Posted on June 29, 2018 by Hannah Berry

The Thorco Lineage general cargo ship which originally ran aground on Saturday 23rd June, is once again adrift. The vessel which had been refloated from Raroia Atoll, French Polynesia parted from its tow line only one hour after a salvage operation on Thursday 28th June.

French authorities enlisted the navy’s vessel Bougainville to help free the vessel from the reef, but the re-floating mission was thwarted when the towing cable broke under the strain. Bougainville made a number of unsuccessful attempts to re-attach the tow rope and has remained in the vicinity to monitor the status of the vessel.

French Polynesia’s High Commissioner, René Bidal has said that the cargo ship is currently drifting in the open sea, but currently poses no immediate threat to land or the environment.

Initial assessments have shown that part of the vessel’s steering gear and propeller was damaged in the grounding, but the hull remains intact. Authorities have despatched a tug to the drifting vessel which it is hoped will be able to tow the Thorco Lineage to Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia.

The timescale for the salvage is currently unknown.

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