Posted on June 17, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Latvian-flagged Cargo Ship, Bonita ran aground in the morning of June the 16th while transiting through Vanern Lake, Sweden.

The incident occurred at approximately 08:00 am LT, near Kallandso, which is part of Sweden’s Saffle municipality located in the Luro Archipelago.

Following the grounding, teams from both the Swedish Coast Guard and the Swedish Transport Agency rushed to the scene.

The Swedish Coast Guard’s environmental protection vessel, KBV 051, the patrol boat, KBV 482 and the lifeboat, Rescue Iris were all sent to the accident site in order to support the distressed vessel.

Swedish Coast Guard divers surveyed the vessel in the evening of June the 16th.

They discovered that one of the vessel’s fuel tanks was affected by the grounding.

In order to minimize the risk to the surrounding ecosystem, the Swedish Coast Guard ordered both tanks to be drained before refloating could commence.

A preliminary investigation into the incident revealed criminal negligence on behalf of the Helmsman.

During the interrogation of the crew, it was revealed that the Helmsman had fallen asleep during his shift, which directly led to the grounding.

Following the admission, he was charged with a criminal offence due to negligence.

The vessel had sailed from Amsterdam on June the 13th with a cargo of animal food bound for Hallekis, Sweden.





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