Posted on March 21, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Taiwanese-flagged Fishing Trawler, Jin Mao 101 sank following an engine failure that occurred on the 18th of March, approximately 350 miles off Buzios, Brazil.  

The incident occurred at the coordinates, 25 ° 35 S 38 ° 10' W some 350 miles off the city of Buzios.

The fishing vessel experienced engine failure which led to considerable water ingress in the engine room.

Thankfully a second Taiwanese fishing vessel, the Mao Hong 8 had been operating in the area and responded to the ship’s distress call.

Initially, it tried to tow the unfortunate ship back to port, but the water ingress proved substantial and so the Mao Hong resorted to rescuing the 22 seafarers aboard the Jin Mao.

All 22 seafarers belonging to the Jin Mao were successfully rescued and brought to the port of Montevideo, Uruguay.

The Captains and crew of both ships were interrogated so as to determine the cause of the incident and the local ANP, Maritime Health, Port Captaincy and Migration authorities were subsequently notified.

Taiwanese authorities have been made aware of the incident. The crew are all healthy and are being taken care of.

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