Posted on October 18, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Following the interdiction of a go-fast vessel, the US Coast Guard (USCG) and Caribbean Border Interagency Group (CBIG) seized over 2000 pounds of cocaine, estimated at 30 million dollars, off the coast of Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

Last Saturday at approximately 1:16 am, while on a routine patrol of the area, the crew of the USCG vessel Donald Horsley, detected a suspicious vessel off the coast of Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

Upon detection, the crew of the go-fast vessel proceeded to attempt to flee the area, with the Coast Guard forces in close pursuit. Fearing apprehension, the suspected smugglers took to jettisoning most of their cargo overboard before making landfall near La Pared Beach in Luquillo, at which point, they attempted to flee the area, leaving most of their cargo onboard the vessel.

Following the event, USCG forces, alongside a multi-agency law enforcement taskforce comprising of US Customs and Border Protection, Caribbean Air and Marine Branch (CAMB), Puerto Rico Police Joint Forces of Rapid Action (FURA) marine units, Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) land teams, recovered 47 bales from the water and the abandoned vessel.

The recovered contraband, which tested positive for cocaine, is currently in the custody of ICE-HSI, who is in charge of the investigation.

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