Posted on June 08, 2018 by Hannah Berry

Two injured crewmen were airlifted from MV KS Flora on Wednesday 6th June, as the vessel interrupted her voyage and sailed into South African waters to enable an emergency medevac to take place.

Both men were injured onboard during rough sea conditions, as the bulk carrier sailed from Brazil to Brunei. One sailor suffering a fractured left leg, suspected to be a fractured Tibila and Fibula, and one suffering a left ankle injury. A Government Health EMS duty doctor was able to assess the extent of the injuries and necessitate the need for an immediate medevac

The National Sea Rescue Institute from Port Elizabeth together with the South African Air Force helicopter managed to rendezvous with the ship off the coast of East London in rough seas with 3 to 4 meter swells. The rescue operation lasted for 40 minutes, during which time the helicopter flew in a holding pattern above the vessel whilst two personnel were hoisted on to the ship to stabilise the patients and secure them ready to be winced into the helicopter.

Once all patients were in the helicopter the patients were airlifted to East London Airport in stable conditions, before meeting with paramedics for further medical assessment.

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