Posted on December 02, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Belize-flagged Cargo Ship, POSEIDON 34 ran aground during the early morning hours of November the 29th while the vessel was transiting off the coast of the Philippines.

The incident occurred at approximately 03:15 am UTC, while the vessel was transiting through the San Bernandino Strait, off the northern coast of Capul Island, located in the Northern Sama region of the Philippines.

The vessel, which had been en route from Legazpi to Tagbilaran with a cargo of black sand, drifted ashore due to a combination of engine failure and the adverse weather conditions present in the area.

Reportedly, the vessel experienced trouble with its mechanical steering system and had been adrift at sea, shortly before the grounding.

The 21 crew members on board the Poseidon 34 had to be evacuated by local authorities, who launched a Search & Rescue operation, supported by the Philippines Coast Guard, Navy & local police forces.

The search & rescue attempt was further complicated by the presence of strong waves in the area, which according to initial reports, were as high as the ship itself.

Following the rescue, the seafarers chose to remain at a nearby lighthouse, so as to be able to attempt to refloat the vessel as soon as the conditions allow.

The Mayor of Capul had offered the seafarers temporary accommodations, which they promptly declined in order to remain closer to the vessel.

The Poseidon 40, a sister vessel arrived at the area later in the day and attempted to refloat the vessel but failed to the presence of strong winds and high waves in the area.

After the unsuccessful towing attempt, the Poseidon terminated the operation and left for the Port of Masbate.

After the failed attempt, the Master chose to abandon the vessel, and he and his fellow crew members were brought to Capul Island.

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