Posted on October 21, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Vietnamese-flagged Containership, VIETSUN INTEGRITY capsized and sank during the evening hours of October the 18th while sailing downstream on the Long Tau River, Vietnam.

The incident occurred at approximately 23:54 LT, between the buoys 28 and 30 of the Long Tau River. The vessel had originally left Ho Chi Minh, headed for Vung Tau.

According to some reports from local media, shortly before midnight, the pilot of the vessel notified the local VTS centre of an issue with a container on board the ship.

Following the message, the vessel proceeded to rapidly develop a list, and sank a full two hours later.

As a result of the sinking, a large number of drifting containers were spread throughout the river creating a major navigational hazard.

Furthermore, there’s approximately 150 tons of oil on board the vessel and local authorities are worried over a potential environmental disaster.

As a result, the Ho Chi Minh City Port Authority has restricted maritime traffic in the region; specifically, from the confluence of the Dong Tranh – Long Tau River all the way to the crossroads of the Four Sides River.

There were 17 crew members working onboard the VietSun Integrity at the time of the sinking. Thankfully, they’ve all been rescued and are considered in good health.

The ship had been carrying 285 containers when it sunk, a large part of which are currently drifting along the river.

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