Posted on May 27, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Two Japanese Cargo Ships collided during the early morning hours of May the 26th while transiting east of Tokyo.

The incident occurred at approximately 02:00 am, some 6 nautical miles south of Inobusaki Cape, Chiba Prefecture, Honshu Island.

The Senshou Maru, which was en route from Kashima Port to Osaka collided with the Sumiho Maru that had been en route from Ichikawa Port to Sendai.

Following the collision, the Senshou Maru proceeded to sink. The Captain of the vessel, one Hiraku Fujita was successfully rescued, but unfortunately, the other crew members were not as fortunate.

Three crew members, namely, Kazufumi Kamimura ,60, Hiroshi Seno ,69, and  Saigo Umakoshi ,67,  are considered missing while a fourth crew member, Akira Yano , 72, was found dead inside the vessel.

Thankfully the Sumiho Maru experienced minimal damage during the collision and returned to port.

Following the sinking of the Senshou Maru, an oil leak was spotted in the area of the accident.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Coast Guard has deployed a number of patrol boats, a helicopter and a special Search & Rescue unit in order to locate the three missing seafarers while another special unit was sent to contain the oil slick.

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