Posted on May 29, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie

Up to 28 workers were trapped inside an oil rig that set on fire in the waters of Koluama, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. 100 personnel have been evacuated but the safety of the remaining 28 is still unknown.

The fire broke out during tests on the rig at around 0500 LT on the 26th May. 

The workers on the platform were evacuated to Port Harcourt. Initial reports suggest there were no serious injuries. However, according to later reports up to 28 workers were still stuck inside the rig. 

The living quarters were completely destroyed by the fire and other areas of the rig sustained serious damage, including the helipad that was being used in the search for the missing workers. 

The fire has been brought under control by firefighters, but the safety of the workers inside is still unknown. 

The oil field is operated by ConOil and the oil rig is owned by Depthwize Nigeria. 

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