had been smuggled on board the Bahamas-flagged Bulk Carrier, DELPHI RANGER on November the 21st upon its arrival on the port of Altamira.

Nov 26 2019

United States Coast Guard Intercepts Submersible Carrying over 12,000 Pounds of Cocaine

The United States Coast Guard  (USCG) Cutter, VALIANT intercepted a drug-carrying submersible while on routine patrol in the Eastern Pacific.

Sep 25 2019

Indian Coast Guard Seizes $42 Million Worth of Ketamine from Myanmarese Vessel

On September the 19th, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) intercepted a Myanmarese vessel transiting through the Nicobar Islands, seizing over $42 million in ketamine in the process.

Sep 24 2019

French Courts Sentence Ukrainian Seafarers to 8 Years in Prison over Drug Trafficking

The Lille Criminal Court sentenced nine Ukrainian seafarers to a substantial prison term and a joint fine of over €75 million over their involvement in drug trafficking.

Sep 12 2019

Authorities in South Africa Seize £4.6 Million worth of Cocaine from Containership

South African authorities seized more than R85 million (Approx. £4.6 Million) worth of drugs during a raid on a vessel docked at Port Elizabeth’s Ngqura Port.

Sep 11 2019

UK Authorities Seize Record-Breaking Amount of Heroin from a Maersk Containership at Felixstowe

British authorities have seized a record-breaking 1.3 tonnes of heroin from the Hong Kong-flagged Container Ship, MAERSK GIBRALTAR.

Sep 05 2019

Port of Piraeus Authorities Seize Record Breaking Amount of Amphetamines from Container Vessel

A massive amount of amphetamine (fenethylline) was seized from a container vessel docked in Piraeus, during a raid on June the 26th.

Jul 09 2019

US Suspends MSC Customs Status Following Massive Drug Bust

Following a second large drug bust aboard one of its vessels, the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has had its US custom status suspended.

Jun 27 2019

Spanish Authorities Seize over 2,5 Tonnes of Cocaine from Fishing Vessel - 7 Crew Members Arrested

The Spanish fishing vessel, Gure Leire, was seized by Spanish authorities on the 27th of May after they discovered over two and a half tonnes of cocaine onboard.

Jun 05 2019

Dutch Cargo Vessel Used as a Portable Meth Lab Starts Sinking During Raid

The Dutch Cargo vessel, Arsianco started sinking in the afternoon of May the 10th, while docked at the port of Moerdijk, Netherlands.

May 13 2019

Over Two Tons of Cocaine Found Onboard MSC Carlotta

Over 2.2 tons of Cocaine was found onboard the Liberian-flagged Container Ship, MSC Carlotta during an inspection that took place in the Peruvian port of Callao on the 23rd of April.

Apr 25 2019

Authorities in Port Newark Seize over 1.5 Tons of Cocaine from Containership

Authorities at Port Newark seized 1.5 tons of cocaine that was being smuggled into the country onboard the Liberian-flagged containership MSC Carlotta.

Mar 15 2019

9.5 Tons of Cocaine Found Onboard Cargo Ship

Police in Cape Verde confiscated 9.5 tons of cocaine that were discovered onboard the Panama-flagged general cargo ship, ESER on January the 31st.

Feb 04 2019

Peruvian Navy Impounds 25kg of Cocaine From Containership

Over 25 kg of cocaine was found onboard Singapore-flagged containership, San Clemente, during an inspection in the port of Callao, Peru on December the 15th.

Dec 19 2018

Pirates Attack Containership off the Coast of Brazil - Authorities Discover Over 400 Kilos of Cocaine Onboard

Danish containership, Cap San Marco, was attacked and boarded by pirates, early in the morning of December the 2nd, as it was approaching the port of Santos, Brazil.

Dec 03 2018

Panama Officials find Huge Drug Haul in Ship's Vents

Authorities in Panama found 208 packages of drugs in the ventilation system of a containership in Panama on Saturday 5th May.

May 08 2018

Four Smugglers Rescued from Burning Boat in the Eastern Pacific

The U.S. Navy Cyclone-class patrol ship USS Zephyr has successfully intercepted a crew of drug smugglers in a joint operation with the US Coast Guard.

Apr 30 2018

US Coastguard seizes $200m Cocaine Haul

The crew of US Coastguard cutter, Steadfast have seized over $200 million USD worth of cocaine as part of a counter narcotic operation in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Apr 25 2018


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