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Weekly Piracy Security Report - January 12th to 18th


1st Incident


Category: Attack

Date: 7th of January

Location: Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria

Position: 06:15.7N – 003:12.8E


A group of 4-5 men in a small skiff approached an anchored product tanker at approximately 01:10 UTC, in the early morning hours of January the 7th. They proceeded to throw ropes attached to hooks onto the tanker’s railing.

Duty crew on routine rounds heard voices near the bow and proceeded to investigate. Upon noticing the hooks and the skiff, they raised the alarm. Non-essential crew members gathered in the citadel while the Master requested assistance from the Nigerian Navy.

A Nigerian Navy patrol boat immediately responded to the call. Hearing the alarm, the pirates fled the scene. The patrol boat then proceeded to search the waters around the vessel.




2nd Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 7th of January

Location: Lagos STS Anchorage, Nigeria

Position: 06:16.3N - 003:20.1E


Two robbers with plastic hoses boarded an anchored tanker during STS operations at approximately 03:20 UTC, in the early morning hours of January the 7th. The robbers connected the hoses to the ullage ports of the forward cargo tanks and attempted to steal cargo.

Duty crew noticed the robbers and proceeded to raise the alarm. Having heard the alarm, the robbers quickly fled the scene. The incident was then reported to the Nigerian Navy patrol boat that responded to the call. 

The Navy vessel then proceeded to check the surrounding waters for signs of pirate activity. Nothing was reported as stolen. 




3rd Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 12th of January

Location: Cao Fei Dian Large Oil Tank Anchorage

Position: 38:53N – 118:36E


Two robbers armed with a steel bar, boarded a bulk carrier anchored at China's Cao Fei Dian large oil Anchorage, at approximately 20:30 UTC in the evening of January the 12th.

Duty crew noticed the robbers and raised the alarm in response. Upon hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped without stealing anything. 

Incident has been reported to the authorities. 




4th Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 10th of January

Location: Ciwandan Anchorage, Indonesia

Position: S6°0’39 - E105°57’3


A cargo vessel was robbed while anchored at Ciwandan Anchorage, Indonesia, at approximately 22:00 UTC in the evening of January the 10th.

Duty crew onboard, noticed the lock to the engine store broken during routine rounds.

Ships's spares were found to be missing. Incident was reported to the local authorities. 




5th Incident


Category: Boarding

Date: 4th of January

Location: Apapa-Lagos Secure Anchorage, Nigeria

Position: 006 17 48.0 N - 003 19 18.0 E


The FSL Singapore was engaged in ship-to-ship (STS) operations with the tanker Kensington at the Apapa-Lagos Secure Anchorage, Nigeria when the incident occurred.

At approximately 12:25 am, two individuals in a canoe approached and boarded the FSL Singapore. The security patrol personnel on the forward part of the cargo deck sighted the individuals and promptly informed the 2nd officer on watch, who proceeded to sound the general alarm. 

Upon hearing the alarm, and seeing the security patrol, the two individuals jumped overboard into the sea and escaped.

The FSL Singapore reported the incident to the Nigerian naval patrol vessel, NNS Bini that arrived at the location shortly after.

There were no reports of any injuries or anything stolen from the vessel. 




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