Posted on August 15, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie


The CSO of a merchant vessel that is suspected to have been hijacked has confirmed that all communication has been lost with the ship and crew.

Concerns are increasing for the welfare of the crew as a search and rescue operation commences. 

The chief security officer reports that the last communication from Panama-flagged MT Pantelena came at 2200 UTC on the 13th August. 

He has requested that all ships transiting the area keep a lookout for the vessel and report any sightings to the IMB piracy reporting centre immediately. 

The vessel was last known to be in the vicinity of 00°28.9’ N, 009°00.15’ E, approximately 18nm West f Libreville anchorage, Gabon. 

Maritime officials have also warned seafarers in the region to exercise extreme caution.

ARX Maritime have designed an anti-piracy barrier to prevent pirates boarding your vessel. The ARX anti-boarding and climbing barrier repels grappling hooks and ladders, significantly increasing the chances of your vessel and crew surviving a pirate attack. The system is easily installed and provides a cost-effective alternative to razor wire.

For more information contact the ARX team on +44 1313170048 or at


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