Posted on July 06, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie


A ship attacked by armed pirates earlier this week has been confirmed as Greek cargo ship, Chios freedom. 

ARX reported on Wednesday that a vessel had been successfully boarded by pirates in the Gulf of Oman at approximates 0950UTC. 

The ship and her crew were transiting through position 24 02 02N 059 55 38E (SOH) when they were approached at speed by 3 white hulled speedboats. There were at least four pirates on each of the boats, however later reports indicate there could be as many as 12 pirates involved. 

The pirates are said to have opened fire with Kalashnikov automatic rifles, before three security guards on board the vessel responded by firing back.

A fierce gun battle then ensued before the pirates were forced to retreat. anti-piracy

No injuries were reported among the 22 crew members, five of whom are Greek nationals.

Chios Freedom is reportedly continuing its journey towards the Suez Canal.


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