Posted on June 19, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Authorities in Spain have seized over 10 tons of Hashish from the Moldova-flagged General Cargo Ship, HELGA (ship name as reported by AIS: ELG) in the afternoon of June the 17th.

The Spanish patrol ships, Abanto and Paino intercepted the vessel at approximately 13:00 pm on Monday afternoon. At the time, the ship had been transiting some 100 miles southeast of the Spanish region of Murcia.

The Spanish authorities had been tracking the drug smuggling vessel for over 6 months, having originally acted on information supplied by their French, Italian and Turkish counterparts.  

Having raided the vessel, they discovered over 350 bundles of hashish, weighing at over 10 tons, with an estimated street value of €20 million.

They proceeded to arrest eight seafarers who were working on the vessel, all of whom are Ukranian nationals.

The ship and its crew have been escorted to the Spanish port of Cartagena and handed over to the local judicial authority.

An investigation is currently underway in order to uncover the full extent of the drug smuggling operation.

Allegedly, the vessel was being used to smuggle hashish from North Africa into the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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