Posted on October 22, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

A mass poisoning took place aboard the Iranian freighter Nazmehr, leaving three dead and eight hospitalised.

The ship was en-route from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan with a load of grain when the poisoning took place, allegedly, due to gas emitted by the fumigated grain.

The Nazmehr was 20 nautical miles off the island of Pirallahi in Azerbaijan, when it requested immediate medical assistance in the evening hours of October the 18th.

An Azerbaijani patrol vessel responded to the distress call, taking the poisoned crew to a nearby port. Unfortunately, three crew-members succumbed to the poisoning before receiving medical treatment, but four others managed to get hospitalised in time.

A few hours after the incident took place, the Captain of the vessel requested assistance yet again, calling for the evacuation of yet another four crew members, who started to show signs of poisoning. The captain refused to evacuate, and was provided medical treatment onboard, while the remaining four crew members were hospitalised at a toxicology centre in Baku.

As it stands, all eight hospitalised sailors should be released over the weekend.

The Nazmehr, according to the vessel’s AIS signal, is currently bound for the port of Govzan.

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