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Container Ship Collides with Bulk Carrier in the Yangtze River

Chinese Container Ship, YU HANG 18 collided with the Marshall-Islands flagged Bulk Carrier, ODIGITRIA, in the evening of July the 6th, while transiting through Yangtze, River, China.

Jul 08 2019

Chinese Vessel Sinks Following Explosion - 3 Dead, 3 Missing

The Chinese fishing vessel, YUAN YU 15, suffered an explosion and sank during the evening hours of July 5th, while operating off the coast of Guinea-Bissau.

Jul 08 2019

Chinese Cargo Ship Grounded on Rocks, Prompting Evacuation

The Chinese General Cargo Ship, RONG HAI 79 was grounded on the afternoon of July the 4th while transiting through the East China Sea.

Jul 05 2019

Chinese Container Ship Sinks after being Caught in a Storm

The Chinese-flagged Container Ship, MEI CHENG 866 sank in the early morning hours of July the 4th after encountering bad weather while transiting off the Gulf of Tonkin.

Jul 05 2019

China Raises Threat Level for Ships Sailing through the Strait of Malacca

According to a notice posted on a ministry website on June the 2nd, Beijing has asked Chinese shipping companies to raise the security level on ships transiting through the Strait of Malacca.

Jul 04 2019

Chinese Tanker Collides with Patrol Vessel as it Tries to Avoid Inspection

The Chinese-flagged Oil Tanker, Hongpu 228 crashed into the Shanghai Maritime Patrol Vessel, Haixun 01 in the afternoon of June the 10th, while the vessel was transiting through the Yangtze River.

Jun 12 2019

CO2 Leak on Chinese Bulk Carrier Kills 10, Injures 19

A CO2 leak onboard the Panamax-class Chinese Bulk Carrier, JIN HAI XIANG has killed 10 people and injured another 19.

May 27 2019

Chinese Vessel Suspected of Oil Pollution in French Polynesia

The Chinese fishing vessel, Xin Shi Ji 203 was detained on May the 12th in the port of Papeete, French Polynesia due to the ship allegedly flushing out its tanks while transiting north of Tahiti.

May 14 2019

Fire Breaks out on Chinese Cargo Ship - 2 Dead

A fire broke out on the Chinese Cargo Ship, Sheng Tai while the vessel was moored in Zhejiang’s Shengsi county near the Yangtze Estuary.

Apr 02 2019

Vessels Stuck Together Following Collision

Chinese Bulk Carrier, Ming Zhou 66, collided with the gravel carrier, Hong Cheng Yun 3, in the morning of March 12th.

Mar 13 2019

Tanker Ship Collides with Fishing Trawler – 12 Seafarers Missing

Chinese Tanker Ship, Tian Yi 5, collided with a fishing trawler in the morning hours of March 12. As a result of the collision, the fishing vessel started to capsize forcing the ship’s crew to jump overboard.

Mar 13 2019

Chinese Fishing Vessel Sinks Following Collision with Argentine Trawler

Chinese fishing vessel, Zhong Yuan Yu 11, sank in the early morning hours of February the 15th, following a collision with the Argentine trawler, Pesca Vaqueiro.

Feb 18 2019

BREAKING - Vessel Robbed at Caofeidian Anchorage, China

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after pirates robbed a vessel anchored at Caofeidian Anchorage, China.

Feb 13 2019

BREAKING - Pirates Board Vessel at Jingtang Anchorage, China

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after an attempted robbery took place at Jingtang Anchorage, China.

Jan 31 2019

Cargo Vessel Sinks in Taiwan Strait

Chinese flagged cargo ship, Zhong Xing 689, reportedly sank while sailing through the Taiwan Strait, in the early morning hours of January 21st.

Jan 22 2019

BREAKING - Vessel Boarded While Anchored off Cao Fei Dian Anchorage, China

Seafarers are advised to exercise caution after a vessel was boarded while anchored off Cao Fei Dian Anchorage, China.

Jan 17 2019

Deadly Explosion Onboard Oil Tanker, 1 Dead, 2 Missing

Vietnamese oil tanker, Aulac Fortune, suffered a massive explosion off Lamma Island Anchorage, Hong Kong, at approximately 11:30 am local time in the morning of January the 8th.

Jan 08 2019

Chinese Fishing Carrier Runs Aground in Marshall Islands

Chinese-flagged commercial fishing carrier, Ou Ya Leng 6, ran aground on Taka Atoll in the Marshall Islands, approximately 180 nautical miles northeast of Kwajalein, in the afternoon of January the 2nd.

Jan 04 2019

Taiwanese Cargo Vessel Sinks - 1 Dead, 9 Missing

Taiwanese cargo vessel, London, sank in the East China Sea approximately 90 nautical miles east of Taizhou, City, Zhejiang, China, at 4:30am local time on January the 2nd.

Jan 03 2019

Container Ships Collide in Chinese Port

Two container ships collided in Nansha port, Guangzhou, China, at approximately 12:20pm local time, in the afternoon of December the 26th.

Dec 27 2018

Chinese Freighter Sinks - One Dead, One Missing

Chinese-flagged freighter, Rui Xing Lun, sank in the Bohai sea, northwest of Weifang, Shandong province, in the afternoon of December the 8th at approximately 16:00 Beijing time.

Dec 10 2018

ARX CEO Delivers Speech in Event Hosted by CLSICO

ARX CEO, Josh Hutchinson, delivered a speech last week during a safety forum hosted by China-LNG in Hong-Kong.

Oct 23 2018


Strait at Risk - What if Iran Blockades the Strait of Hormuz?

I. Vlad Sutea
Intelligence Officer

As the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open sea, the Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important hydrocarbon chokepoint, accounting for almost 40 percent of global energy transport. While Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in the past, recent attacks in the adjacent waters have heightened fears of an Iranian blockade. Although the likelihood of armed conflict in the region remains low, the possible impact of hostilities is far too serious to ignore.

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