Posted on April 11, 2018 by Ashleigh Cowie

A report has come in of a suspected attempted boarding by pirates in the South China Sea today. A catamaran was approached by small ship Hong Lrut with 2 people on board at around 18:30 UTC.

The catamaran was forced to make a distress call and increased her speed to 8 knots. The incoming vessel came within 200 nm and was parallel with catamaran, Swiss Prestige. 

After some time the men appeared to abort their boarding attempt and moved away from the catamaran, but followed the same route. 

Cruise liner, Diamond Princess, responded to the mayday call. After her arrival, the suspects moved away. Swiss Prestige were then able to cancel their distress call and continue towards Malaysia. 

The attempted boarding happened at position 17:15.7N – 111:16.3E, South China Sea.

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