Posted on October 26, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

One person missing, after a tug capsized during the trial run of a new Ro-Pax vessel in India.

The new Ro-Pax vessel, Voyage Symphony, brought originally from South Korea, was being prepped for an October 27th launch, when the incident occurred.

One person went missing, while six others were successfully rescued

According to local officials, the vessel capsized due to a variation of speed between the tug and the Ro-Pax, that happened during mooring operations, as the vessel was coming to berth at the Gogha terminal in the Gulf of Khambhat.  

There was a total of seven people onboard the tug at the time of the accident, six of which were successfully rescued.

However, one person is still missing. Authorities suspect that the injured crewman hit the vessel, as he was attempting to jump off it.

According to a top official of the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), the vessel launch will still take place as scheduled, “It will take some days to remove the tug. But it is not likely to hamper the October 27 event, as it is lying outside the turning circle where the vessels turn and exit the terminal for its onward journey.”

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