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Weekly Piracy Security Report -  23rd to the 29th of March

1st Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 21st of March

Location: San Pedro de Macoris Anchorage, Dominican Republic

Position: 18°24’80 N 69°19’10 W


Two pirates managed to board a Liberia-flagged tanker anchored at the San Pedro de Macoris Anchorage in the morning of March the 21st. The incident occurred at approximately 09:00 am UTC. Having boarded the tanker, they managed to steal the ship's properties and escaped unnoticed.

The incident was noticed during routine rounds and was reported to the local authorities. 



2nd Incident


Category: Robbery

Date: 25th of March

Location: Lagos Secure Anchorage Area, Nigeria

Position: 6°20'26.7"N 3°14'37.2"E


Two pirates boarded a tanker anchored at the Safe Anchorage Area off Lagos during the early morning hours of Monday the 25th of March. They managed to rig a hose to the tanker's fuel tanks and were planning to syphon the ship's fuel stores when they were noticed by the Officer on Watch. 

Reportedly, OOW notified the private security forces in the area who rushed to the scene, arriving 15 minutes later. The armed patrol boat, NNS Bini managed to apprehend and capture a skiff and 4 robbers.

They were taken to a local military base in Lagos and were handed over to the Nigerian Naval Command. 

Vessel and crew are considered safe. 



3rd Incident


Category: Boarding/Robbery

Date: 28th of March

Location: Jose Terminal Anchorage, Venezuela

Position: 10:11.4N - 064:52.1W


Five pirates armed with knives and pipe wrenches boarded a tanker at Venezuela's Jose Terminal Anchorage, during the early morning hours of March the 28th. The incident occurred at approximately 04:10 UTC. The boarders, having gotten on the vessel, tied up the aft watch keeper and broke into the ship's paint store. 

The alarm was raised and the crew proceeded to muster. Upon hearing the alarm and noticing that the crew had been alerted, the pirates proceeded to escape with the stolen ship's stores.



ARX Maritime provide commercial risk management for vessels trading in high-risk areas, making sure that vessels adopt and implement the best risk management practices.

As part of this service, ARX Maritime have designed the ABaC (anti-boarding and climbing) system. An anti-piracy barrier solution that denies pirates from boarding vessels that are vulnerable to attack in areas of high risk. The ARX ABaC system is designed to repel grappling hooks and ladders, significantly increasing the chances of company vessels and crew surviving unwanted pirate aggression. The ARX ABaC system is easily installed and provides a cost-effective alternative to razor wire.

For more information contact the ARX team on +44 1313170048 or at

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