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Weekly Maritime Piracy Security Report -  19th to the 25th of October

Weekly Maritime Piracy Report - October 25th 2019


1st Incident


Category: Boarding/Attempted Robbery

Date: 12th of October

Location: Callao Anchorage, Peru

Position: 11:59.6S - 077:11.1W


An anchored Tanker was boarded during the morning hours of October the 12th while anchored at Peru's Callao Anchorage. At approximately 07:30 UTC, the Duty watchman onboard the vessel noticed three unauthorized individuals on the forecastle deck and proceeded to raise the alarm. The Officer on Watch then sounded the forward horn and raised the alarm, before making an announcement on the PA. The crew proceeded to muster, at which point the boarders escaped in their vessel.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the bosun store skylight had been opened, but nothing had been stolen.

Vessel & crew are considered safe. 


2nd Incident


Category: Attempted Boarding/Attack

Date: 13th of October

Location: Douala, Cameroon

Position: 03°52N 009°28E


A Fishing vessel was attacked during the early morning hours of October the 13th while transiting off Douala, Cameroon. The incident occurred at 00:10 UTC, in the area around the entrance of the Wouri River. An unknown number of assailants onboard a speedboat managed to board the vessel but were repelled by the Armed Security Team onboard the ship.

There was an exchange of gunfire, and some damage was caused to the hull of the vessel. Two pirates were hit and fell back to their speedboat as a third pirate jumped into the water, resulting in the withdrawal of the pirate party as the speedboat fled the scene. Thankfully there were no casualties among the crew & the onboard security team.

Vessel & crew are considered safe. 


3rd Incident


Category: Attempted Robbery/Boarding

Date: 18th of October

Location: Pulau Cula, Indonesia

Position: 1° 6.23’ N, 103° 43.76’ E


The Greek-flagged VLCC, HIRADO was boarded during the evening hours of October the 18th while transiting off the coast of Indonesia. The incident occurred at approximately 23:24 in the evening, some 4.1 nautical miles northeast of Pulau Cula.

Five individuals were spotted in the engine room. The Master proceeded to raise the alarm and the boarding party escaped. A full search of the ship was conducted but there was no sign of theft or a further sighting of the perpetrators. 

The Master reported the incident to the Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS) via VHF. No confrontation occurred between the attackers and the crew. The vessel continued normally towards their next port of call, Yingkou, China.

Vessel & crew are considered safe. 


4th Incident


Category: Boarding/Aggravated Robbery

Date: 19th of October

Location: Singapore Straits, Singapore

Position: 01:03.45N – 103:38.70E


A bulk carrier transiting through the Strait of Singapore was attacked during the afternoon of October the 19th. At approximately 17:00 UTC, the Duty oil on routine rounds was taken hostage by five pirates armed with a gun and knives. The robbers proceeded to threaten the oiler and tier his hands. They then stole ship spares and escaped the vessel.

The oiler promptly reported the incident to the Officer on WAtch who then, in turn, raised the alarm and notified the Singapore VTIS.

Vessel & crew are considered safe.


5th Incident


Category: Attempted Robbery/Boarding

Date: 21st of October

Location: Cigading Anchorage, Indonesia

Position: 06 01 30S, 105 53 00E


The Singapore-flagged Cargo Ship, CSK Enterprise was boarded during the evening hours of October the 21st, while anchored at Indonesia's Cigading Anchorage. The incident occurred at approximately 17:45 pm; four individuals boarded the vessel and were seen near the entrance of the engine room.

Upon noticing the boarding party, the ship alarm was raised and the crew proceeded to muster. Hearing the alerted crew, the boarders fled the ship without stealing anything.

Vessel & Crew are considered safe.


6th Incident


Category: Aggravated Robbery/Boarding

Date: 23rd of October

Location: Belawan Anchorage, Indonesia

Position: 3° 54.4’ N, 98° 47.25’ E


The anchored Marshall Islands-flagged Bulk Carrier, TOMINI DYNASTY was boarded during the early morning hours of October the 23rd while anchored at Indonesia's Belawan Anchorage. The incident occurred at approximately 01:30 am in the morning. 

The duty crewman noticed a small boat near the anchor chain and proceeded to instruct the boat to move away, as the vessel was about to heave the anchor. The crewman was about to raise the alarm when two armed perpetrators, who had already boarded the ship, held the seafarer at knifepoint and tied bim up.

When the ship was ready to heave up the anchor, the remaining crew members moved towards the forecastle. Upon noticing them, the perpetrators stole the duty crewman's walkie-talkie and escaped through the hawsepipe, having first opened the security cover.

The incident was then reported to the local port authority. When the ship reached the berthing area, the Indonesian Marine Police boarded the vessel in order to investigate further.

Vessel & crew are considered safe. 


7th Incident


Category: Attack

Date: 24th of October

Location: Port-Gentil, Gabon

Position: 01°46’00” S 009°09’00“E


A Vanuatu-flagged Offshore Supply Vessel was attacked during the morning hours of October the 24th, while the ship was transiting off the coast of  Gabon. The incident occured at approximately 11:45 LT, some 37 nautical miles south of Port-Gentil. The ship was approached and attacked by an unknown number of men.

Some reports suggested the crew had been kidnapped or even a possible hijacking. It is not possible to confirm or deny this at this point. The ship has now been escorted by local authorities to Port Gentil anchorage and a full investigation will begin into the matter. 



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