Posted on May 13, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

According to the United Arab Emirates, at least four vessels were the victims of a sabotage attack on May the 12th in the Gulf of Oman, UAE.

The incident occurred near the port of Fujairah; situated near the Strait of Hormuz, Fujairah is one of the world’s largest bunkering hubs, acting as an oil and natural gas corridor for the world’s energy market.

There’s a great number of conflicting reports over the incident, with some sources claiming that as many as 7 ships were affected by explosions and subsequent fires.

Initially, UAE officials tried to downplay the event, first claiming it was “fake news”, and then suggesting it was only two vessels that had been affected.

Official UAE sources now have come out as saying that at least 4 vessels have been victims of a “sabotage attack” and have suffered extensive damage as a result.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for UAE (MOFAIC), there have been no injuries or fatalities as a result of the incident. Furthermore, no spillage of fuel or harmful chemicals has been detected as of yet.

According to the Iranian media outlet, PRESS TV, the following tankers were hit by the explosions:


Crude oil tanker AMJAD, IMO 9779800, dwt 300000, built 2017, flag Saudi Arabia.

Crude oil tanker AL MARZOQAH, IMO 9165762, dwt 105084, built 1999, flag Saudi Arabia.

Product tanker MIRAJ, IMO 9394741, dwt 7414, built 2007, flag Dominica.

Product tanker A MICHEL, IMO 9177674, dwt 6711, built 2007, flag UAE.

Product tanker FNSA 10, IMO 9432074, dwt 6453, built 2007, flag UAE.


There is little information currently as to the extent and nature of the damages, as the UAE is keeping a tight lid on the information surrounding the event.

MOFAIC has gone on record to suggest that the relevant authorities have taken all necessary measures and will be investigating the incident in cooperation with both local and international bodies.

The ministry added that operations at the port of Fujairah haven’t been affected by the attacks, and are continuing uninterrupted.


Photo – Kamran Jebreili – Associated Press

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