Posted on September 02, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Turkish-flagged Dredger, KANUNI D.S started experiencing water ingress during the afternoon hours of September the 1st while transiting south of the Dardanelles, Turkey.

The incident occurred approximately at 17:40 pm while the vessel was off Bozcaada Island, near the Tuzburun Bay in the Aegean Sea.

Upon receiving the news, the Dardanelles Traffic Control sent out the rescue tugboat, Rescue-6, in order to support the distressed ship.

In the meantime, the Kanuni’s Master set sail towards the nearby coast in order to intentionally ground the ship and thus avoid sinking.

The vessel is now currently submerged, with the bow of the ship now fully underwater.

The crew of the Kanuni has refused to abandon the vessel and has spent the night on the ship.

They ‘re currently hard at work trying to identify the leak on board the ship and repair the damage caused to the vessel.

There’s currently 8 seafarers working onboard the Kanuni.

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