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Weekly Piracy Security Report -  20th to the 26th of April

Weekly Piracy Security Report April 26th 2019

1st Incident


Category: Attempted Boarding

Date: 19th of April

Location: Buenaventura Channel, Colombia

Position: 03:47.6N – 077:14.3W


The Panama-flagged container ship, NYK Lyra was attacked during the early morning hours of April the 20th while it was transiting off the coast of Colombia. The attack took place at approximately 05:35 UTC, near the city of Buenaventura. A boat with around 8 to 10 PoB approached the vessel, which was under pilotage at the time, and attempted to board it via the rigged pilot ladder. Duty crew on watch noticed the boat and promptly raised the alarm.

The crew proceeded to muster near the pilot ladder, and as a result, the boat aborted the boarding attempt and moved away. The pilot then notified the coast guard and a patrol boat was sent to the scene to investigate.

Crew & vessel are considered safe. 




2nd Incident


Category: Boarding/Kidnapping

Date: 20th of April

Location: Bonny River Inner Anchorage, Nigeria

Position: 04:28N – 007:10E

During the early morning hours of April 20th, Pirates boarded the Palau-flagged Oil Product Tanker, Apecus that had been anchored at Bonny River's Inner Anchorage. At approximately 01:00 am LT, the Pirates boarded the vessel and managed to successfully kidnap several crew members from the ship. According to initial reports, the kidnapped crew members are all Indian nationals. 

This is the 2nd such attack to take place within the anchorage in the space of a week, showcasing the fact that pirates might be escalating their activities in the area. 




3rd Incident


Category: Attack

Date: April 21st

Location: Somalia

Position: 0029S 04836E

Two fishing trawlers were attacked off the coast of Somalia, on the morning of April 21st. At approximately 07:12 am, two fishing trawlers were involved in a pirate attack, some 240 nautical miles southeast of Mogadishu, Somalia. One of the trawlers was approached by two skiffs, each with 8-10 people on board. 

As soon as they noticed the attack, a 2nd trawler that had been operating nearby went to the aid of the vessel but was fired upon by the Pirates. 

The embarked Armed Security Team aboard the trawler opened fire on the skiffs and they proceeded to escape. 

Crew and vessels are considered safe. 




4th Incident


Category: Boarding/Attempted Robbery

Date: 23rd of April

Location: Nipa Island, Indonesia

Position: 1°11'26 N – 103°34'8 E


A Cyprus flagged tug boat towing a backhoe dredger was boarded by two individuals during the early morning hours of April the 23rd. The attack occurred at approximately 05:10 LT, some 5 nautical miles northwest of Nipa Island, Indonesia. 

Two wooden boats were initially sighted next to the backhoe dredger. The Master of the tug shone a light at the vessel, and the two robbers who had boarded the ship proceeded to escape via the wooden boats. 

Crew & vessel are safe and nothing was reported stolen.

The tug pilot reported the incident to Singapore's VTIS who initiated the safety navigational broadcast and notified the local maritime authorities 



ARX Maritime provide commercial risk management for vessels trading in high-risk areas, making sure that vessels adopt and implement the best risk management practices.

As part of this service, ARX Maritime have designed the ABaC (anti-boarding and climbing) system. An anti-piracy barrier solution that denies pirates from boarding vessels that are vulnerable to attack in areas of high risk. The ARX ABaC system is designed to repel grappling hooks and ladders, significantly increasing the chances of company vessels and crew surviving unwanted pirate aggression. The ARX ABaC system is easily installed and provides a cost-effective alternative to razor wire.

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