Posted on September 04, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Panama-flagged Tug, Marina Oceanic collided with a bridge in Georgetown, Guyana during the early morning hours of September the 2nd.

The incident occurred at approximately 01:00 am, while the vessel was towing a barge through the harbour.

The tug appeared to drift from the coast and collided with the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

Due to the impact, the bridge anchorage came loose and the bridge itself came out of alignment.

According to initial reports, the Captain attempted to navigate away from the bridge after the first collision and ended up colliding again with a different part of the bridge.

Vehicles that were crossing the bridge at the time crashed as a result of the collision, but thankfully, no passengers were harmed as a result.

Following the collision, the bridge was closed to traffic. Due to the high tide at the time, repair works could not begin until later that afternoon.

A team of seven engineers, alongside 54 workers and a diving team executed the repairs.

There is no report of damages on the two vessels due to the collision at this time.

The bridge was reopened to the public in the evening of September the 3rd.

The collision is estimated to have caused several millions worth of damage to the bridge.

Local officials went on record to say that the final bill will be given to the owners of the barge and the tug.

Currently, the crew members of the tugboat are in police custody, pending a full investigation of the events.

According to the Maritime Administration Department’s report, the vessel was improperly manned and the distress call from the tug came way too late.



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