Posted on November 13, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Space X is trying to break yet another record by simultaneously launching over 71 small satellites into orbit.

Part of the mission, which goes by the name of SSO-A and will be launched on November 19, will be to carry 3 satellites into space that will be used to track illegal activities such as sea piracy, illegal fishing and smuggling.

The trio of satellites are known as Pathfinder and belong to a start-up called Hawkeye 360.

What is of particular note here, is that these satellites are designed to be able to detect radio signals from space.

The company claims that its software will be able to identify unique radio signals coming from ships, and in time be able to track and predict their movement.

If Pathfinder ends up working according to plan, law enforcement authorities around the globe will have a major advantage when it comes to tracking and chasing down unidentified vessels that engage in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling and piracy.

According to Hawkeye, any radio signal that is more than 1 watt in power will be easily detected by the satellites.

The satellite cluster will be able to track down signals from satellite phones, push to talk radios, marine radar and other various equipment that seafaring vessels rely on.

The company has plans to launch a further five 3-satellite clusters in the future, and thus create a constellation able to map Earth’s radio signals in their entirety within 30 to 40 minutes.

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