Posted on March 13, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Chinese Tanker Ship, Tian Yi 5, collided with a fishing trawler in the morning hours of March 12. As a result of the collision, the fishing vessel started to capsize forcing the ship’s crew to jump overboard.

The incident occurred at approximately 08:43 am local time, near the vicinity of Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

The tanker was heading to Shenzen from Qingdao when it collided with the unfortunate vessel.

The vessel started rapidly sinking, forcing the crew of 14 seafarers aboard the vessel to jump into the water or risk drowning. The crewmembers of the tanker did not receive any injuries as a result of the collision.

Following the incident, only two seafarers were successfully located, prompting a massive search & rescue operation so as to locate the missing fishermen.

Maritime authorities in the region coordinated with local police and fire departments in order to jointly conduct the S&R operation.

A helicopter, four police boats and six speedboats, alongside vessels from both the Fire Services Department and the Marine Department took part in the search.

Regretfully, as of midnight Tuesday, no seafarers have been located. The operation is complicated due to the large search area and the adverse weather conditions in the region.

The Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration has opened an investigation into the cause of the incident.



Photo Courtesy of HK Police Force

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