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Environmental Disaster as Vessels Collide in Chittagong Port - Over 10 Tons of Diesel Spill into the Karnaphuli River

The Bangladeshi Product Tanker, DESH-I collided with the lighter vessel, CITY-38 during the early morning hours of October the 23rth while at Bangladesh’s Chittagong port.

Oct 28 2019

Two Workers Die in Bangladeshi Shipbreaking Yard after Inhaling Toxic Gas

Two workers have died after inhaling toxic gas at a Bangladeshi shipbreaking yard.

Oct 16 2019

Bangladeshi Cargo Vessel Sinks in the Bay of Bengal - 152 Containers Lost at Sea

The Bangladesh-flagged Cargo ship, Gulf Argo capsized during the evening hours of September the 12th while transiting through the Bay of Bengal.

Sep 16 2019

Vessel Sinks in the Bay of Bengal - 3 Rescued, 9 Missing

The Bangladesh lighter vessel, Hera Parbat-8 sank into the Chattogram Bay during the early morning hours of September the 12th.

Sep 13 2019

Two Killed, 5 Injured in Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard Accident

Two workers were killed, and several others were injured while working at a Ship Breaking yard in Bangladesh.

Sep 03 2019

Worker Dies while Working on Evergreen Marine Vessel in Chittagong Shipbreaking Yard

A steel cutter died on July the 23rd while working at a ship breaking yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Jul 25 2019

Container Ship Loses 48 Containers in the Bay of Bengal

The Bangladesh-flagged Container Ship, KSL Gladiator lost over 43 containers in the morning of June 30th while transiting through the Bay of Bengal.

Jul 01 2019

Vessels Collide in Bangladesh, Blocking Marine Traffic through the Chittagong Port

The Kuwait-flagged Tankship, BURGAN collided with the Singapore-flagged Cargo Ship, X PRESS MAHANANDA during the morning hours of June the 14th while the vessel was trying to exit Chittagong Port, Bangladesh.

Jun 14 2019

Bangladeshi Vessel Capsizes in Karnaphuli River

The Bangladesh-flagged cargo vessel, Sea Crown, capsized in the morning of May the 23rd while transiting through the river Karnaphuli, Bangladesh.

May 24 2019

Fire Onboard Beached Tanker Leaves 2 Dead, 1 Injured

A fire in the engine room of a Greek tanker being scheduled for demolition cost two workers their lives and injured a third.

Feb 19 2019


Strait at Risk - What if Iran Blockades the Strait of Hormuz?

I. Vlad Sutea
Intelligence Officer

As the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open sea, the Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important hydrocarbon chokepoint, accounting for almost 40 percent of global energy transport. While Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in the past, recent attacks in the adjacent waters have heightened fears of an Iranian blockade. Although the likelihood of armed conflict in the region remains low, the possible impact of hostilities is far too serious to ignore.

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