Posted on May 31, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Hungarian Police has arrested the Master of the Cruise Ship, Viking Sigyn that crashed against the Hableany on May the 29th.

The 64-year old Ukrainian man was taken into custody and charged with endangering water traffic, leading to a deadly mass incident.

According to initial reports and video surveillance of the scene, the two vessels were travelling side by side as they were heading up the Danube river. For some reason, just as they reached the Margit Bridge, the Hableany turned towards was the Viking Sigyn, overturned and started rapidly sinking.

Heavy rain and the fast flow of the rising Danube have hindered the search efforts, that have now expanded into Serbia. So far, over 200 divers and medical staff are involved in the rescue efforts to locate the missing people.

At the time of writing, only 7 of the 35 people on board the passenger vessel Hableany have been successfully rescued.

The tragic incident has taken the life of 7 individuals so far, and 21 are still considered missing. However, authorities are currently not optimistic; they have gone on the record to suggest that the chances of locating them alive are slim to none.

Due to the adverse weather conditions, it’s not currently known at what time the wreck of the Hableany could be raised.

According to eye witness accounts, it took little more than seven seconds for the vessel to fully capsize following the collision. The only survivors thus far have been the passengers that were situated at the upper deck of the vessel during the fatal crash.


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