Posted on May 14, 2018 by Hannah Berry

An explosion on board Turkish bulker Ince Inebolu is currently attributed to an unknown cause. The explosion which occurred on Thursday 10th May rocked the vessel as it was anchored off the port of Hodeidah, Yemen.

The ferocity of the blast meant the vessel had to be towed back to the Saudi port of Jizan by coalition forces. Damage suffered by the vessel included a large hole with jagged edges curling towards the exterior, the hull plating curling outwards and additional small holes with sharp edges.

Houthi rebels operating in the area have previously carried out attacks on Saudi-allied vessels off Hodeidah, but a survey conducted by coalition forces on the Ince Inebolu has concluded that the explosion came from inside the vessel.

The bulker was waiting for entry to the Houthi rebel-controlled port of Saleef at the time of the blast and Houthi forces have proposed that the Inebolu was in fact struck by Saudi coalition warplanes.

The Houthi ministry of transport issued a statement to semi-official news outlet Saba that the vessel "was targeted by [the coalition] after taking the permit to enter from the [UN Verification, Inspection and Monitoring] office in Djibouti."

A precise cause of the explosion is yet to be established

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