Posted on May 08, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Taiwanese fishing vessel, Tenn Ming Yang 268 caught on fire and started sinking during the early morning hours of May the 7th.

The incident occurred while the vessel was transiting through the Indian Ocean. The Captain of the vessel sent out a distress call at approximately 04:30 am, while the vessel was some 630 miles east of Durban.

The 16 seafarers onboard the Tenn Ming Yang boarded into the vessel’s life rafts and requested immediate assistance.

MRCC Cape Town and MRCC Taiwan were alerted and in turn, requested all the vessels in the area to respond and assist the stranded seafarers.

At approximately 07:00 am UTC, a vessel arrived at the scene and managed to successfully rescue the seafarers.

Reportedly, the crew are all alive and in good health.

We don’t currently know what events transpired to start the fire. According to the latest reports, however, the vessel is still burning and slowly sinking into the sea.


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